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Discover Inside Zero Buster How Cynthia Benitez Created And Earns A Steady Income From A Business That She Started Completely For Free

Zero Buster
Zero Buster

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Zero Buster


Product Name: Zero Buster

Description: A brand new video training course that reveals how to start a print on demand business completely free. Furthermore, it shows you exactly how to set up a Teespring account from start to finish. Also, you learn how to drive traffic to your sites

In addition, Cynthia Benitez (product creator) gives you for free InstaJackpot, one of her premium courses that will teach you how to drive traffic on Instagram. Also she recommends free resources that will enable you to get started.

Finally, it comes with a Front End and OTOs 1 to 4

Lunch Date: 12-August-2020 (9:00 AM EDT) To 15-August-2020

Creator: Cynthia Benitez

Front End Price:$9.95 (Early Bird Price) 

Bonuses: There are 4 congruent bonuses from the vendor when you buy the FE. The bonuses are delivered in the member’s area

In addition, you will get congruent bonuses from me that you enable you to scale things up even if you do not go for any of the OTOs.

Any Guarantees?: Yes, 30 days money back guarantee.

Recommended: Very Highly Recommended 

User Guide and Training In Member's Area
Easy To Use
How Can Product Adapt To Change
Overall Rating 87.88%


  • Cloud-based, so you can view from any device and at any time. 
  • Evergreen business model and highly competitive
  • No entry barrier
  • Completely newbie-friendly
  • No need for domain name or hosting services 
  • Congruent bonuses
  • You get free training course on how to generate traffic on Instagram
  • Experienced product creator
  • 30 days money-back guarantee


  • The training in the FE is too simplistic as you will need to get additional training to compete in this highly competitive business
  • Need to buy OTO1 if you need additional training on how to drive traffic to your offer


Zero Buster is a very beneficial video training course that shows how how to start an start a print on demand business with zero financial investment upfront. In addition, it reveals the resources you need to do the business and also how to drive traffic to your offers

In other words, it opens the lid to a very lucrative online business. However, there is a whole lot more information and techniques that you will need to learn if you desire to make significant income from this business model. 

This is because it is highly competitive and require a lot more than covered in the FE of this product. In all however, it is a good product for the FE price of $9.95.


What Is Zero Buster All About?

Zero Buster is a detailed step-by-step video training program that shows you how to start a print on demand business from start to finish. In addition, you will learn the best practice so that you don’t infringe on copy rights laws.

Furthermore, Cynthia Benitez the product creator walks you through how to research designs that are most likely to give you significant sales. Also, she takes you through how to create your designs.

Additionally, she points you to where to find free tools to create your designs. In the member’s area, she shows you step-by-step how to setup your TeeSpring shop from start to finish.

Also, you will learn how to drive traffic to your offers. To ensure you succeed, she gives you for free an upsell to InstaJackPot, her premium course that shows you how to get traffic from Instagram currently selling for $17 .

Similarly, if you are interested in taking traffic generation with Instagram a step further, you may want to check out ClassicTraffic Pro.

Furthermore, she reveals strategies to scale things up including promoting displaying your designs on Gearbubble.

Finally, she shows you proof of her earnings as a demonstration that the method actually works.




Why You Should Get Zero Buster

Easy To Understand and Implement

Firstly, the training videos are very easy to understand and implement. Cynthia and Kong walked through the different stages of creating and profiting from the business.

However, you should be ready to do a lot of work promoting your products especially if you are purely promoting with free traffic

Completely Newbie-Friendly

Secondly, the business model is completely newbie friendly because you can easily get started without any upfront investment. You do not need a domain name or web hosting to get started.

Similarly, you do not an e-mail list or any other complicated software to get this business model work for you.

Works For Any Niche

Thirdly, if you properly worked on, this business model works in virtually any niche. Print on demand businesses are thriving but are very competitive. 

In my opinion though, the FE of this course was very simplistic and did not cover other intricacies that one needs to understand to rise above the huge competition. In all, it is a good start.

For instance, at some point, you will need to invest in Facebook and Instagram paid ads to drive up sales. Also, you may need to build a funnel to build an e-mail list.

Targeting Academy 2.0 is a course that walks you through how to excel in Facebook ads. Similarly, Buyer Whisperer is a course that shows you how to leverage influencers on Instagram

Good Value For Money

Fourthly, Zero Buster is good value for money. This is especially against the background of the content you get for just $9.95 (Early Bird Price). Furthermore, the product creator also give you completely free her other premium course.

Create Streams Of Passive Income

Again, you can quickly create streams of passive income using this business model. Although you will need to consistently create new designs in line with trends and anticipated developments.

The Method Works

Also, the method taught by Cynthia Benitez has proven repeatedly to work very well. Therefore, when you embrace it, it most likely to work for you.  

Experienced Product Creator

Furthermore, Cynthia Benitez is a relatively experienced digital product creator and affiliate marketer. 

Some of her digital products currently selling on Warriorplus platform are InstaJackpot, ListMe, and Commission Seeker.

Bonuses For Zero Buster

In addition, when you buy Zero Buster, you will get 4 premium bonuses delivered to you.

30 Days Money-Back Guarantee

Finally, when you get Zero Buster, there is a 30 days money-back guarantee. The implication is that there is absolutely no risk buying this product because you have 30 days to test it out. 

If for cogent reasons it does not meet your expectation, you can easily ask for a refund with no questions asked. In my opinion though, you will have no reason to ask for a refund.

The Sales Funnel


Front End: Zero Buster $9.95 (Early Bird Price)   

In the FE, you will learn how to start and promote your own business with zero investment.

OTO1: Zero Buster Traffic $27 

Here in the OTO1, you will learn different free and paid traffic methods that will enable you to promote your new business better to earn even more revenue.

OTO2: Zero Buster Lion DFY Designs $47

In the OTO2, the product creator will avail you over 5,000 pre-made designs that you can easily use for your own designs.

OTO3: Zero Buster License Rights $67

In the OTO3, you will get to sell Zero Buster as your own and keep 100% commission across the entire funnel.

OTO4: Zero Buster Coaching 197

Here in the OTO4, Cynthia Benitez the product creator will coach you on anything you need concerning internet marketing for a whole month.


The Bonuses You Will Get For Buying Zero Buster Through This Page:

  1. How To Profit With Teespring
  2. iGram Machine
  3. Printly
  4. Traffic Rolodex
  5. 800+ Royalty Free Graphics
  6. Facebook FanPage Tips
  7. Social Media Marketing
  8. Buyer Traffic Secret
  9. Ultimate Passive Income
  10. Social Media Profits
  11. Affiliate Marketing Success
  12. Advanced Traffic Master Class


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