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Keys To Generate Viral Traffic To Boost Your Business Is What The Proven Brings To You. Every Technical Stuff Such As Building Landing Pages Are Completely Taken Care Of With The Click Of Some Buttons

The Proven
The Proven


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The Proven Score Card At A Glance


Product Name: The Proven 

Description: The Proven is a cloud-based software that is designed to unlock and manage a system of free and viral traffic through giveaway, contests and referral strategy where the prize motivates participants to take desired action that will make the campaign go viral. At the same time, you build your e-mail list.

In additional, the software is designed to handle the entire process on complete autopilot. You only need to setup the right campaign, get the right prize that would motivate your audience to participate. Finally, you need to get the initial traffic in and The Proven will handle the rest.

The Front End limits you a specific number of campaign. Therefore to get unlimited campaigns, you will need to get OTO1. But the OTO1 has a recurring billing element. Is it worth it, absolutely, in my own opinion.

To get unlimited storage capacity, you will need to buy the OTO1..

Take a look at what the member’s area.

Furthermore, there are several benefits for you to enjoy when you buy The Proven or any of The Proven OTOs.

Similarly, the sales funnel comes with a Front End and OTO1 to OTO7

Lunch Date: 23-September-2020 (11:00 AM EST) To 28-September-2020 (11:59 PM EST)

Creator: Mosh Bari

Front End Price:  $17 (Platinum)/$13 (Premium) (Early Bird Price) 

Bonuses: Congruent bonuses. Also, you will get our own congruent bonuses.. 

Any Guarantees?: Yes, 90 Days money-back guarantee

Recommended: Very Highly Recommended

User Guide and Training In Member's Area
Easy To Use
How Can Product Adapt To Change
Overall Rating 88.13%


  • Very intelligent concept
  • Saves time and money
  • Good value for money
  • Free Hosting
  • Integrates with 4 different autoresponder services
  • Build e-mail list seamlessly
  • Mostly passive
  • Works In any niche
  • Suitable for online and offline business
  • Evergreen
  • Analytics to measure your performance online realtime
  • No lead for page builder or opt-in forms
  • 90 days money-back guarantee
  • With the front end, you can unleash the full potential of this software.
  • Completely newbie friendly
  • Robust training In The member’s area


  • The need for OTO1 to create unlimited campaigns. However, OTO1 is is on recurring payment basis.
  • Too many upsells.


The Proven offers you a complete system with the potential to quickly drive largely free and viral traffic to grow your e-mail list and monetize such traffic however you decide.

The success of this software largely depends on you doing your homework correctly. Homework such as selecting the right product/service to promote, getting the right prize that you will move your dream audience to participate in your camapigns.

Furthermore, you must decide where to find the initial traffic to get the ball rolling and finally, you need the right e-mail sequence to convert your leads to buyers.

However, the FE is limited to only a number of campaigns while the OTO1 that allows you to create unlimited campaigns you will have to pay $27-$39 monthly.

In my opinion, The Proven is a very fantastic application that has the potential to quickly deliver the desired results.

Therefore, I highly recommend The Proven.


What Is The Proven All About?

The Proven is a cloud-based software that enables you to over and over again easily and quickly setup a complete system that will bring in and harness a load of viral traffic while building your e-mail list in the process. 

Simply put, it is a very intelligent system that allows you to drive a massive load of viral traffic to your website or offers on complete autopilot, once you have set it up. 

The software works on the contest, giveaway and refer a friend principles whereby the winner gets a gift. But to get a gift, participants will have to carry out specific tasks.

However, those tasks are designed to make your content go viral in the process. Tasks such as referring friends, sharing on social media, viewing a particular content and so on. Such that for anyone to participate, they will have to opt into your e-mail list.

Furthermore, The Proven creates your opt-in form and manages your subscribers on complete autopilot, sending them notifications to motivate them in actualizing the campaign objective.

Therefore, to ensure your campaigns go as viral as you desire, you will want to provide the right audience with the right prize.  

What You Will Find Inside The Member’s Area Of The Proven


The Training Area

The Training Area Of The Proven

Here, you will find step-by-step detailed training how to set up The Proven and how to drive traffic.

The Campaigns

This section shows you the status of all your campaigns, both running and closed. 

Furthermore, you create new campaign here

The Campaigns Area
The Proven DFY Campaign

DFY Campaigns

For you DFY Campaigns, you find them here. Also, they can be customized to meet your specific need.

 However, it will only be available to those who pick up the OTO3.

Automation Center

The automation center is where you set up e-mail notification  o automate to the participants at specific times you decide.

Overall, this is to motivate the contestants to take more action thereby ensuring that you get more benefit from the campaign

The Proven Automation Center
The Proven Analytics

Analytics Inside The Proven

In this section, you find out at a glance how each campaign is performing.

Furthermore, you will also discover how each participant is performing.

Autoresponder Integration Inside The Proven

Here in the integration section is where you find the autoresponders The Proven can be integrated with.

As at the time of this review, you can integrate 4 types of autoresponders.

Interestingly, this software works without an autoresponder. But, as earlier pointed out, you will to get the maximum benefit, you will need an autoresponder.

The Proven Integration



Why You Should The Proven

Completely Newbie Friendly and Easy To Use

Firstly, The Proven is completely newbie friendly and super easy to use. For instance, you need not worry about landing page building as you have all that completely taken care of by this software.

However, you will need to identify the right prize in giveaway, content, referral program or tasks that will give you the best viral traffic. Furthermore, you will also need to identify the right audience. 

Saves Time And Cost

Secondly, you save a lot of time because with this software, creating your traffic give away campaign and managing it is only a few clicks away. The entire system is managed on complete autopilot.

Secondly, you are sure to save cost with this system. Because, you can properly harness the traffic you receive without living anything to chance. Furthermore, with a one-time payment, you get this application.

Works In Any Niche

Thirdly, this software will work in absolutely any niche and for any offer. Once you properly set things up, you get can get all the benefit that come with it.

However, you will need to drive initial traffic to your offer and getting the right traffic sources is very crucial.

Good Value for Money

Fourthly, it is very good value for money in my opinion. The strategy on which this software is based works extremely well. However, you will need to learn how to use it to your advantage to make it work for you.

Training In The Member’s Area

Also, you will find adequate training video and text (plus pictures) in the member’s area on how to use the software.

DFY Templates

Furthermore, you will find DFY templates that you can easily customize to suit your purpose. However, this is feature is available in The Proven OTO2.

Rapidly Build A Snowball Of Free Viral Traffic

Also, the software is designed to get your subscribers sharing your content on several social media platform. In the process, therefore, you rapidly build a snowball of free and viral traffic on complete autopilot.

Builds Your E-mail List

In addition, the software can build your e-mail list rapidly on complete autopilot. You only need to integrate your autoresponder and The Proven will do the rest. What if you don’t have an autoresponder?

Yes, without an autoresponder, you will still get the software to work for you. However, you will not be reaping the full benefit.

Again, if you want to reap the full benefit of building a response e-mail list, you may consider getting List Genius. Because, it provides you with list building strategy and DFY e-mail sequence you can immediately put to use.

Analytics To See How Your Subscribers are Fairing

Additionally, The Proven comes with analytics to show you additional information including how each subscriber is fairing. These can help you significantly reap the benefits of your campaigns.

Available Worldwide

Furthermore, The Proven is available worldwide, it does not matter your niche. As a brick and mortar business, you can conveniently use this software to generate viral traffic and sales.

Highly Experienced Product Creator

Mosh Bari, the creator of The Proven is a very highly experienced product creator with lots of products to his name that are rendering significant value to user.

Therefore, he understands what works and has a good support team to address customer complaints. In addition, I have had need to directly engage Mosh Bari and he was very receptive and helpful.

Some of his products I have reviewed recently are 6Figz, Rezolved, KashZPresso and so many more.

Bonuses For Buying The Proven

Additionally, when you by The Proven you will be getting congruent fast action taker bonuses. As expected, these bonuses will enable you to significantly get more value from this software.

The bonuses include:

  • Live Training On How To Generate $5,000/Month In Recurring Income
  • An Epic List Of 80 Viral Traffic Case Study You Can Steal From
  • How To Create Viral Traffic That Generates 2,500 Visitors/Day
  • Priority Customer Support
  • Private Rolodex Of 27 Free Money Making Tools 

Stand A Chance To Win An IPad

Also, you stand a chance to win an IPad if you are among the first three customers to get traffic with this software.

90 Days Money-Back Guarantee

Finally, when you buy The Proven, you will get a 90 days money-back guarantee. As Mosh stated in the sales page, if you are not extremely happy after 90 days, you can simply ask for a refund.

Furthermore, if provide evidence that you took action without getting result, you will, in addition, get $300 for your troubles.

How To Make The Proven Work For You

Watch The Training Videos   

Firstly, once you buy The Proven, you will want to watch the training videos that show you how to set it up correctly.

Then, you will want to watch the training videos and go through the resources you get as bonuses to ensure you are off to a very good start. Do not fear to make mistakes.

Select A Product Or A Specific Niche You Want To Promote  

Secondly, identify a product or service you want to promote and in what niche. Once you identify the specific product, you may want to identify what pain points the product addresses.

Then set up your autoresponder sequence bearing in mind what you hope to achieve.

Subsequently, identify those who may need the product or service and where to find them. This is where you may need to decide if paid ads will work better.

Decide The Best Means Of Getting Initial Traffic

For instance, if you decide to go for a weight loss product, you may want to recruit the services of a Weightloss Influencer on Instagram to get the initial traffic in and very fast too.   

Select The Right Prize

Even of greater importance is to select the right prize that will make your subscribers willing to passionately participate. Because, this is key to building a viral traffic. However, the prize need not be expensive.

Setup Your Campaign And Promote 

Finally, setup your campaign and link things up. Thereafter, you promote to your list passively via the e-mail sequence.

Then you rinse and repeat


The Sales Funnel


Front End: The Proven $17 (Platinum)/$13(Premium) (Early Bird Price)   

In the FE, you get the software that allows you to build 3 different types of campaigns that will enable you to speedily grow your e-mail list. Also, you can integrate it 4 different autoresponder services.

Furthermore, you get congruent bonuses. However, the front end will limit you to create only a number of campaigns.

OTO1: The Proven Unlimited $37/$27 per Month 

In the OTO1, you will be able to create unlimited campaigns. However, it will have a monthly recurring cost.

OTO2: The Proven 100X Conversion Booster $67/$47

In the OTO2, you will get additional features such as exit popup, countdown timers and Facebook pixel, Social proof and SEO optimization that will enhance conversion.


OTO3: The Proven DFY $97/$77

To get access the DFY features of The Proven, then OTO3 is what you should get. For you will get 20 campaigns in high in-demand niches. Additionally, you will get 20 more campaigns built around Amazon and eBay promotions.
Again, you will get another 20 DFY campaigns.



OTO4: The Proven Reseller License $67/$47

Here in the OTO4, you will have the opportunity to sell The Proven as your own and keep 100% profit every Front End sale.


OTO5: The Proven TaskKillar $39/$27

In the OTO5, you will get a software that automates your tasks management to ensure you achieve more quickly.


OTO6: The Proven Gold Miner’s Club $39/Month

Here in OTO6, you will gain entry to an elite membership club that allows you access to the product creators products and you also make 100% commissions across the funnel.


OTO7: The Proven White Label $197/$97

In the OTO7, you will get white label rights to TasKillar software.



The Bonuses You Will Get For Buying The Proven Through This Page:

  1. OMG Profitz
  2. Lazee Profitz
  3. iGram Machine
  4. How To Create 6 Figure Membership Site
  5. 100 Products With Resell Rights
  6. Agency Business WP Theme
  7. Amazon Auto Search Plugin
  8. Automatic Legal Page Creator
  9. Auto Rich Profit Plugin
  10. Case Study: 2.9M Free Traffic From Others’ Content
  11. Digital Product Business Blueprint
  12. Viral Giveaway Mastermind
  13. 2,500 E-Mail Swipes
  14. Traffic Rolodex
  15. Viral Marketing Exposed
  16. 24 Advanced Email Persuasion-Conversion Triggers
  17. Email Swipes
  18. How To Create Captivating E-mails
  19. Instagram Marketing
  20. 25 Proven Traffic Method
  21. 10 Dollar Traffic Method

Furthermore, when you go for the OTO1, you will get the additional 5 bonuses:

  1. EZSalaryZ
  2. DFY Profitz
  3. Rapid Profixpro
  4. TraffixZ
  5. AutoTraffixpro


To your Success,




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