The Kingdom Builder Review: #1 METHOD To Build Your Financial Empire

A Blueprint To Generate $2,300 A Day, Build Your Stream Of Passive Income And Also Quit Your 9-5 Job With Liberty To Work From Any Location Are What You Will Get From The Kingdom Builder 

The Kingdom Builder
The Kingdom Builder


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What Is The Kingdom Builder All About All About?

The Kingdom Builder is a detailed step-by-step video training course that shows you in very actionable steps how you can make money online working from your laptop or desktop computer.

Indeed, the video training is broken down into four core parts each covering a different aspect of the entire process.  

Before the four core parts however, there are several preamble videos that puts you in the right frame of mind to optimize the various steps taught in the series of training videos.

For emphasis sake, the steps covered are very easy to follow, without any complicated technicalities. Also, the methods taught in the training videos are proven to work.

However, one must be willing to the work necessary to make the entire process work. Additionally, especially if you are just starting out, you definitely will need to put in a lot more time.

Furthermore, Philip Johansen, recommends several resources that will significantly assist with scaling up the process. Some of these tools are free. Therefore, even with a tight budget you can see this work for you.

Essentially, this method leverages the power of Youtube, and can pretty much become a source of passive income.

Philip Johanse has another product to his name called Superstar Cash Rain, a course that akso shows you how to profit from Youtube. 

At Some point, you may want to deepen the benefit of building this kind of kingdom through the creation of sales funnel. So, BossFunnels, a cloud-based software can be of immense benefit.

However, there is a more robust funnel builder that by far has more features and currently has a free version (Limited Time Offer). 



Why You Should The Kingdom Builder

Easy To Implement And Completely Newbie Friendly

Firstly, The Kingdom Builder training videos detailed the steps required to achieve the desired objective in very easy to follow and implement steps. 

As a result, you can immediately get started as soon as you are done with each of the four core parts. In addition, it is completely newbies friendly. For a fact, setting up a Youtube account is completely free.

Less Financial Investment

Secondly and especially as a beginner starting out on a low budget, no huge financial investment is required to get started with this method except of course buying the training course. 

However, the need to follow through consistently and painstakingly with the guidelines in the training is necessary if you must record success.

Quickly Turn To Passive Income Source

Thirdly, as you build your kingdom, it can significantly become huge source of passive income. 

Such that once you are done with a project, it becomes for you a source of passive income that can continue to generate income for you on complete autopilot. Simply a case of set and forget.

Work From Any Location

Fourthly, this method allows you the luxury to work from any location provided you have internet access. In that case, your location will not limit you when it comes to working to earning a living.

Bonuses For Buying The Kingdom Builder

In addition, there are congruent bonuses that you can immediately pick to help you scale up the entire process. Furthermore, you get bonuses from me as well.

30 Days Money Back Guarantee

Finally, there is a 30 days money-back guarantee. The implication of this is that there is completely no risk buying this product. 

Because if for any reason the product fails to deliver on its promises, you can ask for a refund within 30 days of purchase. In my opinion however, you will have no need to return this product.

The Sales Funnel

Front End: The Kingdom Builder $9.95 (Early Bird) 

The Kingdom Builder is the ONLY Breakthrough Training Blueprint you will need that helps you quit the 9-5 Job. Here, you will learn how to select the right keywords to attract the right audience.

Furthermore, you will learn how to share your videos to get 5X the reach. Also, you will learn how to grow your customer list on Youtube. 


OTO1 The Kingdom Builder Extreme $37/$27

Learn the most well-guarded secrets to rank your videos at the top. Here, there are 4 well guarded, free, REAL human traffic sources to your videos. 1 of these unheard of sources has a poll of 800 million people. completely FREE
Remember, the more traffic to your videos = the more engagement = the more sales!
Therefore, learn everything inside the EXTREME version of The Kingdom Builder 

OTO2 The Kingdom Builder Done For You Plug-In $47/$37

In this OTO2, you will get 25 DONE FOR YOU Premium designs worth over $1,295 and over 50 high engaging video topics 

OTO3 The Kingdom Builder Double Reseller Rights $97/$47

Here in OTO3, you will have the opportunity to sell Superstar Cash Rain and The Kingdom Builder as your own and enjoy 100% profit across the entire funnel

OTO4 The Kingdom Builder Mastermind Coaching $197/$97  

In the OTO4, you will get 2 hours additional one-on-one coaching with the product creator via live call. 
Here, you will be able to ask questions and receive answers and there will be check up on your progress.
In addition, you will learn new methods to increase your income and then enjoy the one-on-one support from the product creator that will ensure you succeed with The Kingdom Builder.

OTO5 The Kingdom Builder- The Ultimate Kingdom $997/$897

This here is only limited to 5 persons who are willing to join the product creator in launching a product. Either you come up with a product idea or the vendor will come up with one.
In this OTO5, the product creator will walk you through everything you need to know about product creation and launching.


The Bonuses You Will Get For Buying The Kingdom Builder Through This Page

  1. List Of Youtube Affiliate Marketing Niches
  2. Ultimate Passive Income
  3. Youtube Celebrity
  4. Magnetic Video Marketing
  5. Million Dollar Youtube Niches
  6. Video Turbo Software
  7. Social Media Marketing
  8. WP Instagram Poster
  9. 200+ Customisable Logos
  10. Affiliate Marketing Success
  11. Instagram Marketing Secret
  12. How To Market On Instagram
  13. Instant Video Creator
  14. Instant Page Builder
  15. Affiliate Promo Machine
  16. Traffic Generating Resources
  17. Buyer Traffic Secret
  18. Social Media Boom
  19. Traffic Machine
  20. The Lost Code
  21. 25 Proven Traffic Methods
  22.  $200 Cash Hack
  23. $2K CPA Traffic Jacker
  24. $250 Cash Magnet
  25. The Commission Glitch
  26. Six Figure Influx
  27. Million Dollar Toolbox
  28. Overnight Commissions
  29. Commission Toolbox
  30. Pure Profit Payday
  31. $100 CPA Daily
  32. Commission Profit Hack
  33. Instant Traffic Jacker
  34. The Commission Magnet 
  35. The Commission Blueprint


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