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Take Advantage Of StopMotionSuite To Create And Sell Red Hot Videos That Can Make You Money Even Without Any Skills Or Experience


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What Is StopMotionSuite All About?

StopMotionSuite is a Cloud-based video creating software that allows you to create stunning stop motion videos using done-for-you templates.

Also, you can turn boring looking videos into professional looking, red hot, videos that will captivate audience, increase engagement and sales in the process.

In other words, this software will enable to create captivating videos all together or make existing videos come alive in such a manner that will lead to more engagements and sales.

Above all, this editing that revamps the videos are achieved through a combination of Done-For-You templates, simple drag and drop editor and intuitive system, all within the software. within the software  they increase engagements and editing software software mash Traffic is a WordPress Plugin that primarily finds all existing subreddits of interest on the Reddit platform based on your search keyword. It then gives you information about each subreddit identified.

Based on your prompting, Traffic Smash then shares your content with the identified subreddits. Thereby, potentially getting huge and viral traffic to your articles, offers, and promotions of interest. 

In other words, this plugin gives you the unique ability to drill down on the various sub-niches on Reddit with unique precision while saving time and energy.

Because of the way Reddit is structured and given the nature of the audience on Reddit, the traffic can quickly become buyer traffic. However, it is important to point out that it must be done right to succeed.

The following are some of the other information you need to know about Smash Traffic

Schedule Posts To Reddit and Three Other Platforms

Basically, the plugin will share content from your site to any subreddit provided you have been accepted as a member of that subreddit. Furthermore, you can schedule content to be posted at a later date.

Similarly, Smash Traffic is also designed to share content to Twitter, Tumblr, and Flickr.

You only need to set up your accounts for the respective platforms on the plugin and then schedule your posts.   

Decide The Maximum and Minimum Number Of Post To Share

Furthermore, you can decide the maximum and the minimum number of posts the plugin can share.

Increase The Reach Of Post Through Generating Hashtags

Again, the software generates congruent and relevant hashtags on autopilot that go with social shares. This is to categories your posts and at the same time make your target audience find them.

Connect To Google Analytics To Check Traffic Statistics

Similarly, you can easily integrate your Google Analytics to measure the traffic generated. In essence, you can easily tell which of the sources generates you the best traffic.



Why You Should Get Traffic Smash

Easy To Use And Completely Newbie Friendly

Firstly, the software is easy to install and use. In addition, it is newbie-friendly as you do not need to have a huge e-mail list, autoresponder, page builder and video marketing to make this work. Also, no need for SEO optimization.

However, to build your business for the long term, you will need a page builder, autoresponder, build an e-mail list and build a sales funnel. As they say, the money is in the list.

Then, you will need a WP domain name and hosting service because, for now, the software only works in a WP domain. Therefore, you will incur costs to keep your domain online.

Let me mention here though that there is a software that comes with all the tools and resources that you will need to do your business online. The name is CloudFunnels

Saves Time and Better Audience Targeting

Secondly, you save time that ordinarily would have been deployed to researching the sub-niches to get traffic from. As a result, you are sure to get laser traffic for your offers.

Also, you are sure to target the right audience that in turn leads to increased sales and revenue. 

Furthermore, it comes with the added advantage that posts are shared with auto-generated hashtags and this will ensure the most relevant audience are reached

Content Scheduler

Thirdly with the scheduler feature, users can schedule their posts to go live when their audience has better chances to see them. 

In other words, you can schedule content for a whole week to a month well in advance. 

Also, if you are interested in scheduling content for multiple Instagram accounts, you could go for ClassicTraffic Pro, a cloud-based software. In addition, using it does not involve recurring payments.

Commercial Licence and Bonuses

Again, when you buy Traffic Smash during the launch week, you in addition will be offered a commercial license. Thus, you can offer commercial service with this software to your clients and make a profit.

However, this commercial license is only available during the launch period (30-May-2020 to 04-Jun-2020).

In addition, you will be getting the vendor’s premium bonuses that which in my opinion is a complete no brainer. For instance, reseller rights to ViddyGenie valued at $697.

This does not include the other bonuses and my own bonuses that available when you pick this software through my affiliate link.

30 Days Money Back Guarantee

Finally, there is a 30 days money-back guarantee. Meaning, there is completely no risk buying the software because should you find it less than your expectation, you can simply ask for a refund.

In other words, you have 30 days to test this software and decide if you want to keep it or not.

The Sales Funnel

Traffic Smash Front End $17/$14. (Early Bird Price)

WordPress Plugin that gives you access to everything that discusses so far including a commercial licence

OTO1: Traffic Smash Unlimited $37/$27 


In OTO 1, you get to automate the entire process to get unlimited traffic 24/7


5X Accounts across the 4 Social Media platforms.


OTO2: Traffic Smash $197/$97


tHere, you get 25 DFY monetized blogs that are set up with Traffic Smash to generate more commissions


20X your earnings


OTO3: Traffic Smash Agency and Resellers License: $97/$77


When you pick up the OTO 3, you will have the rights to sell Traffic Smash and keep 100% commission as profit across the entire funnel


OTO4: Traffic Smash DFY Traffic Module $197/$97

tHere, in the OTO 4, you will have the opportunity to tap from the traffic source of Daniel Adetunji, the product creator.


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