Retainio Review: Solution To Your Viral and Engaged Web Traffic Problems

Build Stunning Micro Buzz Money Sites With Retainio That Will Engage and Captivate Your Audience, Compel Them To Take Action And Make Them To Always Return For More



What Is Retainio All About?

Retainio is a cloud-based software that allows you to build micro buzz sites easily and very quickly using built-in elements created for that purpose. Some of these built-in elements are:


Easily embed videos from Youtube and Vimeo to keep your audience engaged


Easily add polls that can get your audience glued and therefore and compelled to interact with your content


Make your page very lively by including conversation that will keep your audience.

Other elements include:

  • Paragraph
  • Quotes
  • Image
  • Listacle
  • Swiper
  • Vertical Flaps
  • Content Extractor
  • Call To Action

ln addition, this software can easily be integrated with an autoresponder to enable you to build an e-mail list. Also, the site can further be monetized by displaying products from Amazon.

Again, you can easily integrate this software with your Facebook pages. The number of pages you can integrate depends on the Retainio OTO you go for in addition.

Also, you can leverage build your sales funnel that you can easily drive traffic to from this website. Thus, you may want to try this all-in-one funnel builder that is current has a free version.

Furthermore, Retainio integrates with Pixels, Pixabay, Gify, Web and Youzign so that you can easily important content from these sites based on keywords of you choice. 

Finally, it provides you detailed analytics of how your content are performing across various platforms.



Why You Should Get Retainio

Easy To Use And Completely Newbie Friendly

Firstly, Retainio is very easy to use because you do not need to install any applications to put it to use. Besides, it is a cloud-based software, therefore, you can use it with any device provided you are connected to the internet.

In addition, it is completely newbie friendly. There are almost no learning curves with using this software to build micro buzz money sites. The only challenge I see is your content creation skills.

In other words, you can actually build a very highly interactive website without needed any of those complicated software or plugins.   

Experienced Product Creator

Secondly, the Product creators, Saurabh Bhatnagar and Karthik Ramani and their team are very experienced in product creation. Also, they are among the top 1% affiliate marketers.

They know exactly what works and have repeatedly brought their experience to bear when it comes to creating Saas products. 

Saves Time and Cost

Thirdly, the entire structure of Retainio ensure that you complete the process of content creation speedily. Especially with integration with Pixabay, Pixels, Gify that ensure you easily search out graphics related to your content.

Similarly, there is a lot of cost saving because you do not need to invest in stock image, for instance. Also, you do not need to invest in a domain name or web hosting as this taken care of.

However, it is important that you establish you create your own domain. Besides, the content created on Retainio can easily be published on your website using a plugin provided for that purpose.

Create Passive Income Sources

Thirdly, you can easily create stunning content that you continue to drive traffic to your offers and promotions passively. Thus, creating you a stream of passive income.

For instance, you can easily create engaging content in the health and fitness niche. Then, you promote health and fitness related products from Amazon.

Similarly, you can add the URL of your sales funnel to other health and fitness products in the call to action. However, you will need to create compelling content.

Therefore, I recommend that you look for PLR product such as PLR 9 Million Articles that can provide rich content you can develop and include graphics and other elements to get your audience engaged.

Also, you can get engaging traffic from LinkedIn that in turn will lead to increased traffic to your money sites and therefore increase your income source. 

Make Money Rendering Services

Also, you can create addition streams of income by rendering services to your client. For instance, in the Retainio OTOs, affords you agency right. That way, you render service and make extra income.

Grow Your Facebook Pages

In addition, Retainio allows you to connect your Facebook pages to your Micro Buzz sites therefore, you can grow audience engagement on the Facebook pages.

Bonuses When You Buy Retainio

Furthermore, you will get several bonuses from me when you buy Retainio through this page.

30 Days Money Back Guarantee

Finally, there is a 30 days money-back guarantee when you get Retainio through this page. The implication of this is that there is completely no risk buying this product. 

Because if for any reason the product fails to deliver on its promises, you can ask for a refund within 30 of purchase. In my opinion, however, you will have no need to return this product.

The Sales Funnel

Front End: Retainio Commercial $27 (Early Bird) to $37 

In the Front End, you will get 2 micro buzz sites, 1 template, the elements as mention above, Integration with Autoresponder,  automatic Amazon affiliate link for monetization.

Also, you will be able to share your Retainio URL anywhere, add your post to any WordPress website, enable content locking on demand, search Pixabay, Pixels, Younzign, and Gify right from within Retainio.

Furthermore, you can publish 200 campaigns, add 5 websites and 10 Facebook Pages. Also you get banner ads, tracking code, page visitor analytics and 5 DFY campaigns.

OTO1 Retainio Pro $67

In this OTO1, you get:

  • 5 Additional Micro Buzz Sites
  • 3 Additional Templates
  • Spin Wheel – An amazing way to have visitors interact with your site and get them to opt in or purchase some of your recommended offers.
  • Vertical flip
  • Extract Content from Any URL
  • Spin Content
  • 500 Additional Campaigns
  • 15 Additional FB Pages
  • 5 Additional WordPress sites
  • 15 Additional DFY Campaigns

OTO2 Retainio Agency $97/$147

In the OTO2, you gain access to:

  • Additional Micro Buzz Sites – 25 for $97 and 50 for $147
  • Google Analytics
  • Additional FB Pages – 15 for $97, and 30 for $147
  • Unlimited Campaigns
  • Additional WordPress sites – 25 for $97, and 50 for $147
  • Manage clients – 25 for $97, and 50 for $147

OTO3 Retainio Reseller Rights $297/$497

Finally, in the OTO3, you will get to sell Retainio: 

  • 100 Licenses – $247
  • 250 Licenses – $497
  • Sell Retainio commercial and keep 100% profits
  • Email Swipes
  • Sell Retainio pro and agency at 50% commissions
  • Ad Banner
  • FB Ads
  • Marketing Materials
  • Get reseller access 30 days after the launch


The Bonuses You Will Get For Buying Retainio Through This Page:

  1. 800+ Royalty Free Graphic
  2. Grow Email List In 30 Days Challenge
  3. Traffic Source Rolodex
  4. ClickBank Passive Income
  5. Ultimate Passive Income
  6. Affiliate Marketing Success
  7. Buyer Traffic Secret
  8. Social Media Marketing
  9. WP Instagram Poster
  10. Affiliate Promo Machine
  11. Traffic Generating Resources
  12. Social Media Boom
  13. Traffic Machine
  14. The Lost Code
  15. 25 Proven Traffic Methods
  16.  $200 Cash Hack
  17. $2K CPA Traffic Jacker
  18. $250 Cash Magnet
  19. The Commission Glitch
  20. Six Figure Influx
  21. Million Dollar Toolbox
  22. Overnight Commissions
  23. Commission Toolbox
  24. Pure Profit Payday
  25. $100 CPA Daily
  26. Commission Profit Hack
  27. Instant Traffic Jacker
  28. The Commission Magnet 
  29. The Commission Blueprint


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