PLR Easter Offer: Amazing Collection Of Really Valuable eBooks

A Collection Of Over 220 eBooks In Different Niches For You To Own And Profit From In This PLR Easter Offer. Plus valuable Bonuses

PLR Easter Offer
PLR Easter Offer


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Product Name: PLR Easter Offer   

Description: A collection of 223 high quality eBooks across 5 different niches with full Private Label Rights.

When you buy PLR Easter Offer, it will come in 5 bigger packs with each pack representing content in a specific niche.

Furthermore, you will get a PLR License that specifies the terms of use.

See below also, some of the several benefits you will enjoy when you get PLR Easter Offer this page. For instance, we have put together lots of amazing and congruent bonuses that are by far more valuable than the product itself.

In addition, the sales funnel comprises of the front End and OTO1 and 2. OTO1 will give you access to a turnkey online store where you can sell your eBooks. 

Lunch Date: 01-April-2021 (10:00 AM EST) To 08-April-2021 (11:59 PM EST)

Creator: Belher Digital Services

Front End Price:  $19.90 

Bonuses: No vendor bonuses. Not to worry because I have for you several bonuses you will easily access once you pick up this product  

Any Guarantees?: No

Recommended: Highly Recommended

User Guide and Training In Member's Area
Easy To Use
Product Adaptability To Change
Overall Rating 78.75%


  • Super affordable 
  • Massive value
  • Evergreen
  • Source of passive income
  • Good quality source of content


  • No vendor bonuses. But not to worry because we have put together premium bonuses.


PLR Easter Offer provides you with an affordable source of 223 high quality eBooks that upon purchase becomes your own because of the full private label rights that come with it. Also, it covers 5 of some of the in-demand niches.

Because the eBooks become yours, you basically can rebrand them, within the terms of use, to reflect your brand and you can begin to profit from them in various ways as highlighted in the videos above.

For instance,  you can profit from the content by repurposing them for your blog, e-learning and membership sites. And this in turn can be a source of passive income over time, provided you do it right. 

Similarly, you can display them in your online stores. If this resonates with you but you do not have an online store, you can simply go for the PLR Easter Offers OTO1 to get the product creators to provide you a functional online store.

In essence, there is almost no end to what purpose you can this product to.

However, the product creators are not giving any bonuses because if they were, they would have made this known. But not to worry because we have you completely covered with our premium quality congruent bonuses that you can begin to profit from.

In all, I highly recommend that you buy PLR Easter Offer should it resonate with you because it offers value that is by more than the $19.90 you are paying for it.


What Is PLR Easter Offer Pack All About?

PLR Easter Offer is a collection of 230 eBooks from different niches that will immediately become your own for you to use for your personal development and to profit from.

So, what exactly do you get when you buy this product? You will be getting the following eBooks with PLR License that will specify the terms of use:

  • 92 eBooks on Internet Marketing
  • 51 self-help eBooks
  • 28 home and family eBooks
  • 32 eBooks in the Health niche
  • 20 eBooks about business and finance

Furthermore, these eBooks are arranged in 5 bigger packs as listed above. 



About The Creator Of PLR Easter Offer

Belher Digital Services, a Limited Liability Company based in Madrid, Spain is the creator of this product.

They have several PLR products to their credit and are highly experienced in the production and selling of PLR Products.




Why You Should Get PLR Easter Offer

Very Affordable

Firstly, PLR Easter Offer gives you the opportunity to become the owner of so much content that you can virtually use as you want. And this is coming for a low one time payment of $19.90 

Personal Development

Secondly, you will have a sizable collection of high quality eBooks and resources centered around the 5 broad niches listed above. 


Besides, you can immediately begin your self development process without additional cost.  


Start Making Money From Selling PLR Easter Offer As Your Own

Thirdly, with the PLR license, you can immediately start selling these products as is or you can repurpose them for sale. If you are completely new to this, the above video could show you how.

For instance, with the PLR rights, you can immediately rebrand these products and begin to grow your brand awareness.

Also, you can decide to sell the content in parts or use them as content for your membership site. 

If you don’t know how,, you can get help creating a membership site or an online eCommerce shop to sell your eBooks.

Furthermore, you can easily profit from a booming e-learning industry by repurposing and selling the PLR content as courses.

Blog Post

Fourthly, the content in these eBooks offer you a source of raw material for your blog posts. So, you only need to repurpose them based on your objective keywords needs to produce content that will drive traffic to your site.

Stream Of Passive Income

Also, with an online shop, you can easily create a stream of passive income where you can sell your PLR products on complete autopilot. But you will need to drive traffic to your website.


Social Media Content

Furthermore, and depending on your niche, the content from eBooks in this PLR Easter Offer provides you an avenue to create valuable content that will excite your social media audience.


Of course, you may consider getting a software that will allow you automate your social media strategy. The benefit in this include getting more brand awareness, saving time to engage in other activities.


Newbie Friendly

In addition, making money online using PLR products is completely newbie friendly. 


Should this resonate with you, there is the PLR Easter Offer OTO1 that will provide you with a website to sell your eBooks. See a screenshot of what you get when you buy OTO1 then a demo site here  


Lead Magnet

Again, these 223 eBooks will serve as lead magnets for you to grow your email list across different niches. 

For instance, if you have a product you are promoting in the health niche, you may want give away one of the eBooks in the health niche to build your email list to sell your products down the funnel.

Also, you could deploy a combination of giveaway and gamification strategy to build your email list faster through creating viral and targeted traffic.

Grow Sales With PLR Easter Offer

So, one strategy the super affiliates use is to give bonuses to increase their sales. Therefore, PLR Easter Offers gives you several eBooks you can use as bonuses to entice potential customer to buy.

Congruent Bonuses For Buying PLR Easter Offer

Also, when you buy this product through our affiliate link, you will be getting several congruent bonuses that are by far more valuable than the amount you will be paying for PLR Easter Offer.

PLR Easter Offer OTO1
PLR Easter Offer OTO1

How To Make PLR Easter Offer Work For You

Watch The Training Videos On This PLR Easter Offer Review Page   

Firstly, you may want to watch the training videos on this review page (above and below) to learn exactly how to make money online with PLRs.

Then, you will also want to learn how to edit and repurpose your PLRs to get the most out of them. Furthermore, you will want to learn how to create your funnels to enable you to profit on the long term.

Take Massive Actions    

Secondly, it is no pint learning how to sell PLRs and how to repurpose them if you will not take massive action. 

Sell Your PLR eBooks    

Thirdly and one of the actions you will be taking is to rebrand your PLRs eBooks as a whole or in parts as you desire and then sell them. There are several ways to successful sell them. 

Also, if this resonates with you, you may go for the PLR Easter Offer OTO1. Alternatively, you may want to create your own site from ground up.

Create Content Using PLR Easter Offer    

Fourthly, you can repurpose the content on the eBooks and publish them on your blogs depending on the niche you are in. 

Similarly, you can repurpose them to create content to share on your social media accounts. So once you start getting traffic, you can drive them to your stores to buy your eBooks.

Membership Site    

As mentioned earlier, creating membership sites where you charge your client recurrent fees is appealing. In turn, you can provide them valuable information by repurposing the content from your eBook.

Build Email List    

Additionally, you can repurpose the content to serve as lead magnets that will enable you to build an email list that you can make money from for a long time to come. 

So once you have your e-mail list, you can send the traffic to your online shop to promote your new and existing eBooks.

eBook Store

As previously mentioned, building a niche specific eBook stores can create you a stream of passive income and also build your brand awareness.

Grow Your Business    

Finally, when you start making some earnings, you will want to invest to grow your business and therefore increase your overall income.

As an example, you will want to invest in tools and resources to grow, such as a voiceover tools that could allow you to produce motivational videos from your content that you can monetize.

Also, you may want to invest on social media influencers to quickly grow your business by getting more traffic to your website and pages.



Watch How To Edit And

Rebrand Your PLR  Product

The Sales Funnel

Front End PLR Easter Offer $19.90 (Early Bird Price)    

In the front end, you will get 223 eBooks in 5 different niches with Private Label Rights (PLR).

OTO1 PLR Easter Offer Website $79.90/$59.90    

OTO1 provides you with a turnkey ready to start selling online store where you can start selling your eBooks immediately without restriction. Furthermore, you can promote products your Amazon offers.

OTO2 PLR Easter Offer Ultimate PLR Funnel Reseller Right $120    

In the OTO2, you be able to sell Ultimate PLR using the product creator’s funnel and then keep 100% profit across the funnel.


The Bonuses You Will Get For Buying PLR Easter Offer Through This Page

  1. 300K PLR Articles
  2. Keyword Research Ninja
  3. Instant Content Creator
  4. Lead Generation On Demand
  5. 100 Killer Headline Ideas
  6. Rapid Instagram Profits- Lead Generation PLR
  7. Infographics For Social Media
  8. 800+ Royalty Free Graphics
  9. 100 eBooks Across Various Niches
  10. 700k Monthly Traffic Case Study
  11. 40 Premium PLR Products
  12. Pinterest Traffic Avalanche
  13. Profitable Traffic System
  14. Best Sells Strategy To Crush It
  15. WooCommerce Estore Builder
  16. Auto Content Machine
  17. 100 AutoResponder Marketing Emails
  18. List Building Videos PLR
  19. A-Z Product Launch
  20. 25 YouTube Outro Clips (PLR)
  21. WP Squeeze Questions
  22. How To Build A WordPress Website
  23. Buyer Traffic Secret
  24. How To Write Captivating Emails That Get Opened
  25. Instant Traffic For Pennies


To your Success,




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