PinWizz Review: New Ways To Get The Most From Pinterest

Looking To Get Better And More Targeted Traffic From The Third Largest Social Media Site Then PinWizz Is The Software For You. Get More With Far Less Work 


PinWizz Score Card At A Glance


Product Name: PinWizz 

Description: PinWizz is a cloud-based software that allows you to automate your interaction and other activities on Pinterest so as to grow you Pinterest account(s) and engagements on complete autopilot so as to drive free traffic to your offers, blogs or affiliate links.

In essence, it is a Pinterest marketing tool. In addition, it comes with features that allow you to post your affiliate links, shorten your links and see accounts with highest repins.

Similarly, you can schedule post but to unlock this feature, you will need to get OTO2. Also, with the Front End, you can only link limited Pinterest account to it and create limited pins. To create unlimited accounts and create unlimited pins, you will need the OTO2.

Then, there are benefits to enjoy when you buy Pinwizz and its OTOs.

In addition. the sales funnel comes with a Front End and OTO1 to OTO5

Lunch Date: 03-October-2020 (9:00 AM EST) To 06-October-2020 (11:59 PM EST)

Creator: Rudy Rudra

Front End Price:  $17 (Early Bird Price) on an hourly $0.01 rise. Although there will be a $2 Coupon you can take advantage of

Bonuses: Yes, 4 congruent bonuses. In addition, you get bonuses from me. 

Any Guarantees?: Yes, 30 Days money-back guarantee

Recommended: Highly Recommended

User Guide and Training In Member's Area
Easy To Use
Product Adaptability To Change
Overall Rating 89.38%


  • Saves time and money
  • Good value for money
  • Works in several niche
  • 30 days money-back guarantee
  • In-built image editor
  • Link shortening that Pinterest accepts
  • Completely newbie friendly
  • Good training
  • Congruent bonuses
  • Available worldwide
  • No website or web hosting services.


  • No evidence product has been approved by Pinterest hence the possibility of been prohibited by Pinterest
  • Need for upgrades to enjoy full potential of the software for instance, content scheduling


PinWizz is a cloud-based software that automates all the activities you need to carry out on Pinterest to grow your account and effectively engage with your audience. Therefore, you are able to do a lot more better and faster without actually doing the work. Hence you save time.

Also, you will get detailed step-by-step training on how to use the software and how to ensure you get laser targeted traffic from Pinterest.

The strategy works and is bound to produce results once you follow the laid down steps, and more importantly, if you promote the right products to the right audience. However, you will need to be consistent and patient to see the desired result.

However, for you to link unlimited accounts and create unlimited pins, you will need the OTO1. Furthermore, OTO2 unlocks the scheduling feature of PinWizz.

Also, there is no evidence that the software has been approved by Pinterest, therefore, there is a possibility that Pinterest may prohibit it from working on its platform. For now however, it integrates well and will yield the desired result of getting traffic to your offer.

In my opinion, the software is good value for money and is sure to give your business a boost, in terms of getting traffic from Pinterest. Besides, if you have a 30 days window to try it out. If it does not meet your expectation, you can, within 30 days ask for a does not meet your expectation, you hav

Therefore, I highly recommend PinWizz.


What Is PinWizz All About?

PinWizz is a cloud-based software that allows you to automate your activities on Pinterest with the singular aim of increasing engagement on your accounts thereby getting more laser targeted traffic.

In essence, the software will do tasks faster and better instead of you doing them manually. Tasks such as repining, liking, following and unfollowing accounts all on complete autopilot and from one dashboard.

In addition, you can schedule posts to go out well in advance thereby giving you the needed time to plan out your work.

Furthermore, you get in-depth training video on how to use Pinterest to get targeted traffic to your offers such as affiliate links, CPA offers and so on. 

Also, as part of the package you will get when you buy PinWizz, you will also get a commercial license that you allow you use the software to render services to your client and get paid for it.

In addition, you will also get a case study from the product creator how he made $100 from Pinterest traffic  

So why free traffic from Pinterest you may ask. Because of the many favourable statistic going for the social media platform currently. For instance, it is the third most popular site with over 400 million monthly active users.

Should you be interested in a software that will change you Instagram marketing strategy, then checkout this Instagram marketing tool review.





Why You Should Get PinWizz

Completely Newbie Friendly and Easy To Use

Firstly, PinWizz is newbie friendly and very easy to use. Besides, you get to manage multiple Pinterest account from a single dashboard.

No need For Website Or Hosting Services

Secondly, you do not need a website or hosting service to get started with this software. But instead you can use it to drive laser targeted traffic from Pinterest.

For instance, you can promote your offers, affiliate links and others using this software. However, it is always best to have your own domain name for branding purposes and long term success in online business.

Saves Time And Cost

Thirdly, you will save a lot of time using the automation that this software brings. Instead of doing all these repetitive tasks yourself, PinWizz will do all and more for you, faster and better.

Furthermore, with a low one-time payment, you get access to this software without having recurring payment as with some other automated software tools. This indeed is cost saving

Additional Training On How To Drive Free Traffic

Furthermore, you get additional video training on how to get more and better free traffic from Pinterest all for a low one-time payment.

Image Editor

Also, inside the member’s area, you will get an image editor that will enable to create stunning images from an array of free stock images that Pinterest loves.

Link Shortener

Furthermore, you get an advanced link shortner that allows you to post your links on Pinterest without gettining banned. Also, inside the member’s area, you will get an image editor that will enable to create stunning images from an array of free stock images that Pinterest loves.

Huge Sales Booster

Furthermore, Pinterest has the highest sales order value of $50 when compared to other social media platform. Therefore, you stand a chance to boost your sales with Pinterest traffic. 

So, with PinWizz, you can significantly increase your traffic potential from Pinterest doing a lot less work.

Works In Various Niches

Similarly, this software works irrespective of the niche. All you need to do is identify offers that work best on Pinterest. For instance, promoting high ticket weight loss or health products are niches that may likely do well.

Works Made Easy

Furthermore, you can easily work on multiple boards across multiple IDs. In addition, you can easily comment and put your offer or product links on the accounts of others to get more exposure and traffic.


Also, you can easily identify highest repins so that you can follow to increase traffic to your offers. All these you can do within the dashboard with just a few clicks.


Product Creators

Rudy Radra is not a very popular name with product creation. However, he has recorded tcommended tremendous success as an affiliate marketer driving traffic to offers. 

Therefore, he has a very good understanding of traffic generation and affiliate marketing.

Bonuses For Buying PinWizz

In addition, when you buy Pinwizz, you will get the following fast action bonuses:

  • How To Make $100/Day On Pinterest
  • Pinterest Marketing Cheat Sheet
  • 80% discount on all upgrades (however a limited time offer)
  • Step-by-Step From Scratch To profit Training
  • FB VIP Community

30 Days Money-Back Guarantee

Finally, when you buy PinWizz, there will be a 30 days money-back guarantee. The implication is that there is absolutely no risk investing in this product. 

Because if it does not meet your expectation,  you can simply ask for refund within 30 days of purchase. However, it is most unlikely this product will not meet your expectation.

Furthermore, you get a limited time offer of 80% discount an all PinWizz OTOs you buy. But you will need to act fast.

How To Make PinWizz Work For You

Follow The Instructions   

Firstly, once you get PinWizz, you will need to go through the training area to correctly set it up. Also, you will want to go through the other training videos on how to get better engagement from Pinterest.

Of course, you will want to create a Pinterest account for the niche of interest, if you do not have one already. A business account gives you a lot of advantage.

In addition, you may want to go through my bonuses also.

Identify Suitable Affiliate Offers To Promote   

Secondly, you will need to identify suitable affiliate offers in various niches that you will want to promote. Preferably, you can decide to go for high ticket offers known to convert well with good training and promotion materials.

Find Where Your Dream/Target Audience Are

Thirdly, you will need to identify accounts in your niche(s) with big engagements and followers. Thereafter, you will want to identify their pins that are getting a lot of repins and engagements.

Follow their loyal follows, engage with them and create content similar to these accounts but with your own spin. All these PinWizz can do for you without you doing all the work.

Create value (valuable blog posts) and solve problems and in little time, you will begin to get opportunity to promote your products without been pushy or salesy. 

Identify Influencers In The various Niches

For much faster results, you may want to involve top influencers in the niche you are interested in promoting. This is most likely to produce quicker results. But this will involve paid traffic.

Start Building Your E-mail/Buyer List

As the saying goes, the money is in the list. Therefore, the best way to ensure you grow your business is to build your e-mail list. However, to do this you will need to create a funnel. 

Checkout this limited-time offer free funnel builder that gives you everything you need to start your business online. Also, you will need an autoresponder service. 

To engage with your new subscribers you will need to activate an e-mail sequence congruent with the offers you are promoting to record good success.

Then you continue to drive traffic to your offers using various strategies and PinWizz gives you the Pinterest traffic advantage. Just rinse and repeat as you get results.


The Sales Funnel

Front End: PinWizz $17 (Early Bird Price)- Price goes up hourly    

In the FE, you will get the software and all the features including searching for pins, boards, identifying popular pins, image editors, link shortener, video training and $100 case study on how to earn from Pinterest.

However, you will be limited to a number of account and pin 

OTO1: PinWizz Unlimited $37 

In the OTO1, you will be able to add unlimited Pinterest accounts and add unlimited pins. In addition, you will get exclusive training.

OTO2: PinWizz Pro $47 

Here in the OTO2, you will get the additional features such as you will be able to schedule posts and have more traffic.

OTO3: PinWizz DFY $197 

In the OTO3, you will be able to unlock additional features such as drag and drop landing page builder, integration with autoresponder service, done for you graphics and so on.

OTO4: PinWizz Exclusive $47 

For the OTO4, you will be able to access additional stock images that will captivate your audience. Furthermore, you will get additional exclusive training.

OTO5: PinWizz Reseller Rights $97 

In the OTO4, you will be able to sell PinWizz as your own and keep 100% profit across the funnel.


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