OmniBlaster Review: Powerful All In One Marketing Tool To Grow Sales

With OmniBlaster You Get Far More Lead Conversions and Sales Because You Simply Demand The Attention Of Your Audience To Take The Required Action



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What Is OmniBlaster All About?

OmniBlaster is a cloud-based software that allows you to send e-mails, SMS and voice broadcasting to your customers simply with the push of some buttons. In other words, it gives you three means to contact your customers.

With the voice broadcast feature, this software gives you the opportunity to grab the attention of your audience from the already very distracting environment to get them to take the desired action.

Therefore, once you pitch the right product or service before them, you are most likely to get the desired action. Hence, this can be a very strong tool if properly harnessed. 

For instance, when marketing, a cold call can sometimes be more effective than e-mail marketing but when combined can become very effective as Xant suggest.

The implication therefore is that, with this software there is a much more likely hood to get better results from your leads. 

Furthermore, the following are what you can do with the OmniBlaster

Build Optin Pages To Collect Email Addresses and Phone Number

Firstly, the software allows you to build highly responsive optin pages that will allow you to collect e-mail addresses and phone number of leads. You can decide to collect either or both details at the same time.

Also, it provides you with the options to copy the optin forms embed codes. That way, you can share your optin forms on any of your traffic sites to grow your leads.

Social Share Option To Share Your Optin Pages On Social Media Platform.

Secondly, you can conveniently share you optin pages on social media platforms to get free and viral traffic.

Use OmniBlaster As An AutoResponder

Secondly, the OmniBlaster serves as an autoresponder that allows you to build your e-mail, SMS and voice broadcast sequences that will allow you to engage with your leads.

By so doing, you will increase sales.

Integrate With STMP Service Providers

For you to be able to send out your e-mails, SMS and voice broadcasts, the software integrates seamlessly with Infobip, Twilio, Plivio, Nexmo, Clickatell, Mailgun, Amazon SES, Elasticemail, and SMTP.

Therefore, for you to use any of these service providers. you will need to sign up with them.

Furthermore, OmniBlaster provides you the option to sign up to integrate 5 of them at the same time. Interestingly, the integration process is not so complicated but may involve some learning.

Built-In PayPal Check-out

Also, the software comes with a paypal integration that allows you to receive payment from your subscribers. Although this is impressive, more payment gateways should be added to increase options.



Why You Should Get OmniBlaster

A Combination Of The 3 Different Media To Reach Leads

Firstly, OmniBlaster combines three methods to capture the attention of leads. By so doing, you must likely to get them away from unending daily distractions to give attention to your offers and possibly take action.

Especially the SMS and voice broadcasters that are sure to make your leads to pay attention to their ringing phone. Furthermore, analysts opin that a combination of these contact methods by far yield the best results.


Easy To Use And Completely Newbie Friendly

Secondly, the software is very easy to use without any complicated steps involved. The only area non techy users may find difficult is in the integration of the SMTPs to the software.

However, the process is not complicated and the software creator also makes this a lot easier.

Furthermore, it is completely newbie friendly. Because the process of building the landing page and integrating it with any website is made very easy with the embed code.

In addition, the simplistic landing page is very likely to enhance conversion and sales.  

Save Time and Cost

Thirdly, with this software, you save time and cost. However, you should carry out a thorough research to find which of these STMP providers offer the best service for the best price.

This is very important especially for a newbie who is starting out on a very tight budget.

Build An E-mail List and Create Passive Income Sources

Fourthly, with this software, you can quickly build a responsive e-mail list and therefore build passive streams of income. 

However, you will need to provide the right and exceptional lead magnets for potential subscribers to give you both their e-mail address and phone number.

Not to worry, Listgrow is one application that can provide you lead magnets of exceptional quality. However, it cost a bit and you will need to buy upsales to continue to get fresh lead magnets regularly.

Conveniently Use OmniBlaster As An Autoresponder

Furthermore, the software comes integrated with an autoresponder. In that case, you can conveniently set up your e-mail, SMS and voice broadcast sequences to go out as soon as you get new leads.

The implication therefore is that it is simply a set and forget system while you focus on driving traffic to your optin pages. A true passive income stream.

Also, you can get targeted traffic from LinkedIn passively. If this resonates with you, you may want to check out Passive Profile Profits review.

Make Money Rendering Services

Also, you can make additional income when you render marketing services for your clients. Because, for a limited time only, you get commercial license when you get OmniBlaster. 


Sure Value For Money Spent

Furthermore, the software is worth every dime spent to buy it. For a fact, I am quite surprised that it is going for only $29 (early bird price) one-time payment.

I strongly believe that after the product launch that the price will be on recurring payment basis.

Therefore, take advantage of this product launch to get it for the best deal possible.

Experience Product Creator

Victory Apomedaye is a very experienced product creator and a super affiliate. Therefore, he understands exactly what works and he has a team that can handle all glitch that may arise using the software.

Bonuses When You Buy OmniBlaster

In addition, you will get 5 premium congruent bonuses from the product creator that will help you scale up your business very rapidly.

However, these bonuses are only available for fast action takers. Therefore, I enjoin you to act fast if this product resonates with you.

In additon, you will getting premium congruent bonuses also from me if you buy through this page.

30 Days Money Back OmniBlaster

Finally, there is a 30 days money-back guarantee when you buy OmniBlaster through this page. The implication of this is that there is completely no risk buying this product. 

Because if for any reason the product fails to deliver on its promises, you can ask for a refund within 30 of purchase. In my opinion, however, you will have no need to return this product.

The Sales Funnel


Front End: OmniBlaster $29 Early Bird Price  

In the FE, you will be able to set up limited campaigns and therefore can only send limited e-mails, SMS and voice broadcast. But then, you will get 5 premium bonuses from the vendor.

Furthermore, you will get commercial license but this will only be available for fast action takers.

OTO1: OmniBlaster Unlimited $47

In the OTO1, you will get access to set up unlimited campaigns, send unlimited e-mails, SMS and voice broadcasts. Also, you will get access to the autoresponder features and create landing pages. 

OTO2: OmniBlaster Done For You $67

Here in the OTO2, you will have 50 campaigns completely done for you. 

OTO3: OmniBlaster Agency $67


OTO4: OmniBlaster WhiteLabel $497



The Bonuses You Will Get For Buying OmniBlaster Through This Page:

  1. AlterStores- Reseller Rights
  2. Videract- Reseller Licence Rights
  3. VeedAds- Reseller Rights For VeedAd
  4. SnapiShop- Reseller Rights
  5. Facebook Photo Contest
  6. LinkedIn Auto Post machine
  7. IGram Machine
  8. Social Media Marketing
  9. E-mail Marketing Success
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  11. Traffic Rolodex
  12. Advanced Traffic Master Class
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  14. Instagram Marketing Secret
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  21. Traffic Machine
  22. The Lost Code
  23. 25 Proven Traffic Methods
  24.  $200 Cash Hack
  25. $2K CPA Traffic Jacker
  26. $250 Cash Magnet
  27. The Commission Glitch
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  32. Pure Profit Payday
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  36. The Commission Magnet 
  37. The Commission Blueprint


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