NewsProfixPro Review: Create Fully Automated Money Making Websites

NewsProfixPro Review

NewsProfixPro Review: Introduction

NewsProfixPro review seeks to appraise the features and effectiveness of this software designed by Mosh Bari and Jason Fulton.

Consistently creating valuable contents is essential to maintaining a healthy online presence, causing your audience to come back for more value and this will eventually lead to increase in your revenue. Inbound traffic increases with more content

More so, it is however very challenging, be it experienced or newbie to regularly create quality contents.

Furthermore, Newbies on a very lean budget will also find getting a domain name, hosting and paying for ads to generate traffic expensive.

Therefore, Mosh Bari and Jason Fulton sought to address these challenges with the creation of NewsProfixPro and the other benefits associated with it.

So who exactly are Mosh Bari and Jason Fulton. What is this product?

NewsProfixPro Scorecard At A Glance


Product Name: NewsProfixPro

Description: A brand new cloud based software that creates and updates websites automatically (without human intervention) with trending news from big news channels once it has been correctly configured. 

It then monetizes the created website(s) by placing the websites owner’s AmazoneBay and Walmart Affiliate links  

The software works by curating trending contents from major news websites worldwide. See here for details.

Lunch Date: 17-June-2019 (9:00 AM EST)

Designers: Mosh Bari and Jason Fulton  

Front End Price: $21.00 Lite Edition and $22.00 Pro Edition (Dime-sale: Price will go up with sales).

Bonuses:  Several juicy bonuses but will only be available during product lunch week. Time is ticking 

Any Guarantees?: Yes, 30 days money back guarantee.

Recommended: Very Highly Recommended

User Guide
Easy To Use
How Readily Can Product Adapt to Change
Overall Rating


  • Very user friendly without complicated steps
  • Cloud based software so can be used on different types of sites
  • Very pocket friendly as you do not need to pay for hosting services
  • No need for various plugins to optimize the functionality of the sites created
  • Very fast website and content creation; content creation is completely automated
  • Free traffic source as it can be integrated with 32 social media channels
  • Contents are SEO optimized.
  • Very helpful and well illustrated user guide
  • Also, has a very responsive support service
  • Works in any niche
  • Truly a passive source of income once the sites have gone viral.


  • Free social media traffic will not be available for a newbie and even experienced online marketer with new social media accounts
  • News channels may decide in the future to bar the curating of their contents.
  • Search engines could tweak their algorithms to the detriment of sites populating contents on autopilot
  • Social media channels may opt to adjust their algorithm against automatic posting of contents
  • Concentration risk. All the sites channels are hosted by one company. What happens if there is a major problem? 
  • The moral burden of curating contents from other sites. 



NewsProfixPro is a great cloud based software. It produces news sites on autopilot once it has been correctly configured.

In addition, it is capable of displaying affiliate products from Amazon, eBay and Walmart once it has been correctly integrated with each of the mentioned sites using their respective API keys which links the affiliate profile of the site owner to NewsProfixPro.

Furthermore, Free Traffic is pulled through the syndication of the software to 32 social media channels and this can be immediately effective for traffic generation if the site owner has an already engaging social media presence.

Similarly, NewsProfixPro comes with a free hosting and domain package which makes it very pocket friendly. Users have the choice to use their personalised domain that can be pointed to the free hosting package that comes with the product.

Again, you do not need more than the Front End to make it work but you can really scale it up if you go for upsales.

 Finally, in my opinion, it is a must have especially with a 30 days money back guarantee and amazing bonuses provided you buy within the launch week.

About The Creators of NewsProfixPro

Mosh Bari and Jason Fulton are talented software designers. They have successfully produced and launched several software products that are of immense value addition, well received and are doing extremely well. 

Some of their in-demand products are VidProfixPro, AffiliXPro, Fast Profit Jacker and Freedom Profit

The duo have the requisite experience when it comes to  software design and launch. Their products work and they have been known to keep their commitments.

NewsProfixPro Creators

What Is NewsProfixPro?

NewsProfixPro is a brand new cloud based software that curates news content from the websites of major news channels around the world and populates and regularly updates the curated contents to the new website. 

It also monetizes the website by regularly updating it with the owner’s Affiliate products from Amazon, eBay and Walmart. NewsProfixPro then goes ahead to push out content to social media channels drawing free traffic in the process.

The NewsProxifPro is a three-pronged action-packed software that creates and updates content on a website from trending news worldwide, monetizes the created website and seek out free traffic, all on full automation.

NewsProfixPro Features and Benefits

The following are features and benefits of the NewsProfixPro

Create Rich Trending Contents Repeatedly

NewsProfixPro connects and curates trending news content from websites of major news channels all over the world and consistently updates the newly created websites with such contents and this happens completely on autopilot.

It also displays relevant, beautiful pictures and videos that make the web pages very attractive. The contents are fully SEO optimised. 

You can create multiple websites Fast

NewsProfixPro can create you multiple websites in any niche of your choice fast. The number of websites you can create however depends on the package you pick.

No need for other complicated software and or plugins to optimize NewsProfixPro. 

Displays Affiliate Products You Promote

You have control over what affiliate products from AmazoneBay and Walmart NewsProfixPro can display on the new websites for your audience to possibly buy thus making you affiliate commission.

To identify winning products which your audience are most likely to buy, you may consider getting Descova App, another amazing software that helps eCommerce store entrepreneur select winning products from multiple platforms.

Similarly, you may want to check out InstantGuru, a cloud-based software that curates content on autopilot and also monetizes your sites in different ways.

Robust Free Traffic Through Social Media

NewsProfixPro is integrated with 32 social media sites and will share your trending contents through these media and this in turn will snow ball into a huge source of free and viral traffic. All these on auto pilot.

The high quality trending contents- fully SEO optimised- and viral traffic will guarantee your websites rank well leading to further free traffic and even more sales. No need to struggle for back-links. Is this not great?

Furthermore, the huge and viral free traffic and then the winning affiliate products you display on your news site will only lead to more sales and super profit in sales commission.

Free Domain and Hosting

You get a free domain and hosting services when you buy the NewsProfixPro Software. Meaning, on a very lean budget as a beginner, you have nothing to worry about. I have not come across any offer as good as this anywhere.

It is worthy to note that you can add your own domain if you so desire to further personalise the websites

Well Articulated Over The Shoulder Training

There are a detailed videos and text guides with appropriate illustrations on how to set up the NewsProfixPro. Overall, the software is very easy to set up and use. 

A True Passive Income Source

Once you acquire and correctly set up the NewsProfixPro software, you simply forget about it and be sure to earn repeatedly from it on autopilot. 

How Does NewsProfixPro Work?

Working with NewsProfixPro is not complicated

  • Simply Sign in with your user name and provided password to the link that will be provided
  • Upon login, you select your news site name (all in small letters a-z) and Site title 
  • Get your news API key from Newsapi. You will need to register with the website to get the API and it is free
  • Copy and paste your Newsapi Key in the NewsProfixPro settings area
  • Get API Keys from Amazon, eBay and Walmart. The steps to achieve these are shown in details in the members area
  • Set up everything correctly and you are publishing curated news contents with your affiliate links/images displayed in minutes. I practically set up my own news site in minutes and no extra cost.
  • Configure the social media channels (32 of them in total) so that NewsProfixPro broadcasts to them all on autopilot thereby drawing traffic.
 It also has a very active support system that attends to customer’s challenges. I got this checked out and it is working excellently.
NewsProfixPro Login
NewsProfixPro NewsAPI Key Registration
NewsProfixPro NewsAPI key integration
NewsProfixPro- Where to insert Amazon, eBay and Walmart API Keys



Here is a short DEMO video of NewsProfixPro in action:

Who Will Find NewsProfix Pro Useful?

NewsProfixPro will be useful to just anyone who has and or is involved with any products and or services that attention needs to be drawn:

  •  Affiliate Marketers
  • Bloggers
  • Real Estate Agency
  • Marketing Agencies
  • Small Businesses
  • eCommerce Store owners
  • Video Agencies
  • Online Marketers
  • Owners of Training Programs
  • Product vendors
  • Health care Providers
  • Financial Institutions

The list of those who NewsProfixPro will be beneficial to is indeed endless.

Price and Product Evaluation of NewsProfixPro

The following are the Price points as indicated by the Product creators:

Front End:

Lite Edition ($21.00) Early Bird Price
Pro Edition ($22.00) Early Bird Price

The Pro Edition is highly recommended because you are able to create multiple websites unlike the limited where you can only create just a website.

NewsProfixPro Front End- Lite Edition & Pro Edition


Unlimited Profits Edition ($67.00) with a Downsell to $47.00

This is recommended if you intend to or you are in the business of managing other people’s websites.

NewsProfixPro OTO1


100X Advanced Edition ($97.00) with a downsell to $77.00

NewsProfixPro OTO2


Done For You (DFY) Money Sites ($297.00)

NewsProfixPro OTO3


Super Traffic Machine ($77.00)

NewsProfixPro OTO4


Licence Rights ($197.00)

NewsProfixPro OTO5

Bonuses You Get From Creators Of NewsProfixPro:

If you buy during the launch week, you get the following bonuses:

  • Case Study: From Scratch To $294.72 in Profits from a Single Campaign valued at $597.00 
  • VIP Facebook Community & Coaching valued at $997.00
  • Case Study: 300K Visitors Case Study valued at $297.00 


NewsProfixPro: Conclusion and Recommendation

The NewsProfixPro is a very robust yet user friendly cloud based software which curates contents from websites of major news channels worldwide and populates such curated content to created sites on autopilot.

You integrate it with your Amazon, eBay and Walmart affiliate profiles using their respective API keys so that you can promote and earn commissions from the sale of products from these eCommerce sites on autopilot. 

Manually update of posts made by NewsProfixPro is possible, should you want to post additional adverts on your post to increase income.

To drive free traffic, the software integrates with 32 social media channels. For new social media channels without previous engagement, free traffic will definitely not be automatic. A more aggressive approach will definitely have to be adopted.  

There are some inherent risks with using this software. Search engines, social media channels and or news content providers may pull the plug on any part of the services that this software requires to function effectively and this may lead to loss of earnings.

Concentration risk, where all of the businesses are hosted with one service provider is one aspect that should not be overlooked.

The affiliate offers options is significantly limited because it can only integrate with Amazon, eBay and Walmart. Again, those who are unable to get approval to promote affiliate programs on these platforms may not be able to use this software.

There is also the moral issue of curating contents from news sites.  

Overall, however, the NewsProfixPro comes very highly recommended.

Meanwhile, a software was released on 09-Oct-2019 which has similar features as the NewsProfixPro. I shall be doing a review soon where I shall compare both products.

My Bonuses If You Buy NewsProfixPro Here

If you are to buy NewsProfixPro through my review page here, you in addition with the creator’s bonuses, you will get my own bonuses specifically made for you to augment the free traffic from NewsProfixPro.

The Lost Code

NewsProfixPro Bonus- The Lost Code

Top Trending Amazon Affiliate Products

NewsProfixPro Bonus- Top Trending Amazon Affiliate Products

The Fuego Multiplier

Limiting Beliefs

Buyer’s List Ninja

NewsProfixPro Bonus- Buyers List Ninja

YouTube Million Dollar Niches

NewsProfixPro Bonus Million Dollar Youtube Niches

Zero Hour Work Days

Limiting Beliefs
NewsProfixPro Bonus- Zero Hour Work Days
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