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MyIMUniversity 2.0
MyIMUniversity 2.0

MyIMUniversity 2.0 Review: Introduction

Welcome to MyIMUniversity 2.0 Review!

Creating and selling courses online is a very lucrative business because people are always seeking knowledge to better their lives, their businesses, their health and so on. Especially, if these courses are of great value, for instance.

It is for this reason, therefore, that websites such as UdemyCousera and others are in business and have remained profitable.  In addition, some of the instructors on these sites make very decent earnings from the sale of their courses.

As an instructor, creating premium contents however, could sometimes be challenging. Again, there are costs associated with having your courses on these platforms. Furthermore, there are costs associated with paying for website and hosting.

Sometimes, these costs eat deep into your profit. Although, it must be said that the authority of some of these sites on their own could drive traffic to your courses and thus enhance sales.

What if you need not worry about creating contents or costs associated with hosting them on these platforms? In addition, what if you do not need to have a website or pay for hosting? Let me introduce you to MyIMUniversity 2.0!

MyIMUniversity 2.0 Scorecard At A Glance

MyIMUniversity 2.0

Product Name: MyIMUniversity 2.0

Description: A cutting edge cloud-based software that creates multiple Udemy-like sites for selling completely DFY premium courses. In other words, you do not need to create your own products. You also do not need a domain or pay for hosting services. 

Furthermore, you can create multiple sites in different niches without having to pay monthly or annual rentals which eat into your profits.

In addition, as cloud-based software, it can be operated from any device that is online.

Lunch Date: 15-July-2019 (10:00 AM EST)

CreatorsDr. Amit Pareek and Er. Ashu Kumar  

Front End Price (FE): The Front End comes in two variants: Standard ($27.00) and Commercial ($37.00). Click either of the buttons below to get the variant you desire. 

There are Upsells and downsells. However, you will need to buy the FE first to get access to the OTOs

Bonuses: There are massive bonuses. Although, the bonuses are only available during a limited time. Therefore, you must act fast so as not to miss out on the bonuses.

Do well not to miss the bonuses because they compliment the product. 

Any Guarantees?: Yes, 60 days money-back guarantee.

Recommended: Very Highly Recommended

User Guide
Easy To Use
How Adaptable is Product To Change?
Overall Rating 90.13%


  • Cloud-based hence will work with all devices
  • It is very newbie friendly because it is very easy to configure.
  • In addition, no need for any technical or coding skills to use
  • You can create multiple websites for different niches and also manage them from one dashboard.
  • Professionally made and optimized sites in different colour themes hence appear very attractive.
  • No need to invest in other software and plugins because its all DFY already
  • Similarly, no need for domain and web hosting services because they are included in the package
  • You are sure to earn 100% of your sales because there are no recurring charges as experienced on other platforms.
  • Furthermore, you can increase your earnings by initiating an affiliate program because it is in-built and at no extra cost.
  • Be sure to get free, viral and organic traffic because of the SEO in-built settings
  • In addition, you easily integrate your payment system to collect your sales proceeds at no extra cost.
  • Absolutely newbies friendly.


  • The domain name “” may not be taken seriously in the market just as it is with “”, for instance.
  • Most noteworthy, the possibility of Google algorithm being unfavorable to sites in this platform in the future, hence, may not rank accordingly.
  • As with all DFY, your courses may not be unique and this may inherently affect sales. 
  • Courses may become obsolete hence will no longer convert. To get fresh content, however, one may need to upgrade to services with recurring costs (OTO4)


MyImUniversity 2.0 is a cutting edge cloud-based software. Firstly, it produces completely DFY courses. Although, you only get 5 completely DFY courses. Meaning, you will need to upgrade to options with recurring costs to make the best from it.

But the cost in contrast to having space on similar online training platform is relatively cheap. This is asides the several other benefits you derive which these other training sites do not give you, for instance.

Secondly, you can create multiple Udemy-like sites to sell your DFY products. Without paying for domain or web hosting because you get them completely free.

Thirdly, you can integrate payment and auto-responder systems which consequently will enhance the use of the software. Finally, it is packaged to generate leads due to the premium quality lead magnets and converting funnels.

It is cleverly designed to generate passive income on autopilot. More importantly, it is newbie friendly.

For this reason, I highly recommend MyImUniversity 2.0. Furthermore, there is a 60 days money-back guarantee should you find the product unsuitable for your use.


About The Creators

Dr Amit Pareek and Er. Ashur Kumar are the creators of MyIMUniversity 2.0. They have created several Saas products that have recorded tremendous successes. For instance, Kaptiwa, Social Media Marketing 2019-20 and Trenzy to mention a few.

Furthermore, they are internet and digital marketers of very high repute. In other words, both men have the requisite experience required to bring a premium quality product to the market and they, in addition, have a reputation to protect hence will definitely keep their commitment.

MyIMUniversity 2.0
Dr. Amit Pareek and Er.Ashu Kumar- MyIMUniversity 2.0 Creators

Features and Benefits of MyIMUniversity 2.0


Completely Cloud-based System With No Need to Install Any Softwares

As a cloud-based system, MyIMUniversity 2.0 works well with any device that is online. Meaning, you have the liberty to work from any device once you are online.
In addition, the system comes ready for use without the need to install any software. Furthermore, with multiple colour schemes and highly professional looking sites, you can pitch your audience any of the highly converting sales page or videos.  

Done For You Video Courses and High Quality PDF

You will get 5 DFY courses and funnels fully loaded with HD videos, training guides, PDF reports and email swipes. In other words, you need not worry about creating your products. In addition, the products are of premium quality.

Domain, Hosting Requirements and Other Service Cost Taken Care Of

MyIMUniversity 2.0 package comes with a free domain and hosting. Also, you have a free cloud storage facility to host your videos, PDFs and other materials. Furthermore, you have autoresponders to store your leads.
Similarly, you do not need to worry about monthly or annual fees as with other known online training sites hence, you make 100% profit from whatever sales you make. 

Done For You Lead Generation System and Proven To Convert Sales Materials

You do not need to bother about creating sales materials and or funnels because these have all been taken care of. Interestingly, the package comes with high sales page, videos, lead generation, thank you, upsell pages and more.

Create Multiple Sites and Sales Funnels

In addition, you can create several sub-domains and sales funnels in several niches of your choice. Furthermore, no extra charges are applied for this service. Above all, you get to easily manage all these several niches you created because they all can be seen from one dashboard.
However, note that you only get 5 completely DFY courses to sell when you buy MyIMUniversity 2.0. Meaning you may need to upgrade to the Premium membership if you need more than the 5 stipulated course.

Easy To Setup 

The MyIMUniversity 2.0 is very easy to setup. For instance, it takes about 7 minutes and a couple of clicks to setup an e-learning funnel. More importantly, you can virtually forget about the system because it is automated to service leads generated as well as upsell to customers where necessary.

Built-In Customer Support and Ticket System

MyIMUniversity 2.0 package comes with a robust customer support service which you do not pay extra for. Meaning if your client requires support, it is provided without you getting involved and more so, it is at zero cost to you.

Built-In Affiliate Marketing System

The system is designed for you to engage affiliates to join in your sales effort and therefore increase sales. Furthermore, affiliate email swipes and banners are completely DFY to assist increase sales also.

Easily Integrate Secure Payment Systems to Collect Payments

You can easily integrate payment systems such as PayPal, ClickBank, JVZoo,PayDotCom and Warrior Plus so you easily receive payments and commissions directly into your account. In addition, you receive your payments without deductions.

Built-In SEO Settings To Increase Traffic

Built-in SEO settings to generate free, organic and viral traffic to your lead pages because this is necessary to drive sales.

Easily Integrate With Over 10 Different Auto-responder Systems

MyIMUniversity 2.0 can be easily integrated with different auto-responder systems. For instance, Get-response and Aweber. Therefore, you can have and optimize your leads.

Effortlessly Integrate With CRM

MyIMUniversity 2.0 offers fast and easy integrations with your CRM software and tools. Just add a few details and you are never going to lose a single important business lead hence increase sales and consequently, profit.

A Chart Comparing What MyIMUniversity 2.0 and Other Online Course Platforms Are Offering

MyIMUniversity 2.0
MyIMUniversity 2.0

How To Set Up MyIMUniversity 2.0


MyIMUniversity 2.0
MyIMUniversity 2.0
MyIMUniversity 2.0


The following time-limited bonuses are available if you buy MyIMUniversity 2.0 now. Meaning, you need to take action immediately, although the product creators did not specify exactly how long before these bonuses are withdrawn.

The bonuses are as follows:

Messenger 1 (Valued at $47/month)

Ultra-Powerful FB Messenger Marketing Software- Send BULK messages to your pages’ messenger leads & fuel your engagement levels, and boost conversions on complete automation.

Article Analyzer (Valued at $47)

Analyse your article for keyword density and therefore rank better in Google search for a specific keyword.

Backlinks Warrior Software (Valued at $47)

 Find high and relevant backlinks to make your websites rank higher in google search engines. 

LIVE Training: Build a SIX FIGURE Business From Scratch In Minutes (First 1000 buyers only – $1000 Value) 

This Awesome LIVE Training will help you to Build a SIX FIGURE Business PLUS THREE lucky attendees will be selected randomly to win $100 cash each! And there will be a Live Q & A Session at the end of the training.

Facebook Groups (Completely Priceless)

Gain access to FaceBook Groups where gather knowledge, share thoughts and get answers to queries.


In addition, you also get the following bonuses listed below and many more here but you will need to act fast to get them. 



Conclusion and Recommendation


MyIMUniversity 2.0 is a cutting edge cloud-based software that builds multiple Udemy-like websites for its users to sell HD Training videos, PDF files and other training courses online. Furthermore, the courses are completely “Done For You”.

Because it is cloud-based software, it can be accessed from any device that is online. Similarly, no need for plugins or additional software to optimize it.

In addition, the entire system is designed to facilitate the sale of the online courses and make near passive income in the process because the system once configured require little or no attention to keep it functional.

For instance, you can easily integrate it with over 10 auto-responder so that you virtually set up the system and forget. Secondly, it is integrated with payment systems that do not cost you extra to implement. 

Similarly, the lead pages and sales funnels are optimized to convert and upsell to leads without intervention. Above all, you do not need to pay for domain or hosting services because the system provides you with multiple websites as many as you desire. 

Furthermore, all the sites are managed from one dashboard thus making it easy to oversee your several sites. In other words, you need not worry about having your sites scattered all over the place. 

However, you are limited to just 5 completely DFY courses as you will need to upgrade to the OTOs, especially the premium membership with recurring fees to continue to get updated DFY courses, for instance.

In contrast to the costs of maintaining a presence on any of the other popular platforms, it is still cheaper to signup with MyIMUniversity 2.0. In addition, unlike these other platforms, you get to keep all your sales at 100% profit.


On a final note, the MyIMUniversity 2.0 comes very highly recommended because it delivers premium value and has the potential to generate significant passive income. Furthermore, it comes with a 60 days money back guarantee.




My Bonuses

 If you are to buy DFY Hero through my review page, you will get the following bonuses:


DFY Hero Bonus
MyIMUniversity 2.0 Bonus- Incognito

Million Dollar YouTube Niches

MyIMUniversity 2.0 Bonus- Million Dollar YouTube Niches

Buyer Ninja List

MyIMUniversity 2.0- Buyers List Ninja

The Lost Code

MyIMUniversity 2.0- The Lost Code

The Fuego Multiplier

Limiting Beliefs
MyIMUniversity 2.0- The Fuego Multiplier

Top Trending Amazon Affiliate Programs

MyIMUniversity 2.0- Top Trending Amazon Affiliate Program

Zero Hour

2019 Huge PLR Sale
MyIMUniversity 2.0- Zero Hour

Please leave your views in the comment section what you think about my review and or the products. I sure will respond.

Thank you for reading my MyIMUniversity 2.0 review!

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MyIMUniversity 2.0
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