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ListGrow Review- Introduction

What is ListGrow all about and why is it of any value at all?

There is a correlation between the size of one’s e-mail list and one’s long term success in making money online, therefore laying credence to the assertion “The money is in the list”. More important, is having a list that is responsive.

Building an e-mail list however, is becoming increasingly difficult because of the dynamic nature of the audience.

Firstly, canvassing for an audience has become highly competitive. Secondly, the contemporary audience is not easily swayed as they look to get a very high quality product in exchange to opt-in to an email list.

ListGrow ScoreCard At A Glance



Product Name: ListGrow (LeadsGrow)

Description: A brand new cloud-based software. It is a Done For You (DFY) system that produces over a hundred optimized lead funnels that improves lead capture and subsequently accelerates this process through free and viral free traffic. 

Meaning, you do not need to create your own products because premium quality lead magnets are provided for each squeeze page. In addition, you get free web hosting and you do not have the need for a website.

Furthermore, it has the FE and the Upsells 2 to 5 with downsells to each of them except for Upsell2. In fact, upsell2 has monthly/annual recurring rentals. 

Lunch Date: 22-June-2019 (9:00 AM EST)

CreatorIfiok Nkem  

Front End Price: $37.00 (Dime-sale: Price will go up with sales).

Bonuses: The bonuses are only available when you buy any or all of Upsells 2 to 5. but the good thing for now, their availability is not time constraint. I should advise, though that you pick them up immediately if you decide to buy any. 

Any Guarantees?: Yes, 30 days money back guarantee.

Recommended: Very Highly Recommended

User Guide
Easy To Use
How Can Product Adapt To Change
Overall Rating 87.75%


  • Cloud-based software so can be used by all devices 
  • No need to worry about creating lead magnets
  • Leverage on free viral traffic but will work immediately for those who already large and engaging traffic
  • Easily integrate with various auto-responder systems
  • No need to have your own domain or hosting service
  • Super user-friendly with a guide on how to operate it
  • Get 4 new lead magnets every month together with their respective squeeze page, email swipes and Facebook creatives. provided however you opt-in for the Upsell1
  • You can easily find what is trending and hijack it to drive traffic to your squeeze page, but you will have to Upsell2   


  • You cannot unleash the robust and best parts of this software without getting upsells 1 to 4. Suffice to say, the product creator smartly packaged the upsells such that you NEED them to get the best from this product. 
  • As with every DFY, the products are not unique to any individual
  • If you do not key into Upsell1, the DFY lead magnets will become obsolete and may not convert after a while.


ListGrow is a very robust cloud-based software which provides exactly the results the creators mentioned as my reviews confirmed them to be so. However, you will need to get the Upsells 1 to 4, at least, to unleash its enormous value.

Firstly, with just the FE, you are left with lead magnets which will become obsolete unless you subscribe to Upsell1 which is a recurring cost. I must confess though it is worth it given the premium quality of the lead magnets.

Secondly, you will only enjoy the hijack if you key into Upsell2  

About the Creator of ListGrow

Ifiok Nkem is a very talented, young but very experienced and passionate software creator. He is also a digital marketer and the founder of SnapiLabs, a tech laboratory that is involved in the creation of software to solve business problems. 

Before ListGrow, Ifiok Nkem had created several other Saas products which have been of immense benefit to businesses. Some of his products include: Socicake, Convertproof, Uduala, AgencyBlitz, Designa Suite and DesignBundle, To mention a few.
Ifiok Nkem Creator of ListGrow
ListGrow Creator- Ifiok Nkem

What is ListGrow?

ListGrow (LeadGrow) is a cloud-based software which creates very highly converting Leads Funnel within 60 seconds simply with the click of some buttons and accelerates the email list building process through a network of 100% free and viral traffic. 

It has over a 100 completely Done For You (DFY) leads funnel across several niches and you know what, you do not need to create your own products because it comes with packages exceptional quality lead magnets to get your audience to opt-in. 
You have here a system that integrates the best ways of growing email lists and making it super convenient for users who may have no need to create or source for lead magnets, own a website, pay for hosting or even subscribe to an email autoresponder!  
List Grow


Features and Benefits of ListGrow

The ListGrow software comes with some features which are most suitable to both newbies and experienced online marketers.

Completely DFY 100+ Lead Magnets

With ListGrow, you get over 100 premium quality incentives such as e-books, software, video courses, plugins and other Saas products which your audience will find irresistible. Because of this, they cannot help but provide you with their e-mail addresses.

As a result, you do not need to worry about producing or sourcing for lead magnets. This, for instance, will significantly reduce your cost of doing business online. Especially for those who have a very small budget.

ListGrow Lead Magnet
ListGrow Lead Magnet

Auto Generate Lead and Thank You Pages

When you need to generate squeeze and “thank you” pages, ListGrow comes with nice and professional looking pages for any niche of your choice. For this reason, no need spending money on design software programs or plugins. 

Secondly, you do not need to hire designers to build your landing pages or “thank you” pages and no waste of time. You simply select your landing page of choice from a list of already DFY landing pages. No need for “thank you”, page requires no selection.


Furthermore, you have the option to use your own “thank you” page, if you so desire.

ListGrow Auto Generate
Auto Generate Squeeze and Thank you Pages

Integration With Your Favorite Auto-responder, CRM and Other Marketing Applications

ListGrow integrates directly with several auto-responder systems as well as other CRM and marketing applications thereby enhancing the already robust feature this software. More importantly, the integration process is very easy to accomplish.

Using Zapier, you can enhance the compatibility of ListGrow with other auto-responder systems which do not directly connect with this software. As a result, you can integrate ListGrow with over 250 suchlike applications. Zapier, however, comes at a cost.
ListGrow Integration

Siphon Free Traffic and Leads From Social Media

The ListGrow software integrates with FacebookTwitterLinkedin and Pinterest to generate free and viral traffic. In addition, each lead funnel comes with a clickable image which can be shared in the aforementioned social media platforms.
ListGrow FreeTraffic

DFY Facebook Ads Creatives

 Added to the social media integration is, you can create optimized Facebook ads with a click of the button to aid the free viral traffic approach. And this is without the worry and hassle of making ads that will conform to Facebook’s standard. 

This is because the FB ads creatives have been tested and are fully optimized for conversion. Above all, you can run the FB ads right inside ListGrown for better results. 

ListGrow FaceBook Ads

DFY Email Swipes for Solo Ads

If you decide to send emails through solo ads to generate traffic to the various lead funnels, ListGrow also got you covered because each of the DFY squeeze pages comes with a well written email swipe which is bound to convert.


In other words, you do not need to waste time or other resources in the search for appropriately worded e-mails.  

email swipes

No Need for Domain and Hosting

You do not need a domain name or hosting service to use ListGrow. In other words, you can grow your list without worrying about the cost associated with a domain name, hosting services and plugins to optimize your reach and online presence.

It has to be said, however, that having your own domain and hosting services still remains very important. In addition, you can embed the DFY squeeze page to increase your reach and more importantly, give your website an additional professional touch.

I also fancy the idea of embedding your landing pages in your moneysite so that you further benefit from the traffic. 

A Demo Video on How ListGrow Works



Who Has Need For ListGrow?

Everyone and anyone who has an online presence and wants to grow their email list will find ListGrow very useful. 

In other words, ListGrow is an invaluable tool for growing email list because it combines all the effective ways of growing a list and leaving users out of the hassle involved. Remember, growing email list, and the appropriate one at that, is essential to making money online on a long term.

 Price and Product Evaluation of ListGrow

 See at a glance the various sales points of ListGrow
Various Sales Points of ListGrow at a Glance

Front End (FE)

The early bird price comes at $37.00. As expected, you will need to get the FE before you can opt for any of the Upsells.  

Click here for more details.

Upsell 1

This is the recurring element of the funnel where users will have to pay a monthly or yearly fee of $37.00 or $97. respectively. But then, you get four new leads magnets together with their respective squeeze pages, FB ad and email swipes per month.

In addition, you are can create links that will capture names and email addresses of your audiences who click on the link. Meaning, you capture names and email addresses with just the click of a link.

Click here to learn more details about Upsell 1 

UpSell 2

This is termed the hijackr because, firstly, it allows you to find trending and viral contents online, secondly you literally hijack them and finally use them to generate traffic to your squeeze pages to grow your email lists.

It goes for $97.00 with a downsell of $67.00. Click here for details on the UpSell2 and here for the downsell.  

Upsell 3

When you upgrade to Upsell 3, you get over 500 email swipes. This is essential because you will need to engage effectively with your list if you are going to make good sales and this does exactly that for you no matter the niche you play in.

In addition, you get a copywriting software as a bonus. It may interest you to note that professional email copywriting could go for as high as $100 to $200 per e-mail

Upsell3 goes for $97.00 with a downsell going for $67.00. Get more information on the upsell 3 here and about its corresponding downsell here.


If you want to grow your FB messenger list then Upsell4 is for you. Why do you need to? You see, with FB messenger, you get a much higher click through rate, far more than what you can get with email ads. 

More so, with chatbots to facilitate and automate the engagement process thereby leading to increased leads conversion and sales.

You could go for Upsell4 at $67.00 or you opt for a downsell at $47.00. Click here to get more information on Upsell4 and here for the downsell variant.


Do you need a step by step guide on how to effectively monetize your email list? Then, this is for you! This will be especially useful for newbies because they will be exposed to exactly how to make the best use of the email list. 

7 DFY Affiliate Marketing Campaigns will be given to you as a bonus if you key into this.

The Upsell comes at $197.00 while you can opt for a downsell of $97.00. Check out detailed information of Upsell5 hereYou can get details of the downsell here.

ListGrow: Conclusion and Recommendation

ListGrow (LeadGrow) is a software to have if you want to grow your email list in any niche because firstly, it provides you premium quality lead magnets which your audience will find irresistible. 

Secondly, it provides professionally designed squeeze and thank pages per lead magnet and provides you Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin and Pinterest platforms to drive your traffic and finally captures your leads, even without an auto-responder.

As with all DFY, the lead magnets will not be unique but you can take consolation from the fact that they are premium quality thus will convert. In no time, however, they will become outdated. For this reason, Upsell2 becomes necessary if one is to enjoy a long term benefit of this software.

But Upsell2 is a recurring cost ($37/month or $97/year). Because of the (expected) premium quality of the lead magnet updates, I am of the view that the monthly/annual rental is justified. Truth be told, the creator intelligently put it together. 

You need to get, at least, Upsells 1 to 4 to enjoy the full benefits of the software because with just the FE, the other features which makes ListGrow more robust will be non-existent. 

It is worthy to note however that one will not immediately benefit from the free social media traffic unless one already has a large and engaged social media  accounts. profiles. Perhaps, the FB paid ads will come in handy. 

I further observed that the system does not authenticate the validity of the opt-in email address before revealing the thank you page and lead magnet; meaning, worthless leads will be collected because they cannot be re-targeted.  


I very highly recommend ListGrow because I have used it and found out that it performed the functions as enumerated and at the stated prices for the value addition is indeed a no brainer!

It is backed by a 30 days no questions asked money-back guarantee, so you are at liberty to return it. But I tell you, on a final note, you may likely not find any reason to return it.


My Bonuses

 If you are to buy ListGrow (the name now LeadGrow) through my affiliate link, you will get the following bonuses:


DFY Hero Bonus
ListGrow Bonus- Incognito

Million Dollar YouTube Niches

ListGrow Bonus- Million Dollar YouTube Niches

Buyer Ninja List

The Lost Code


The Fuego Multiplier

Limiting Beliefs

Top Trending Amazon Affiliate Programs

Zero Hour

2019 Huge PLR Sale

I shall appreciate to know what you think about this review or the product ListGrow (Now LeadGrow). 

Please leave a comment in the comment section and I will surely respond.

Thank you for reading my review!

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