Limiting Beliefs PLR Review: A Completely New and Refreshing Guide

Limiting Beliefs PLR
Limiting Beliefs- A Completely New and Refresh Guide

Limiting Beliefs PLR Review- Introduction

The Limiting Beliefs PLR review attempts to look at the Limiting Beliefs subject which is as vast as it is ever green. While researching for this write up, I found the keyword “Limiting Beliefs” to be very competitive and this filled me with thoughts of giving up as getting a good Google search ranking will be near impossible.

But then I said to myself, this thought exactly is what Daniel Taylor and his team at PLR Lobby set out to eradicate when they put together this Limiting Beliefs. Of what use is reading the e-book then if I dwell still in this limiting belief instead of adding my bit to the subject. 

Similarly, many online entrepreneurs, especially newbies, have made little progress because of the same limiting beliefs as it concerns how to make quality products to sell and or give away to build their sales list. Making the online marketing journey a challenge.

Limiting Beliefs PLR Scorecard At A Glance

Product Name: [PLR] Limiting Beliefs

Product Description: A brand new and very refreshing insight into the Limiting Beliefs subject with lots of captivating real life examples, properly crafted and very easy to comprehend. It takes one through a journey of self actualisation. 

You also get the Legal Rights (backed with certificates) to sell this product (e-books, audios, etc; depending on which you buy) with you as the author, keeping 100% profit made.  I tell you, this product is a giveaway even at $17.00. See here for more details.

Lunch Date: 13-June-2019 (9:00 AM EST)

Product Designers: PLR Lobby (Represented by Daniel Taylor)  

Front End Price: $7.00-$9.95 (The Price will go up to $17.00 “permanently” 5 days after lunch date). Even at $17.00 this product is a complete give away.

Bonuses:  Several juicy bonuses, some of which will only be available for fast action takers (those who quickly buy the product) 

Any Guarantees?: Yes, You get 7 Days to go through all the materials. It is however important you see their T&C here.

Recommended: Very Highly Recommended

About The Product (Limiting Beliefs PLR) Creator

PLR Lobby is a unique platform that sells premium quality products with PLR licence. It has its headquarters in Australia and is currently in four locations with team members spread through out the world.

Daniel Taylor is the founder of PLR Lobby.

They have successfully lunched and sold many digital PLR products on Warriorplus and Jvzoo platforms. Some of their digital products currently selling well are Commerce Mastery, Powerful Performance, Passion ProfitsRaw Food Formula and so many more.

About The Product: Limiting Beliefs PLR

Limited Beliefs PLR takes its readers through a wonderful (near) hand holding and comprehensive journey of discovering what limiting beliefs about themselves and their environment in general are hindering their progress, a lot of which they are even unaware of.

It goes further to elucidate how these limiting beliefs are unreal and how they can be eradicated, pointing out that identifying and doing away with limiting beliefs is a continuous exercise. Was I able to relate to this? Most definitely!

As I pointed out earlier, I was so discouraged to conclude my review of this product because the topic “Limiting Beliefs” has been extensively dealt with until I read parts of this work and I was more than motivated to forge ahead.

The fun does not end here. With the Private Label Right (PLR) which you get when you buy this product, you can legally have your name written as the author of this amazing work. 

You get to sell it and make 100% profit, over and over again or you simply can give it away as bonuses and or to build your sales list.  


Some of The Areas Covered in Limiting Beliefs PLR

  • How to Recognise What Limiting Beliefs are
  • How Can You Eliminate Your Limiting Beliefs?
  • It’s Time To Face The Reality Behind Your Limiting Beliefs
  • Easy Steps To Recognize Your Limiting Beliefs and Overcome Them
  • What You Must Do To Clear Your Limiting Beliefs
  • Recognize What Your Limiting Beliefs Are
  • How Self-Limiting Beliefs Are Affecting You Physically, Emotionally and Mentally
  • How You Can Overcome Those Limiting Beliefs To Take Your Life Back
  • Challenge Your Beliefs With Questions
  • How You Can Change Limiting Beliefs Into Empowering Affirmations
  • Turn Your Limiting Beliefs Into Empowering Ones
  • What Are The Types Of Limiting Beliefs
  • Re-frame Your Beliefs To Change Them
  • Become Self-Aware To Give Power To Your Beliefs
  • Key Ways You Can Develop Your Beliefs
  • When Does Limiting Beliefs Turn Into Convictions?
  • How To Know What Beliefs You Have?
  • Where Are Limiting Beliefs Coming From?
  • Your Attitude Dictates Success

Product and Price Evaluation- Limiting Beliefs PLR

The following are what you expect from the Limiting Beliefs PLR Front End (FE) and the respective OTOs:

Front End- $7.00-$9.95



OTO1- $27.00

Limiting Beliefs PLR


OTO2- $17.00

Limiting Beliefs


OTO3- $57.00

Limiting Beliefs


OTO3+- $57.00

Limiting Beliefs


OTO3++- $57.00

Limiting Beliefs


OTO4- $27.00-$37

Limiting Beliefs

A look at the listing of the features of each of the sales point (FE and OTOs) does not really reflect the humongous value contained in this product. Check out this page to see exactly what is been offered for just $9.95.

For instance, PLR Newbie- A Step by Step Training Course which is a component of OTO2 is currently selling for $17.00 on Jvzoo. Meaning all other items listed in OTO2 are a complete giveaway. 

A review of PLR Lobby’s website revealed that what you will get as their monthly premium member (coming soon) is nothing compared to the tonnes of value you get from the FE of this product even at $17.00. This product is just a massive giveaway!

You get completely done for your premium quality ad banners and other promotional materials to facilitate your sale of this product and guess what, you keep as 100% profit every sale you make!

You get full private label rights license that goes with this package for yourself. Plus you’ll get 3 more licenses such as Master Resell Rights, Resell Rights, and Personal Use. Either of these 3 bonus licenses can be given to your customers, it’s your choice.

Limiting Beliefs
Limiting Beliefs PLR Certificates

Who Should and Why Is Getting Limiting Beliefs PLR be A Real Kill:

 eCommerce Marketers:

The content can be burnt into CDs or DVDs as a single product or divided into several modules and then sold as physical products on several eCommerce websites such as EbayAmazon, Etsy or one’s shop. 

See below one of my bonuses on how you can achieve this.

It can be sold as a downloadable digital product. A search on Amazon using “limiting beliefs” revealed that this product could be sold conservatively for $4.99. Much higher prices were seen. 

This can be set up in such a way that it becomes a passive source of income.


Affiliate/Online Marketers

Affiliate Marketers can actually offer this product or some relevant complimenting aspects of it as bonuses to increase sales of new and or existing products. 

Give it to prospects in exchange for them to opt-into your e-mail list. It also serves as a good deal to give it away in exchange for prospects to take required action in CPA offers. If targeted at the right audience, it will convert so well.

Language Translators

With language translating softwares, the content of Limiting Beliefs PLR can be translated to several languages, burnt into CDs/DVDs to be sold as physical products or as downloadable digital products. 
Having it in multiple languages enhances market reach and demand for the product. 



As a blogger in the personal development niche, you simply can reproduce and or tweak the contents of this Limiting Beliefs PLR to enrich your blog. You could also easily draw up ideas for series of next blog posts.

You could also monetise it. The decision on how to use this product is entirely up to you!  

Life Coach/E-course/Webinar/Seminar Promoter:

You may want to repackage Limiting Beliefs PLR to enrich your course contents. The courses could be given out to students for a fee. You can give it away to potential customers to increase sales/leads conversations.

The beauty of this all is that you earn over and over again from just this single investment.

Personal Use:

I got propelled, after reading the Limiting Beliefs PLR e-book, to go ahead and write about it even when somewhere inside of me, I had given up before I even started. I did not think it was worthwhile but now I do. 

Take this as part of your personal development series and in no time, you sure will find yourself achieving successes you before now believed you could not achieve. To your success as you invest in yourself! 

Then one more thing, you can sell the resale licence alone and make some decent 100% profit.

The point is, there are endless ways you can profit simply by buying this product. In case you missed out on this information earlier, you get premium quality ad materials and videos to help you make sales. 

This truly should be called a complete DFY package.

Bonuses For Fast Action Takers Only:

Bonus #1

  • PLR Mentor – 26 Part Training Video Course (3+ Hours)

  • Members Private Learning Portal

 Bonus #2

  • PLR Honey

 Bonus #3

  • Private Facebook PLR Group (It cost $17.00 to be a member of similar Face Group managed by Daniel Taylor and his Team)

It is not clear how long these bonuses will last but it pays to take action fast. These bonuses on their own are worth far more than $1,500.00 and they are very relevant for any one who wants to make extra income selling this product.
It pays to take action fast and earn extra income from this super amazing offer.

Some Information About The PLR Licence You Get

Limiting Beliefs

My Final Thoughts on Limiting Beliefs PLR

Limiting Beliefs PLR by Daniel Taylor is a brand new and refreshing dimension to this evergreen Personal Development niche. The content is amazingly rich and is written in very easy to comprehend English Language.

It clearly stands out from similar products. It helped me commence and conclude this review write-up!

The product creator further provided premium quality promotional tools that will aid, in no small measure, those who may want to resell this product or offer it in whole or parts to aid their businesses.

The bonuses, though only available for fast action takers, expose you to other skills set you will need to thrive in not just the resale of this product but in other online businesses. They are worth more than $1,500.

But you must take action fast to get them as there are no guarantees on how long they will be there for. 

All these value for the price range of $7.00-$9.95 (FE) if you take action within 5 days of the product lunch (13-June-2019) as the price will go up permanently to $17.00. Even at $17.00, this is a complete give away. Grab it now!

Online marketers, you have no limiting beliefs anymore when it comes to content creation as Daniel Taylor and his team at PLR Lobby have you covered. You simply need to take actions now!


My Bonuses to Go with Limiting Beliefs PLR

I hope this review has been helpful.

If you buy through this my review page, you will in addition get the following bonuses exclusively from me. Like I promised above I included Bonus #1 which will show you how to turn 3 books into 7 books.

Bonus #1  How to Turn 3 Books Into 7 Books and Double Your Profit

Limiting Beliefs
Limiting Beliefs Bonus: How To Turn 3 Books Into 7 Books

Bonus #2: The Fuego Multiplier

Limiting Beliefs
Limiting Beliefs Bonus: The Fuego Multiplier

Bonus #3: Zero Work Hour

Limiting Beliefs
Limiting Beliefs Bonus: Zero Hour Work Days

Bonus #4: Zero to $100 in 24 Hours

2019 Huge PLR Sale
Limiting Beliefs Bonus: From Zero To $100 in 24 Hours

Click On the Button Below to Claim Limiting Beliefs PLR and my unique bonuses while the offer lasts 

I will like to know what you think about my review and what you think about the product Limiting Beliefs PLR by Daniel Taylor. 

Your comments in the comment section below will be appreciated and be sure to get my response.

Thank you for reading this review!

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Limiting Beliefs PLR
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Limiting Beliefs PLR
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