Kraken Courses 101 Review: How To Make Successful Digital Products

Learn Everything There Is To Know About Creating, Promoting and Profiting From Digital Products Right Inside Kraken Courses 101. Your Guide To Success

Kraken Courses 101
Kraken Courses 101

Kraken Courses 101 Score Card At A Glance


Product Name: Kraken Courses 101   

Description: It is a detailed step-by-step training video course that walks you through how to create digital products and how to get affiliates to promote your digital products. Also, you will learn how to select your niche and how to create an in-demand digital product.

Furthermore, you will get to know some of the best platforms to promote your products.

In my opinion, the trainings are actionable and very easy to implement.

For instance, you can find more on this in the several benefits to enjoy when you buy the course.

Furthermore, the sales funnel comes with a Front End and OTOs 1 to 4

Lunch Date: 12-November-2020 (11:00 AM EST) To 17-November-2020 (11:59 PM EST)

Creator: Paul Tilley

Front End Price:  $7.97 

Bonuses: Yes, 16 congruent bonuses. 

Any Guarantees?: Yes, 30 Days money-back guarantee

Recommended: Recommended

User Guide and Training In Member's Area
Easy To Use
Product Adaptability To Change
Overall Rating 88.0%


  • Easy to implement
  • Cloud-based hence can you be viewed from any device
  • Works worldwide
  • Very actionable
  • Suitable for newbies
  • Works in any niche
  • Experienced product creator
  • 16 Congruent bonuses
  • 30 Days money-back guarantee


  • In my opinion, training on the Front End not detailed enough. Therefore, you will need to pick up the OTO1 for a more in-depth training


Kraken Courses 101 offers you are guide to creating your own digital product in any niche of your choice through a series of 6 training videos. Additionally, you are provided guidance on the platforms to sell your products and how to get affiliates to sell as well.

However, in my opinion, the Front End did not provide as much depth as I would have expected. But for a $7.97, perhaps it is only providing value for the money’s worth. Should you require more depth, picking up at least the OTO1 may be necessary. However, this decision is entirely yours to make.

It is important to state though that the steps covered by Paul are evergreen.

In all, therefore, I recommend Kraken Courses 101 as a foundation course to anyone interested in creating in-demand digital product in any niche. Besides, there is a 30 days money-back guarantee should the product fail to meet your expectation. 


What Is Kraken Courses 101 All About?

Kraken Courses 101 is a detailed step by step training video course that walks you through how to create and profit from digital products from start to finish. 

In essence, it walks you through every intricate steps required to create your own digital product, from selecting an appropriate theme to picking the right name for your product to creating the product proper.

Furthermore, Paul Tilley, the product creator walks you through how to sale your product and to get others to sell your products as well. For instance, you will learn how to promote your products on Warriorplus.

In case you do not know, Warriorplus and JVZoo are among the largest platforms for selling online digital product.  

Additionally, you learn how to build your e-mail list which is vital to your long term success when it comes to making money online. As the saying goes, the money is in the list.

Member’s Area Of Kraken Courses 101

Kraken Courses 101

Within the member’s area, you will find in the “home page” a complete run down of what you will learn and the benefits to derive.

Then, you will find the “Start Here” that presents you an introductory video. Also you will find links to other resources including joining the product creator’s Facebook group.

In addition, you have the opportunity to signup for the upsales of this course from the member’s area if you feel like it.

Member's Area
Bonus Kraken Courses

Finally, you have access to the bonuses for buying Kraken Courses 101 also within the member’s area.

In my opinion, these bonuses are congruent with this offer and will help you learn a lot more not covered in the course.


About The Creator Of Kraken Courses 101

Paul Tilley
Paul Tilley

Paul Tilley has been in the digital product creation and internet marketing business for sometime. 

In addition, he has created some courses that are currently on Udemy.

Furthermore, some of his most recent digital products are LazerPoint Profits, Hydra Mailz and Download Dollars.



Why You Should Get Kraken Course 101

Completely Newbie Friendly and Easy To Implement

Firstly, Kraken Course is completely newbie friendly and the steps covered are easy to implement. Although, I’m of the opinion that the training should have been more detailed. 

In all, for a $7.95 course, a decent course if you ask me. To get more in depth information therefore, you will need to pick up at this the OTO1. 

Worldwide Application

Secondly, the steps covered have worldwide application. Because the resources recommended are available worldwide.

Works In Any Niche

Thirdly, the steps Paul covered in this course works in all niches. In fact, the course walks you through how to find a suitable niche with sizable audience and also how to come up with product ideas.

Access To A Platform For Continuous Learning

Furthermore, you will have access to his Facebook group where he has promised to continue to deliver training on an on-going basis. Also, you get to ask questions and receive answers concerning grey areas.

Additional Stream Of Income

In addition, once you are able to continuously implement what you have learnt  from this course, you can quickly create multiple streams of passive income.

Bonuses For Buying Kraken Course 101

Additionally, the product creator has put together 16 bonuses when you buy the Front End of Kraken Course 101. In addition, you will be getting my own premium bonuses also.

Experienced Product Creator

Paul Tilley is an experienced product creator and he comes with a teaching background. His courses offer good evergreen information on how to succeed with digital product creation and online marketing.

30 Days Money-Back Guarantee

When you buy Kraken Courses 101, there is a 30 days money-back guarantee. The implication is that if you do not find this product useful, you can ask for a refund within 30 days of purchase.

However, I’m of the opinion that you will have no reason to ask for a refund.

How To Make Kraken Courses 101 Work For You

Watch The Training Videos   

Firstly, watch the training videos in the sequence that they appear. Before you do this, you may want to join Paul’s Facebook group to take advantage of future updates you will get from him from time to time.

Also, you may want to watch the videos over and over again to get more benefit.

Take Massive Action   

Secondly, you will want to take massive actions leveraging the bonuses you will be getting from the product creator and my own bonuses. For instance, you may want to join some of the recommended sites such as Gumroad

Build Your E-mail List   

Thirdly, you will want to begin to build your e-mail lists.

Create Multiple Streams Of Income

Fourthly, you will want to leverage this training and other experience that you pick up along the way to build multiple streams of income.


The Sales Funnel

Front End Kraken Courses 101 $7.97   

Here, in the front end, you will get a total of 6 training videos that walks you step-by-step how to create your own digital product and how to get affiliates to sell them for you.

In addition, you will be getting 16 bonuses from the vendor that you can leverage.

OTO1 Kraken Courses 101 Premium $47/$37   

In the OTO1, you will be getting premium in-depth training how to develop product ideas, how and where to find advanced materials. Also, you will learn how to create upsells to your product and build funnels.

Furthermore, you will learn how to build an e-mail list.

OTO2 Kraken Courses 101 $1 Dollar Signup Monthly Digital Products Plans $66.97/$56.97 (Recurring)   

The OTO2 gets you the opportunity to get a document sent to you monthly (first week of the month) outlining a make money online product creation. 

Also, you will get additional bonuses that you can use to promote your products.

OTO3 Kraken Courses 101 Previous Product Bundle $97/$67   

In the OTO3, you will gain access to the vendor’s previously products for a one time fee. The products are as follows:

  • Hydra Mails
  • Lazerpoint Profits
  • Echo Profits 
  • Download Dollar
  • As well as: Instant Turnkey Businesses – Over 130 PRL Home Businesses Products to Resell 

OTO4 Kraken Courses 101 The Monster DFY Complete Digital Product $1,900/$1,600   

With OTO4, the Product creator will develop products for you that you can sell on platforms such as Warriorplus, JVZoo, ClickBank, etc. In addition, he will create funnels for your products from start to finish.


The Bonuses You Will Get For Buying Kraken Courses 101 Through This Page



  1. Goals Setting For A Lift Of Freedom

  2. Magnetize (Case Study Of A Top Rated Fiverr Seller

  3. The Disciplined Mind

  4. Make Money On Fiverr

  5. Social Networking Made Easy

  6. Overcoming Anxiety

  7. Motivation Mojo

  8. Small Business Mastery

  9. Start Online Coaching Business

  10. LinkedIn Success

  11. Writing Your Own Book

  12. Productivity For Procrastination

  13. GMB Hack

  14. Kwik Recall Masterclass

  15. Ultimate Passive Income

  16. ClickBank Super Affiliate BootCamp

  17. ClickBank Mastery Course



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