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Tap Into The Lucrative Business Of Owning An Affiliate Store And Make It Even More Lucrative With Instant ProfitStores With Doing Less Work

Instant ProfitStores
Instant ProfitStores


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Instant ProfitStores Score Card At A Glance


Product Name: Instant ProfitStores   

Description: A cloud based software that builds you a responsive affiliate ecommerce store with few clicks of the button and then goes ahead to automatically populate your store with 50 of the best selling products from Aliexpress, Amazon, BestBuy, eBay and Walmart. Expectedly, it gives you the power to select which of the marketplaces you want their products to display on your store.

Furthermore, the software provides you with an capability to drive free traffic to your stores.

Additionally, you will enjoy several benefits when you buy Instant Profit Stores. For example, you do not need to surf for the best products to display as this is automatically taken care of.

Also, the sales funnel comes with a Front End and OTOs 1 to 4

Lunch Date: 17-February-2021 (11:00 AM EST) To 22-February-2021 (11:59 PM EST)

Creator: Victory Akpos

Front End Price:  $22 (Early Bird Price) with a $5 discount (Use “IPS5Off” to get discount. However, may not be available after product launch)

Bonuses: Yes, several congruent bonuses inside the member’s area.  

Any Guarantees?: Yes, 30 Days money-back guarantee

Recommended: Highly Recommended

User Guide and Training In Member's Area
Easy To Use
Product Adaptability To Change
Overall Rating 87.88%


  • User friendly and easy to set up
  • No need for domain name or web hosting service
  • Zero startup cost
  • Products are automatically updated to your ecom site
  • Worldwide application
  • Build streams of multiple passive income
  • Experienced product creators
  • Build an email list
  • Good support system
  • Useful training within the member’s area
  • Congruent bonuses
  • 30 days money back guarantee


  • Percentage payout by these affiliate networks is quite small
  • Limited to promote only products from these 5 networks
  • Need Instant ProfitStores OTO 1 to create unlimited stores.


Instant ProfitStores is a cloud based software that takes away the several pains associated with creating and owning an affiliate ecommerce store while at the same time giving you leverage to make some affiliate commissions. 

For instance, it automatically updates your store with 50 of the best selling products from 5 of the biggest marketplaces depending on the niche and what marketplaces you select to have their products reflect in your shop. Therefore, the pain of selecting products to product is completely removed.

Thus, Instant ProfitStores provides you with an opportunity to earn affiliate commission. But will this income be massive? The answer to this question completely depends on you. But then, if you just starting out, it sure will take sometime to learn the ropes and profit significantly from it.

Again, the percentage of affiliate commissions from these networks are generally low, hence you will need to make a lot of sales to make massive commissions. However, with the Instant ProfitStores, there are no recurring bills to pay so it a perfect tool to begin your affiliate ecommerce store journey that you can scale up for even greater success.

Furthermore, there is a 30 days money back guarantee that provides you some leverage.

In all therefore, I highly recommend Instant ProfitStore because it provides leverage, takes all the pains associated with operating an affiliate ecommerce store and provides you an affordable work tools for your business.


What Is Instant ProfitStores All About?

Instant ProfitStores is a cloud-based software that enables you to create affiliate eCommerce stores with a few clicks. Therefore, you do not need any complicated software or technical know-how to get started.

Furthermore, it automatically adds 50 of the top selling products from AliExpress, Amazon, BestBuy, eBay and Walmart to your affiliate eCom site. Such that once a potential customer visits your store and clicks on the product they need, they are redirected to the relevant store to complete the order.

Once you make a sale, you are credited with the affiliate commission.

To achieve this therefore, at the point of setting up you Instant ProfitStores, you will need to supply your affiliate IDs for the various plaforms. Thus, you will need to be registered to the affiliate programs of these platforms.

Furthermore, with Instant Profit Stores, there are no API related issues associated with alternative affiliate eCommerce store builders. Again, as part of the package, you can drive viral social media traffic to your site.

How To Setup Instant ProfitStores


Instant ProfitStores Login

Once you buy the Instant ProfitStores, your login details will be sent to you by the producy creator.

Then, login and setup your accounts. Not to worry, you will find a detailed step-by-step training on how to achieve this within the member’s area

On the home page, click on the “Activate My DFY Stores” and you will be taken to the next page as follows 

Then, you will follow these steps to setup your store.

As you can see, we selected a store name related to the niche we selected.

Setup Instant Profit Stores

Once you are done providing the needed information, the next page you will be taken to will appear like this.

Also, you can navigate through the various menus to properly setup your store.

Not to worry, detailed step-by step training videos are there to guide you.



Finally, check here to see a print screen of our Instant ProfitStore. Alternatively, you can check out the demo store we have just built.


About The Creator Of Instant ProfitStores

Victory Akpos is the creator of Instant ProfitStores. He is an experienced online marketer and product creator.

For instance, EzyMultiStores, Omniblaster and DFY LeadFunnel are just a few of his products.



Why You Should Get Instant ProfitStores

Newbie Friendly and Easy To Use

Firstly, Instant ProfitStores is completely newbie friendly and very easy to use. The software makes setting up an affiliate eCommerce store an easy and straight forward experience.

Furthermore, it offers you the opportunity to drive free viral traffic from social media right from within the member’s area.

Automatically Populate Your Store

Secondly, the store will be self populating with most selling products from five marketplaces namely AliExpress, Amazon, eBay, Bestbuy and Walmart depending on the niche and market place you select.

Therefore, no need spending so much time manually listing products to your store. Hence, you can have more time to properly promote your store.

Narrow Down On Niches

Thirdly, the Instant Profit Stores helps you narrow down your search for niches to go into. As you may know, when you have a store focused on products and overlapping products within a niche, you are more likely to get more prospects and increased sales.

So one of the benefits you get is that this software narrows down the search for a niche for you.

Reduce Business Cost

Fourthly, aside investing in this software, there are no other costs associated with setting up your own affiliate eCommerce store. You only need to make a low one-time payment.

There are no recurring costs, provided you pick up this software during the product launch.

Additionally, you do not need a domain name or web hosting as these are provided for you. However, should you decide to, you can go for a domain name and have it host for you at no extra cost.

In my opinion, this is especially good if you are just starting out and do not have the resources to invest in more expensive software.

Showcase Your Brand

Also, the software is flexible enough to allow you showcase your brand. For instance, if you have your own online store where you sell your own products, Instant ProfitSites allows you to also showcase your brand. For instance, there are 5 different themes to select from.

Then, if you desire to setup an online shop where you can sell any product without the complications and associated recurring cost, then try ShopzPresso.

Build An E-mail List

In addition, you can build an email list and interestingly, you do not need an autoresponder for this.

Although in my opinion, having an autoresponder system is best when you need to have the entire system run passively.

Multiple Passive Stream Of Income

Furthermore, with Instant Profit Stores, you build multiple passive streams of income. 

For instance, since you can promote products from 5 different platforms, in the unlikely situation of running into problem with one, you will have other platforms to work with.

All The Benefits Being An Affiliate

Additionally, with this business model, you will not need to worry about startup cost, no inventory or stock tacking, you do not need to fulfil orders and of course, you do not need to deal with customers.

However, you will generally have to deal with low commission paid per items sold when compared to promoting digital products on sites like Warriorplus and JVZoo. Therefore, you may want to select products with high payouts.

So if you want to promote Warriorplus and JVZoo products, you could start with DFY LeadFunnel because it enables you to start off like a pro and then, you can build an engaging email list.

Available Worldwide

Also, it is a cloud-based software and so can be access through any device connected to the internet. Furthermore, the ecommerce sites are mobile friendly.

Additionally, you can promote products from all the listed marketing platforms. You only need to apply to be a part of their affiliate program.

Method Known To Provide Result

Again, this method produces results. It may not produce results instantly but doing the necessary work consistently with patience, the results will show.

Huge Bonuses

Furthermore, Victory is offering amazing bonuses when you buy Instant ProfitStore. For instance, you will be getting Reseller License for OmniBlaster as one of the 4 bonuses.

Also, I will be offering additional and congruent bonuses when you buy through the button on this page.

Support and Training

Again, one reason you need to pick up Instant ProfitStore OTOs is that you will be getting a good deal of support from the product creator. Additionally, you will find training that will enable you reach your goals quick.

Experienced Product Creator

As earlier mentioned, Victory Akpo is a very experienced product creator and online internet marketer. Therefore, he understands completely what works and this is seen in the product created.

30 Days Money-Back Guarantee

When you get Instant ProfitStore, there is a 30 days money-back guarantee. It therefore means that you get 30 days to use this product and if for any reason you do not find it suitable, you can ask for a refund.

However, I’m of the opinion that you will have no reason to ask for a refund.

Benefits Of Instant ProfitStores
Benefits Of Instant ProfitStores

How To Make Instant ProfitStores Work For You

Watch The Training Videos   

Firstly, watch the training videos. In addition, you will need to go through the bonuses provided you on how to drive traffic to your affiliate eCommerce store. Also, you need to learn how to effectively use Social Media to drive traffic to your sites, You could also learn to grow your social media following using giveaways and this tool could be very useful.

Create Your Affiliate Accounts    

Secondly, create your affiliate accounts on the 5 marketplaces namely: AliExpress, Amazon, eBay, Bestbuy and Walmart, i.e. if you do not already have accounts previously. No worries, you will learn how within the member’s area.

Setup Your ECommerce Affiliate Store    

Thirdly, create your affiliate stores following the step-by-step guide in the videos. Additionally, you will want to select a niche that you have so much interest in. Also, you may want to select store names that reflect the product types you promote.

Social Media Accounts   

Fourthly, you will want to open social media accounts for your store. As you may know, Instagram is one social media platform that is fitting for promoting your eCommerce store. 

Influencer marketing could be a good way to quickly build a loyal audience across social media platforms and for the long term.

Build Your E-mail List   

Another important step is to build a client list to enable you to promote with the click of a button. One good thing about Instant ProfitStore is that it allows you to do just that. As you build you list therefore, you may want to promote high ticket offers.

Invest In Your Business    

Subsequently and of great importance, you will need to invest in your business. For instance, you may need to get a personalized domain name. Well, Instant ProfitStores offers you a free hosting.


The Sales Funnel

Front End Instant ProfitStores $22 (Early Bird Price) With A Potential $5 Discount    

In the front end, you will get the software that allows you to immediately create an affiliate eCommerce store that automatically imports 50 of best selling products from marketplaces like AliExpress, Amazon, BestBuy, eBay and Walmart

Furthermore, you will get 4 bonuses from the product creator. However, you are only allowed to create one affiliate eCommerce store.

OTO1 Instant ProfitStores Unlimited $39/$29   

In the OTO1, you can create unlimited store and also get access additional features that will enable you to drive more sales.

OTO2 Instant ProfitStores Unlimited Traffic $57/$27   

In addition to the free viral traffic source you get from the FE, OTO2 will take you by the hand to show you how to exponentially grow your traffic to boost sales and therefore commissions.

OTO3 Instant ProfitStores Done For You $127/$97/$   

In the OTO3, you will get the Done For You Side of Instant Profit Stores. For instance, you will get 100 DFY stores for $127 (downsell of $97), 50 DFY stores for $97 (downsell of $67)

OTO4 Instant ProfitStores Reseller License $197/$397  

When you buy into the OTO4, you will be able to sell Instant ProfitStores as your own and keep 100% profit across the funnel. Therefore, $197 gives you access to 500 licenses while $397 grants you unlimited licenses.

OTO5 Instant ProfitStores Video Sales Robot $37/$27  

Additionally, OTO5 gives the option to create sales video to boost traffic and sale

OTO6 Instant ProfitStores Affiliate Marketing Academy $148/$97  

Learn how to profit with you Instant Profit store by enrolling in the Affiliate Marketing Academy.


The Bonuses You Will Get For Buying Instant ProfitStores Through This Page

    1. Reseller License DFY LeadFunnels
    2. Omniblaster (Reseller License)
    3. DFY ReviewFunnels (Reseller License)
    4. Instashop
    5. WordPress MultiCommission
    6. Facebook Viral and Social Marketing App
    7. WordPress eCommerce Shop To Facebook 
    8. WooCommerce 360 and Video Product Viewer
    9. WordPress Notifier
    10. WooCommerce e-Store Builder
    11. Optin Spin
    12. FShopper
    13. Snowball Traffic
    14. Authority Traffic Masters
    15. Facebook Photo Contest
    16. LinkedIn Auto post Machine
    17. iGram Machine
    18. 51 Social Media Marketing Methods 
    19. Facebook Authority Secrets
    20. Email Marketing Cheat Sheet
    21. Ultimate Passive Income
    22. SnapChat Marketing Techniques
    23. Social Media Profits


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