EZ WordPress Security PLR Review: Learn How To Secure Your WP Sites

EZ WordPress Security
EZ WordPress Security PLR

EZ WordPress Security PLR Review- Introduction

Hello and Welcome to my EZ WordPress Security PLR Review. My guess is, you are looking for information on what this is all about.

It has been reported that over 40,000 websites in Alexa top one million websites, over 70% of them with WordPress installations are very vulnerable to being hacked. Although, this information here is one of both serious concerns and a goldmine.

Firstly, a serious concern because if not already been exploited by hackers, they are just waiting in line to be the next victims. Sadly, with the attendant consequences such as compromise of sensitive information and possible litigation. 

Secondly, a goldmine because it affords professionals in the field of WP security to prospect for potential customers. Certainly, the potential customer base is extremely massive given the number of websites there are

Therefore, this package put together by his Jason Oickle is therefore very timely and very relevant.

EZ WordPress Security PLR Score Card At A Glance

EZ WordPress Security


Product Name: EZ WordPress Security PLR

Description: It is a series of 8 training videos with a detailed step-by-step hand-holding guide on how to secure your WP website. In addition, you get a professionally written sales letter and other graphic materials.

In fact, the sales letter and graphic materials are to help you sell the product. Also, you keep as 100% profit whatever sales you make. Furthermore, the videos are not branded so that you can easily brand them as yours.

In addition, the product comes with a FE and 7 OTOs. Also, OTO1 comes with sales videos and these should help with subsequently selling the product.

Finally, OTO2 comes with a recurring monthly rental.

However, please check to the product creator’s terms and conditions of use of this PLR product 

Lunch Date: 13-October-2019 (10:00 AM EST)

CreatorJason Oickle  

Front End Price: $8.00 (Early bird price)

Bonuses: There are no declared bonuses from the vendor. However, I have bonuses to go with the product. 

Any Guarantees?: No, PLRs releases by their nature do not come with money-back guarantee.

Recommended: Very Highly Recommended

User Guide
Easy To Use
How Can Product Adapt To Change
Overall Rating 90.71%


  • Firstly, training videos are very easy to follow even for a website security novice
  • Secondly, promotional materials such as sales letter and other graphic materials are included to help facilitate subsequent sales by buyers
  • Thirdly, videos were branded. Hence, they can be easily branded by buyers
  • Finally, the videos are very timely and relevant. Therefore, there is a high likelihood for buyers to make subsequent decent revenue from it.


  • Sales videos were offered as OTOs. Although promotional materials were made available for FE purchase, have sales video also would have appropriate.


EZ WordPress Security PLR is comprised of a detailed 8 step-by-step training videos that show exactly the best ways to secure WordPress websites and files. It is completely newbies friendly 

In other words, it is a good user guide and very suitable for users with no web security experience or knowledge. 

Also, it can be resold by buyers for 100% profit. In addition, it with a professionally written sales letter and other promotional materials to facilitate resell. However, you should be guided by the terms and conditions of sales.

Furthermore, EZ WordPress Security PLR comes with a FE and 7OTOs. With OTO2 being a recurring payment part of the funnel. However, you will need to buy the FE first before you can pick up any of the OTOs.

The Product Creator

Jason Oickle leads the team that created EZ WordPress Security PLR. Also, he has been an online marketer since 2006. Furthermore, he has created a name for himself in the PLR niche and has launched several products of value.

For instance, EZ member Automation, EZ WordPress Gutenburg, EZ Amazon and EZ CPA Offers are some of his most recent product launches.

Certainly, Jason Oickle has the requisite experience in product launches. In addition, he owns a PLR website.

EZ WordPress Security
Jason Oickle

About The EZ WordPress Security PLR

EZ WordPress Security PLR is a series of 8 videos training program which literally takes its audience by the hand on how to secure their WordPress websites and files in 2019. 

Meaning, it is a step-by-step video training program designed to guide even a complete WP sites security novice on how to secure their WP websites and files.  

In addition, as a PLR, it comes with the option for you, direct buyers, to brand this product in whole or in parts as yours. Furthermore, you can sell the entire product in whole or in parts and make 100% profit from each sale.
Therefore to make it a lot easier to sell, the product creator also makes available a professionally written sales letter, graphic materials and other promotional items.

What To Find In The Training Videos

As earlier mentioned, the EZWordPress Security PLR training videos are 8 in number. They are broken down as follows:
  • Introduction to WordPress Security in Video 1
  • Backdoor you will find in Video 2
  • WordPress Hosting comes in Video 3
  • Protect WP Admin training you will find in Video 4
  • Different Security Plugins training comes in Video 5
  • 2-Step authentication Plugins in video 6
  • Protect files training comes up on Video 7
  • Finally, Password protection training is treated in Video 8 

Features and Benefits of EZ WordPress Security PLR

Loads Of Self Training Video:

The product comes with 8 detailed videos that assuming users have zero knowledge about WP security. Therefore, if you are a complete novice, you will find the steps taught useful and you can apply them to secure your website.

As a result, they will have a better appreciation of website security, have their sites protected without necessarily requiring the services of an expert, especially as a small business owner. Also, they save the cost associated with hiring an expert.

Make Profit From The Product:

Since it comes with PLR, buyers can sell the product in whole or parts and make 100% profit from the materials. In fact, buyers can rebrand the product as theirs and then sell for any amount.

Also, to make it easier to sell the products, the product creator included a professionally written sales letter. Ordinarily, this service comes very expensively. But with this product, no need to worry about a sales letter.

In addition, there are professionally made promotional graphics materials to enhance product sales. Furthermore, the videos are not branded. 

This, for instance, is to help buyers have the videos rebranded and therefore promote their own brands and also increase sales of the product.

Serve As Traning Materials To Increase Revenue:

If you run or manage e-learning sites, these materials can easily be uploading for your clients to pay to learn. 
As a side note, however, with software such as RapidProfixPro and myIMUniversity 2.0, owning and effectively managing an e-learning platform is only a matter of few clicks.

As Lead Magnet and Bonuses To Improve Conversion and Sales:

Additionally, you can easily use it as lead magnets to enhance e-mail opt-in. Similarly, they can be offered as bonuses to increase various affiliate sales and therefore boost commission. 

Who Will Find EZ WordPress Security PLR Useful?

As earlier mentioned, WP website security has become more important now than before. Therefore, everyone who has a website will find this product useful. 

In addition, it serves as a veritable source of additional income. Therefore, anyone involved in the sales of videos on CDs or DVDs will find it a good source of income. They can sell the videos as a single unit or divide it into several congruent parts.  

Also, product creators can rework the contents of this product to produce fresh contents in the form of webinars, newsletters and so on. 

Furthermore, those who sell digital products are sure to make a good income from it. Therefore, the list of those that will find EZ WordPress Security PLR useful is endless.

Product Evaluation and Pricing of EZ WordPress Security PLR

The product comes with a Front End (FE) and 7 OTOs:

 Front End (FE): Early bird price of $8.00. Check here for further details

When you buy the FE, you get the following:

  • 8 parts training videos on WP Security
  • Completely unbranded white label videos
  • A sales letter from a top copywriter
  • Complete mini-site graphic design
  • PSD source files for all images
  • Transcript and Mp3s of the videos

OTO1- EZ WP Security Sales Videos: $13.12

OTO2- PLR Dealer Elite Membership: $2.99 for 29 days trial and $17.00 monthly

This a recurring element in the sales funnel

OTO3- EZ WP Gutenberg- Full Edition: $17.00

OTO4- EZ WP Speed- Full Edition: $17.00

OTO5- Classified WP SEO- Full Special Edition: $17.00

OTO6- EZ PLR Funnels- Full Special Edition: $17.00

OTO7- PLR Video Formula- Full Special Edition: $17.00

Terms and Conditions Of Use of This Product

For information purposes, below is an excerpt from the Terms of use as specified by Jason Oickle, the product creator.
EZ WordPress Security PLR
PLR Terms and Conditions For EZ WordPress Security PLR

EZ WordPress Security PLR: Conclusion and Recommendation

Never before has the issues of cybersecurity been in the front burner as now. Sadly, however, WordPress websites have the highest incidences of being hacked. 

Therefore, EZ WordPress Security PLR launch into the market is therefore very timely and relevant. 

Firstly, with the increasing awareness, website owners, especially small businesses, have the opportunity to learn from the step-by-step training videos the best ways to secure their WordPress websites on their own.

Secondly, this product is going to be in hot demand because of the increasing rate of WP website hacking. In other words, from the profit angle, it is a good source of making additional income for those who will buy it (PLR).

You can easily sell as a physical product in the form of CDs and DVDs, for instance. In addition, you can sell it as a digital product. In particular, the product come with a professionally written sales letter and other sales promotion items.  

Furthermore, they can be placed on e-learning websites and revenue earned when subscribers pay to take the course.

Finally, I very highly recommend that you buy EZ WordPress Security PLR. 

My Bonuses To Go With WordPress Security PLR

If you buy EZ WordPress Security PLR through my review page, you will get the following bonuses from me:

Bonus #1: EZ Passive Paydays

Builder Bucks
EZ Passivedays

Bonus #2: The Fuego Multiplier

Limiting Beliefs
The Fuego Multiplier

Bonus #3: Zero Work Hour

Limiting Beliefs
Zero Hour Work Days

Bonus #4: Zero to $100 in 24 Hours

2019 Huge PLR Sale
From Zero To $100 in 24 Hours

Bonus #5: Incognito

DFY Hero Bonus

Bonus #6: Million Dollar YouTube Niches

Million Dollar YouTube Niches

Bonus #7: Buyer Ninja List

Buyers List Ninja

Bonus #8: The Lost Code

The Lost Code

Bonus #9: Top Trending Amazon Affiliate Programs

Top Trending Amazon Affiliate Program

Bonus # 10: Zero Hour

2019 Huge PLR Sale
Zero Hour

Bonus # 11: Printly


Bonus # 12: Teespring


Bonus # 13: xPress Funnels

xPress Funnels

Bonus # 14: How To Turn 3 Books Into & Books

Limiting Beliefs
How To Turn 3 Books Into 7Books
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EZ WordPress Security PLR
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