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Ethically Take Advantage Of Other People’s Content To Build A Business With Laser Targeted Leads Using Embassy, A 100% Done For You Solution



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Product Name: Embassy    

Description: A cloud-based software that creates Done for You e-learning or membership niche sites that are 100% customizable. Also, you do not need to create content as you can get all the content you need ethically from YouTube.

So, users will have to signup to your membership site for free to gain access to the content you have put together. By so doing, you get their e-mail address. Also, you get Done For You bonuses that will facilitate your list building and sales effort.

Then, there are  lots of other features.

Additionally, there are several benefits to enjoy when you buy Embassy App. Further down this page, there are steps we have outlined on how you can put this software to good use.

Also, you will get 6 congruent bonuses from the vendor and also bonuses from us when you buy through this page.

Furthermore, the sales funnel comprises of the front End and OTO1 to OTO10 which I consider to be too many

Lunch Date: 05-April-2021 (10:00 AM EST) To 12-April2021 (11:59 PM EST)

Creator: Glynn Kosky

Front End Price:  $17.00 (Early Bird Price), and you can get up to $5 discount if you take fast action

Bonuses: Yes, 6 Congruent bonuses including a 30 minutes talk time with Glynn Kosky, for fast action takers

Any Guarantees?: 180 Days

Recommended: Highly Recommended. 

User Guide and Training In Member's Area
Easy To Use
Product Adaptability To Change
Overall Rating 84.38%


  • Build streams of passive income
  • No need for domain name and hosting
  • No recurring cost
  • Completely newbie friendly
  • Low One-time payment
  • Bonuses to use for list building
  • Build email list
  • Worldwide application
  • No need to create content yourself
  • Experienced product creator
  • Congruent bonuses
  • 180 days money-back guarantee
  • Create multiple niche sites and build laser targeted list


  • Too many upsells
  • At the mercy of YouTube and content creators whose adverse decisions will lead to the end of your business


Embassy App runs on a model that has become popular and that is using other people’s content to drive free and viral traffic. News giant, Buzzfeed, runs on this model and it arguable one of the largest Internet news site.

So this new app runs on this model but instead it is built as e-learning or membership niche sites where members could join completely free. Therefore, you could have several niche sites and then build your email list when your leads signup to be members.

Then, the software integrates with 9 different autoresponders, therefore you can easily build your email list and follow up with email sequence to monetize your leads.

However, one drawback in this strategy which is also a strong selling point is the fact that you do not need to create your own content. As you ethically curate other people’s content from YouTube. But should the content owners or YouTube adversely alter their terms of use, this business model will be completely dead.

Again, the front end limits you to promote a limited offers, So to create unlimited niche sites, you will need the OTO1. There are other OTOs also that will allow you fuel this system to quickly produce desired results.

Furthermore, there are congruent bonuses that will add value to this software, Also, there is a 180 days money back guarantee.

Because it is a business model that is proven to work and the content are ethically used, I therefore highly recommend Embassy App.


What Is Embassy All About?

Embassy is a cloud-based software that creates 100% done for you e-learning and membership styled sites and that you can fill with other people’s content (text and videos).

Such that for users to access the content on your site for free, they will have to signup, thereby providing you their e-mail address. Furthermore, they will need to login each time they need to access content.

In addition, the software allows you to create niche specific sites. That way, you are sure that you will get laser target leads to your e-mail list that you can promote specific offers to.

For instance, you can create a site specific to Dog lovers and then you can add rich educative and entertaining videos to the niche site. So, should a potential lead need to access the site, then they will have to signup.

In essence, you will not have need to create any content whatsoever instead, you will rely and ethically use other people’s content.


About The Creators Of Embassy

Xmas Commission Bundle
Glynn Kosky

Glynn Kosky is the creator of Embassy.

He is a highly successful Internet marketer and digital product creator.

He and his team have been involved in the creation of so many applications including Wifi Profit System, Christmas Commission Bundle and  1K Daily System.

As a super affiliate, he understands what works




Why You Should Embassy

Completely Newbie Friendly

Firstly, there is nothing complicated about setting up Embassy App. Also, the process is one that has been proven to make money online provided you do it right and consistently.

For instance, you do not need to create content, own a website or subscribe to web hosting service to get started with this method.

No Cost 

Secondly, once you get this software for a low one-time cost, you do not need to extra expenses to get your business moving. For instance if you are just starting out, you can get an autoresponder for free.


Done For You Bonuses

Thirdly, Glynn and his team have put together a set of Done For You bonuses that will ensure you increase the opt-in rate, and also the sales conversion rate. Additionally, we also provide you more bonuses.

Embassy Saves You Time and Money

Fourthly, effortlessly create niche specific sites over and over again and populate them with good quality content without needing to create them yourself. Therefore, you save both time and money.

Imagine if you will have to create the quality and number of content required to keep your audience engaged. You definitely will be spending so much time and money.

Build Traffic Generating Sites

Again, once these sites begin to become popular, they will become a source of traffic to other congruent offers you may be promoting. For instance, you can drive traffic to your eCommerce store.

Also, you may want to monetize your traffic sites in other ways you desire.

E-mail List Building With Embassy

Also, Embassy integrates seamlessly with 9 different autoresponder services. Therefore, you can conveniently build a highly responsive list of targeted leads.

Recall for users to access your membership styled site, they will need to signup with their email address. At the point of signing up, you collect their email address.

Passive Income Streams

Additionally, you get to create streams of passive income with this strategy. Simply research the niche of your choice, then you look for products congruent to this niche. Thereafter, you get best content to get opt-ins.

For this to be very successful though, you will need to build effective funnels with highly responsive email sequence.

Available Worldwide

Certainly, the strategy Embassy is built upon is not only proven, it is also available worldwide. Simply use viral and information filled content with lots of entertainment tinge to drive traffic to your niche sites.


Low One-Time Payment For Embassy

Furthermore, Embassy is currently going for a low one-time payment of $17 (on the front end) with a possibility of getting up to $5 discount if you act fast. Besides, you do not need any further recurring costs to operate it.


This, in my opinion, is a giveaway.


Training In The Member’s Area

Of course, there are training videos within the member’s area on how to correctly setup the software. Also. you will find additional training videos on how to drive traffic to your niche sites.

Because without traffic, your business will not take off.

Experienced Product Creators

Glynn Kosky and his team are highly experienced product creators and digital marketers. So, they have a good understanding of the strategies that are currently working. 

In addition, they have the needed infrastructure to provide you the needed customer service. Again, they have been known to keep their promise.

Congruent Bonus

Also, you will be getting 4 congruent bonuses when you buy Embassy App. These include $1,000 No Cost Auto Bot, $225 Daily Instant Affiliate Check and two others. 

Then, there is a special bonus that reveals a loop hole that makes the product creator $100/day. 

180 Days Money-back guarantee When You Buy Commission Creator

Finally, there is a 180 days money-back guarantee when you buy this software. The implication, therefore, is that you have a whole 180 days to try this software out completely risk free.

So, if for any reason the products falls below hype, you basically can ask for a refund. But, in my opinion, you will have no need to ask for refund.

Embassy Features
What You Get With Embassy App

How To Make Embassy App Work For You

Watch The Embassy App Training Videos   

Firstly, you will need to watch the step-by-step training videos within the member’s area to know how to correctly setup the software.

Thereafter, you need to take advantage of the bonuses provided to learn how to effectively use the strategy on which this software is built. Also, you will want to know various strategies to drive traffic to your niche sites.

Research Viable Niches   

Secondly, if you have not gotten this in place already, you may want to research viable niches you may want to go into. 

Part of your research will be focused on good and viable products you can promote, be it your own products or as an affiliate. Furthermore, you will want to source good content to use.

Create Or Optimize Your Social Media Platforms    

Thirdly, you will need to create social media platforms for each niche you decide to go into with proper branding. Then, you may need to leverage social media marketing automation tool

But before you get to this, you may need to find out what social media platform will you most likely find your customers in? If you decide on a niche like Keto or Weight Loss, Instagram will be your best bet.

Brand Awareness    

Fourthly you will want to build your brand such that even when you transition to a more robust application, you can completely keep your brand.

Use Giveaway Strategy    

In addition, you may want to mix up giveaways as part of your strategy to get free and viral traffic. This you could achieve through some automation

Engage Your List With Valuable Content    

Another important aspect is to engage your leads with valuable content based on the niche. Then, you could promote offers. As earlier stated, you will need a highly congruent funnel.

Promote High Ticket Offers    

In addition, do not be afraid to promote high ticket offers based on your niche. This you can do by sending them your affiliate links to valuable webinars.

Also you can decide to promote other offers (signup to take advantage of this offer). By so doing, you can make by far more commissions per sale.

Promote Products With Recurring Fees    

Furthermore, you should target promoting products with recurring fees. That way, you can be sure of true passive income as long as you leads continue to use the service.

Invest In Your Business    

Once you begin to see results, invest back into your business. For instance, you will need to invest in a better software and domain name of your owns. Also, you will want to pay for ads to get more targeted traffic.


The strategy in this training here, for instance, could open you and your business up for a lot quicker and better results. 


Embassy App Niche Site Demo
Embassy App Niche Site Demo

The Sales Funnel

Front End Embassy App $17 (Early Bird Price)    

In the front end, you will get the Embassy App that creates Done For You Niche sites that are 100% customizable.

However, you will be limited to a certain number of niche sites.

OTO1 Embassy App Unlimited $47/$27     

The OTO1 gives you access to create unlimited campaigns and also unlock more templates. Furthermore, you will get an agency license that will allow you to create sites for your clients.

Also, you get additional bonuses.

OTO2 Embassy App Done For You $147/$47    

When you go for the OTO2, Glynn and his team will setup your sites for you, drive you traffic and make you sales. All you will have to do is insert your affiliate link.

OTO3 Embassy App Unlimited Traffic $97/$37    

In the OTO3, you will be able to tap from the traffic sources of Glynn. I.e., you will be able to pixel their sales pages and siphon traffic from their sales pages.

OTO4 Embassy App Automation $67/$37    

With OTO4, will unlock the autopilot version of the software.

OTO5 Embassy App ATM $147/$47    

OTO5 will enlist you to enjoy the benefits of Glynn and his team setting up a $100 per day online business for you to simply profit from without doing any hard work.

OTO6 Embassy App Ultimate Edition $47/$37    

With OTO6, you will have 99 of Glynn’s best products for $0.49 each

OTO7 Embassy App License Rights $97/$37    

OTO7 will enable to sell Embassy App as you own and keep 90% profit across the entire funnel,

OTO8 Embassy App 30K Edition $47/$19    

When you pick up OTO8, it will qualify you in a program organized by Glynn and his team that will enable you to earn up to $1,000 daily or $30,000 in 30 days.

OTO9 Embassy App Super Affiliate $37/$19    


OTO10 Embassy App Millionaire Edition $147/$47    



The Bonuses You Will Get For Buying Embassy App Through This Page

  1. Traffic Generating Resources
  2. 100 Membership Marketing Site Tricks
  3. Facebook Power House
  4. 800 Royalty Free Images
  5. 300K PLR eBooks
  6. How To find hotspots in Internet Marketing
  7. 10 Forum Marketing Secrets
  8. Lifetime Recurring Commission Affiliate Programs
  9. ViddoHub
  10. Action Poll
  11. $300 CPA Everyday
  12. Site Membership Building Course
  13. PinMarketer
  14. Best Niche Research Training
  15. Email Profit Formula
  16. Social Media Marketing Boost
  17. Facebook Live Video Engager
  18. Influencer Marketing
  19. The 9 Profit Pillars
  20.  2 Minutes WordPress Membership Site
  21. Facebook Power House
  22. ClickBank Membership Sites
  23. Instagram Marketing
  24. 100 Killer Headline Ideas
  25. 51 Social Media Marketing Methods
  26. Email Marketing Cheat Sheet
  27. ClickBank Passive Income Super-Success Affiliate Program
  28. Traffic Source Rolodex
  29. ClickBank Mastery eCourse
  30. Snowball Traffic
  31. ClickBank Super Affiliate Boot Camp
  32. WP Squeeze Questions


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