DESCOVA APP REVIEW: Massive Bonuses+ Proven eCom Store Builder

Descova App Review
Descova App

Introduction To Descova App Review:

What is this Descova App review all about and why is it so now than ever before? Read further to find out why!

One of the major challenges e-commerce stores face is in finding the right products to sell. With very stiff competition and big names like Amazon looking to completely dominate the market juxtaposed with increasing customer awareness and sensitivity to price variances. 

An eCom store owner cannot afford to get it wrong at this stage. Prompt decision making in what to buy, the best place to buy and the best price to sell for quality customer influx and retention becomes very critical

To address this major challenge, Daniel Adetunji in collaboration with Joe Em came up with Descova App

Detailed below is the outcome of our review of this product.

Furthermore, you can earn online by creating e-learning platform with a simple click of the button. Also, it is a completely DFY system that creates products for you and also drive you free and viral traffic.


Descova App

Product Name: Descova App

Product Description: The software is the first multi-platform research software for e-commerce business. It is designed to eliminate the problem e-commerce store operator face when sourcing for products to sell. … See here for further details

Lunch Date: 07-June-2019 (11:00AM EST)

Product Designers: Daniel Adetunji in collaboration with Joe Em.  

Front End Price: $37-$49

Any Guarantees?: Yes, 30 days money back guarantee

Recommended: Absolutely Recommended

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Easy To Use
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Descova App is an easy to use, fast and super powerful tool which in the hands of anybody at all would crush the eCom space. Its ability to seamlessly interact with multiple platforms on one dashboard sets the product on a world of its own. 

It is a must get for any serious store owner who desires to dominate the e-Commerce space because it saves you time and the heartbreak associated with buying wrong and or bad products. I tell you, this product is simply amazing! 

With the 30 days money back guarantee, you have nothing to lose. I therefore highly recommend Descova App.  


  • Very user friendly
  • Very suitable for newbies
  • Searches through multiple e-commerce platforms using friendly and intuitive interface with a single click
  • Eliminates time and money wasting on bad products and bad suppliers
  • Easily find the best selling products in any niche
  • Maximize profit by using this app to find product selling at the best discount available
  • No research needed as research is completely done for you
  • Online notification of changes in the market
  • 24/7 customer support 


  • Upsales are quite a number. This however does not take anything away from this amazing product

About the Product Creator of Descova App:

Daniel Adetunji is a very successful software engineer and online digital marketer. He is very experienced in the area of product creation and has created several products such as Flexsocial, SociOffer, SociClicks, FastEye, PixelLogo and Stockily. 

There are many more products that have enjoyed excellent patronage. He therefore understands what is required to be in the big stage.

Descova App
Daniel Adetunji

What is Descova App?


Descova App is the first ever multi-platform e-commerce software that is able to discover brand new, trending and profit pulling products from trusted suppliers around the world with a couple of clicks of the mouse. 

It is a software which seeks to help e-commerce store owners avoid the pitfall of buying bad and or outdated products which will only cost them so much to promote with little or nothing to show for it in terms of returns on investment. 

It deals with the major challenge of the e-com store owners while affording them time to deal with other pertinent issues for business growth and optimization. 

However, if you decide to go for affiliate sites, where you are paid a commission when you make sales, then you could consider Instant ProfitStores 


Descova App
Descova App Review- Avoid Buying Fake Products By Using Descova App

Features of Descova App:

Discover Product

Search through multiple e-commerce platforms with a click of a button to sort and filter out options to narrow down the search for best results. This is such an amazing feature which allowed me to search out trending and new products worldwide super fast.

Product Research Suite

Easily uncover low competition-high profit e-commerce product in a click using a single keyword. Completely eliminating guess work, long hours of brainstorming to identify hot products.

Get more insight and ideas on what products to start selling now with information on the Audience size for each product keywords.

Price Checker

Easily glance at the prevailing discount prices of products you are tracking for perfect price to buy and sell the products to make more sales. 

This feature is also awesome because you stay most competitive always, offering your customers the best price to avoid losses, and encourage customer retention while increasing sales and profit and all this with far less hassle because the software does all the hard job for you. 

Track Your Competitors Tools

Track other shopify store owners who sell similar products you intend to sell. This is especially good for newbies venturing into e-commerce business.

Discount Tracker Tool

Be sure to get notified via e-mail of when products you are tracking receive discounts so you can seize the opportunity to make orders as deemed necessary to optimize profit.

Import Directly To Your Store

You can directly move winning products identified to you e-commerce store  simply with a click of a button. E-commerce can only get a lot better with this amazing feature.

Access to Handpicked Best Sellers

Get information from the App creation team what products to sell and how to absolutely crush it.


See below a demo video of Descova App in action.

Inside Members Area of Descova App

Below are screenshots of the members area showing some of the the features discussed earlier.

Descova App
Dashboard of Descova App showing Support and Tutorial Buttons
Descova App
Screenshot showing the process of connecting Shopify To Descova App
Descova App
Screenshot showing the Process Of connecting WooCommerce To Descova App
Descova App
Descova App Dashboard showing Search Product Screen
Descova App
A Screenshots of Descova App showing Tracking Products with discount
Descova App
Screenshot of Descova App showing Tracking of other Shopify and WooCommerce Stores

Price and Product Evaluation of Descova App

It has a total of 5 upsell:

  • Front-End (Descova App – $37-$49)
  • OTO 1 (Descova Pro – $67) with a downsell to $47 
  • OTO 2 (Store Connector – $99) with a downsell to $59 (you only get shopify connector)
  • OTO 3 (Trends Dashboard – $69) with downsell to $1 for 3 days before the price goes up to $65
  • OTO 4 (6 Figure eCommerce Starter Bootcamp – $199) with downsell to $99
  • OTO 5 (Descova Reseller License – $297) with downsell to $197
Descova App
Different OTOs Available on Descova App and Their Respective Offerings At A Glance

Creator’s Bonuses for Buying Descova App

The vendor is giving out a total of 7 bonuses worth $2,524 to action takers who buy this product within the lunch week 

Exclusive Bonus 1
Descova App
Exclusive Bonus 2 and 3
Descova App
Exclusive Bonus 4 and 5
Exclusive Bonus 6 and 7

Descova App Review- Conclusion and Recommendation:

Descova App is a very powerful tool to crush e-commerce business given its amazing features and the ease with which it is used to eliminate the major challenge of product sourcing which eats into the bottom line of e-commerce businesses. 

I therefore highly recommend this product for immediate use especially given the 30 days money back guarantee.

My Bonuses For Descova App:

If you go ahead and buy through this review page, you shall in addition be getting the following Bonuses which I have exclusively put together for you:

  • WP Commission Cloaker valued at $97
  • From Zero to $100 a day in 24 hours valued at $12.95
  • Buyers List Ninja valued at $32
  • How to get 90% off your Ads spending for Bing and Adword $20
WP Commission Cloaker Valued at $97
2019 Huge PLR Sale
From Zero to $100 in 24 hours Valued at $12.95
Buyer List Ninja Valued at $32
How to Get 90% Off Your Ads Spending for Bing/Adwords $20

You will need to take action now if you really want to get all of the bonuses because after the lunch week, I cannot guarantee that these bonuses will still be available. So click on the link now if you want to get this software which I highly recommend. 

It completely eliminates the challenge of where and how to source for products to sell if properly utilized.

Click below while you still have the time to claim the Descova App and Bonuses and dominate the e-commerce space.

Let us know what you think about this product by leaving your comments in the comment section.

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Descova App
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