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Take Advantage Of Commission Creator To Effortlessly Copy The Strategies Of Super Affiliates And Also Get The Tools And Resources Needed To Make Money Online

Commission Creator
Commission Creator


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Product Name: Commission Creator   

Description: A cloud-based software that replicates the actions of super affiliate to ensure you succeed with affiliate marketing as you promote digital products on ClickBank, Warriorplus and JVZoo platforms.

Furthermore, it provides you with resources to grow your email list and also entice your leads to buy products from your review sites, and lots of other features.

Additionally, there are several benefits to enjoy when you buy Commission Creator. Further down this page, there are steps we have outlined on how you can put this software to good use.

Also, you will get congruent bonuses from the vendor and also bonuses from us when you buy through this page.

As additional information, the sales funnel comprises of the front End and OTO1 to OTO5

Lunch Date: 02-April-2021 (09:00 AM EST) To 05-April2021 (11:59 PM EST)

Creator: Chris, Richard Williams and Yves Kouyo

Front End Price:  $17.00 (Early Bird Price). 

Bonuses: Yes, Congruent bonuses including a quality training on Affiliate Marketing. In addition, you will get additional bonuses from us  

Any Guarantees?: 30 Days

Recommended: Highly Recommended. 

User Guide and Training In Member's Area
Easy To Use
Product Adaptability To Change
Overall Rating 84.38%


  • Build streams of passive income
  • No need for domain name and hosting
  • No recurring cost
  • Completely newbie friendly
  • Low One-time payment
  • Bonuses to use for list building
  • Build email list
  • Worldwide application
  • Evergreen
  • Experienced product creator
  • Congruent bonuses
  • 30 days money-back guarantee


  • Limited to only promote products on ClickBank, Warriorplus and JVZoo
  • Difficulty getting approval to promote some of the offers on Warriorplus and JVZoo if you a newbie with zero sales record
  • No SEO traffic 


Commission Creator provides you a complete done for you product review (affiliate) website with a call to action and bonuses that entices leads to these site to buy the product under review. It completely eliminates the need to write any content so that you focus on promoting your site.

Also it comes with the added advantage of not needing a domain name web hosting service to get started. However, it is pertinent to mention that for brand awareness, longevity in business and other similar considerations, it is extremely important to have your website.

So in essence, Commission Creator provides you a proven to work shortcut to make money online through selecting the right product, creating an affiliate site and providing you bonuses and other resources and training that will ensure you carry out the sane steps super affiliates undertake.

But as with all done for you program, your content will not be unique to you. So you may not be able to benefit from SEO traffic. Though, with a new domain, with low domain authority, your content will hardly rank well enough for you to benefit from SEO traffic. 

Although the software integrates with spinning tools, getting these software come at a, well, little cost. 

Again, you can only promote products from ClickBank, JVZoo and Warriorplus platforms. You are therefore limited. 

Then, it is okay to have this as a stream of passive income. Besides, when you start getting relevant traffic to your review site, you could display a banner ad for other offers not related to these mentioned sites that you may be promoting.

In all, I highly recommend Commission Creator if you are a complete newbie looking to get started with making online but overwhelmed with the various stuff you need to put together to get started. 

Also, if you are looking for a stress free system to send your traffic for monetization to, then Commissioner Creator is something you should consider.


What Is Commission Creator All About?

As the saying goes, if you consistently follow in the footsteps of successful people, in no time, you also will be successful. So, this software literally compels you to follow such footstep without needing to do the learning curve required.

Commission Creator is a cloud-based software that creates done for you optimized review affiliate websites. 

In addition, the sites are populates with DFY product reviews of selected digital products on sale Warriorplus, JVZoo and ClickBank platforms and then have your affiliate links added to the site. 

Furthermore, DFY bonuses are added to the DFY reviews to entice potential buyers to buy the product from your site (call to action). Also, the site is further monetized by displaying banner ad and so on.

In addition to these, the software displays opt in forms that you can use to build your email list.

Basically, Commission Creator and the Commission Creator OTOs are about providing you with tools and resources that will enable you to carry out the same marketing strategies like the super affiliates.


About The Creator Of Commission Creator

Product Creators Commission Creator
Chris, Richard Williams and Yves Kouyo

Chris, Richard Williams and Yves Kouyo are the creators of this software.

Individually, they are highly successful inetrnet marketer and product creators.

They have been in business partners for sometime now and this partnership has birthed a number of problem solving software.

For instance, Profit Pusher, and Commission Cloner are some of the products they have released.




Why You Should Commission Creator

Completely Newbie Friendly

Firstly, Commission Creator is completely newbie friendly. Because it completely takes away the problems associated with getting starting with affiliate marketing, creating your own website, for instance.

However, it is important to mentioned that having your own domain name is important for brand awareness and so on. Therefore, getting started has almost a zero learning curve.

Zero Business Cost 

Secondly, aside the initial cost of buying the software and its perhaps the upsells, there is zero cost associated with running your business using this software.


For instance, you will not need to buy or domain name or pay yearly fees. Similarly, your affiliate site will be hosted for you 100% free. So, no associated hosting cost. Therefore, this is ideal if you are on a tight budget.


Done For You Bonuses

Thirdly, the product creators have provided you a load of Commission Creator bonuses that you can use to boost sales. Because, a lot of times, buyer decisions are affected by their perceived value of the bonuses they are offered.

This here, is one of the strategies that super affiliates deploy to make huge sales online.

Save Time With Commission Creator

Fourthly, you will be saving a lot of time since you have the content already done for you. So, all you will need to do is to drive targeted traffic to your affiliate site and then build your buyer list.

One of my bonuses will be how to build a buyer list on Warriorplus and JVZoo platforms.

Passive Recurring Income

Additionally, you get to create streams of income. You see, once you activate the various campaigns and drive targeted traffic to your affiliate sites, you can make sales therefore affiliate commissions while you sleep.

Available Worldwide

Again, the products you will be promoting on Commission Creator are available world. Perhaps except for products on ClickBank. 

This is because ClickBank prohibits residents of certain countries from promoting offers on their platform. Not to worry, you have adequate products from Warriorplus and JVZoo that you can promote.

Winning Products In Commission Creator

So one area that the experience of the product creators come to play is in selecting the right products to promote. Therefore, Chris and his team have for you a total of 50 winning products on the Front End you can promote.


These basically are the some of the best converting products. Again, this is one of the key strategy of highly successful affiliates. Another important strategy is in creating congruent funnels.


Low One-Time Payment For Commission Creator

Also, Commission Creator comes at a low one time payment of $17 (you can actually get it for $14). 


In my opinion, it is a no brainer given the value you can get from it especially if you are just starting out or you want to add a stress free stream of passive income. Of course on the FE, there are no recurring costs.


Integration With SyndRanker and Content Spinning Software

The software integrates with SyndRanker and four different content spinning service providers. SyndRanker is software that blasts your content to 15 different social media platforms on autopilot.


Then, the content spinning software is to create you a unique content.


Grow Your Email List With Commission Creator

Furthermore, Commission Creator integrates with Mailchimp and Mailchimp offers a free version to some extent. 


Therefore, you can build your email list completely free using the DFY bonuses as lead magnets and MailChimp as your autoresponder.


However, you can be more aggressive with your lead generation by offering more valuable lead magnets. This here is another strategy the super affiliates use. 


Conversion Boosters

In addition, there are in-built features that you can setup to boost conversion and sales. For instance, you can add your Google pixel on your affiliate sites no able you to retarget leads that land on your site.

Also, you could add other conversion boosters. And here again is another strategy the higher online income earners use. 

Training In The Member’s Area

Within the member’s area of Commission Creator, you will find adequate and congruent training videos to enable you to correctly setup this software and start making money with it.

Additionally, you will be getting in-depth step-by-step training from Chris on how to be successful with affiliate marketing.  

Experienced Product Creators

Chris and his team are highly experienced product creators. They bring their experience to bear in the simplicity and effectiveness of this products. 

Furthermore, they have the infrastructure to provide you the needed support should the need arise. 

Congruent Bonus

Also, you will be getting congruent bonuses.

30 Days Money-back guarantee When You Buy Commission Creator

Finally, there is a 30 days money-back guarantee when you buy this software. The implication, therefore, is that you have 30 days to try this software out completely risk free.

So, if for any reason the products falls below hype, you basically can ask for a refund. But, in my opinion, you will have no need to ask for refund.

What You Get With Commission Creator
What You Get With Commission Creator

How To Make Commission Creator Work For You

Watch The Commission Creator Training Videos   

Firstly, to make sure you setup your Commission Creator correctly, you will want to watch the training video.

Also, carefully watch the affiliate marketing training from Chris without missing out on anything. Furthermore, you may need to check out our bonuses on social media marketing and affiliate marketing. 

Create Or Optimize Your Social Media Platforms    

Secondly, you will need to create your social media accounts on the different platforms depending on your niche. 

Additionally, you will need to optimize your accounts on the various platforms and ensure the branding is consistent across various platforms. For instance, LinkedIn.

Also of significant importance is you need to engage with content of influencers and big accounts in your niche. As this will assist you to build your audience over time. 

Brand Awareness    

Thirdly, you may want to start providing valuable content on the various social media platforms. Because people generally will buy from those they know, like and trust

Use Giveaway Strategy    

Fourthly, once you begin to understand your audience, you can use giveaways to get viral traffic. You could get this done passively through automation

Build Your Email List    

A very important aspect of building a long lasting business is in building a highly responsive e-mail list. Because once you have a responsive list, you can always make sales on demand. 

Irrespective of your business, do not send your lead directly to the sales page. Instead, build a sales funnel to get by far better results over a long period of time.

Some More Training    

As you begin to see results, you may need to get more and more training. For instance, this training shows you modern strategy that works excellently. 


And this is another strategy super affiliates use and talk a lot less about.


Time For Growth    

Then, as soon as you start generating some online income, you will want to invest in a domain name and then your own hosting service. 

Also, you will want to build funnels and pay for more laser targeted traffic to rapidly grow your business.

For instance, you can invest in social media influencers to quickly grow your social media following.


Sample Of Commission Creator DFY Website
Sample Of Commission Creator DFY Website

The Sales Funnel

Front End Commission Creator $17 (Early Bird Price)    

In the front end, you will get the Commission Creator software plus the Done For You bonuses. Also, you will be getting free training on what to do to be successful with affiliate marketing.

However, you will be limited to promote only the preloaded affiliate offers.

OTO1 Commission Creator Unlimited Edition $29/$17     

The OTO1 unlocks the software and gives you access to promote unlimited affiliate offers from the Warriorplus, JVZoo and ClickBank Platforms.

OTO2 Commission Creator Autopilot Edition $39/$27    

When you go for the OTO2, you will be able to unlock 60X campaigns daily and a total of 1,500 preloaded campaigns. Meaning, you have more campaigns to promote.

OTO3 Commission Creator DFY Edition $197/$97    

In the OTO3, Chris and his team will setup your Commission Creator for you. So, you only need to provide your affiliate link.

OTO4 Commission Creator Reseller Rights $197/$97    

With OTO4, you will sell this software as your own and earn 100% commission across the funnel while Chris and his team handle everything else including customer service.

OTO5 Commission Creator Mega BundleDFY Edition $97/$77    

Get access to 37 software from Chris and his team when you buy OTO5.


The Bonuses You Will Get For Buying Commission Creator Through This Page

  1. Affiliate Funnel Bot
  2. Reseller Bot
  3. Traffic Generating Resources
  4. Facebook Power House
  5. Action Poll
  6. PinMarketer
  7. SociUltima
  8. Social Media Marketing Boost
  9. Facebook Live Video Engager
  10. Influencer Marketing
  11. Facebook Power House
  12. Instagram Marketing
  13. 100 Killer Headline Ideas
  14. 51 Social Media Marketing Methods
  15. Email Marketing Cheat Sheet
  16. ClickBank Passive Income Super-Success Affiliate Program
  17. Traffic Source Rolodex
  18. ClickBank Mastery eCourse
  19. Snowball Traffic
  20. ClickBank Super Affiliate Boot Camp
  21. WP Squeeze Questions


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