CloudFunnels Review: Every Tool You Need For Your Business In A Box

This is Not Just A Robust Funnel And Page Builder, CloudFunnels Presents Virtually Every Single Tool You Will Need For Your Online Business In A Box With Just A One Time Payment


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What Is CloudFunnels All About?

CloudFunnels is a very robust and one of a kind system that provides users with a complete set of tools required to successfully do online because it is all you will need to do online. 

In other words, with this software, you do not need any other marketing tools to do your online business. This is true for the following reasons:

Page and Funnel Builder

Firstly, this software is a page builder and comes with done for you templates that you can easily customize. In fact, every aspect of the templates can be customized to build you stunning pages.

Furthermore, it comes with an option for you to either create your own page from scratch or import a completely done page.

In addition, CloudFunnels is a Funnel builder with a simple drag and drop interface. Again, it is completely newbie friendly because it provides you with funnel formats and templates. 

Also, there are various funnel types and each can be completely customized.

Create Both Free and Paid Membership Sites

Secondly, with this software, you are enabled to create both free and paid membership sites to keep your customer within.

This is so that you can deepen the relationship with your leads that come in through the funnels and subsequently, make them buying customers.

One way to engage your members could be through the use of high quality PLRs related to the kind of digital product or service you may want them to buy in the future. 

Email Marketing Tool

Thirdly, the software integrates with autoresponders and SMTPs to give you a very powerful e-mail marketing software. 

Actually, you can choose to use this software’s in-built autoresponder system without having to pay or subscribe for autoresponder services. 

In other words, you can achieve email automation with this system without paying for autoresponder services. Although, with an SMTP or autoresponder, you get to unleash the amazing power of this software.

In-built Data Analytics, Conversion Boosters And Payment Gateways

Thirdly, CloudFunnels comes with a very robust data collection and analytics system including A/B split testing and the rest. 

Furthermore, the system allows you to integrate other applications such as Google Analytics, Facebook Pixel, popup, timers and other tools that boost conversion and sales.

In addition, you can easily integrate payment gateways of major payment platforms such as Paypal, Stripe, Warrior Plus and JVZooo. 

Thus you can initiate and conclude all your online transactions within this software

Built-In Traffic Generation System and Integration With Zapier 

Fourthly, you can have your pages and funnels rank for specific keywords on search engines to get you free and viral traffic. 

This is achieved using the AMP (Accelerated Mobile Pages) that Google loves, mobile response pages, on-page SEO, caching that in turn will make the pages faster and therefore rank better.

Also, this system integrates with Zapier.

Host With Multiple Service Providers

CloudFunnels can easily be hosted on your own server, with your existing host provider or the servers of Google or Amazon.

In other words, you can actually host this software with several providers.


Allow Multiple Users And Completely GDPR

Furthermore, with this software, you can assign user certain privileges to be able to manage various aspects of your online business as you deem it fit.

Finally, the entire system is GDPR compliant.

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Watch our CloudFunnels walkthrough video to seen us break down some of the features that come with this amazing software.



Why You Should Get CloudFunnels

Easy To Use And All Your Resources In A Box

Firstly, the CloudFunnels is very easy to use once, however, you finally have it set up. Every aspect of the pages and funnels you build can be easily customized using the system’s drag and drop feature.

In addition, virtually every tool you need for your business is in this system. In essence, it is a one-stop-shop for all your online business needs. 

As a result, the stress and problems associated with managing various platforms and business tools which are before now located in various systems are eliminated.

For instance, also, you easily integrate payment gateways on your site to major payment sites.

This, however, posses a concentration risk because if you have your entire online business in this software and should for any reason this system goes down or suffers a shutdown, your business is likely to suffer significantly.

Option To Connect To Various Hosting Platforms

Secondly, You are in complete control of the system as you contracted the hosting. For this reason and to that extent, you determine predominately what happens.

Furthermore, since you can host with various host service providers, should one system encounter a problem, you can easily switch or activate another service provider.

Save Cost

Thirdly, imagine the huge costs associated with running your business because of the use of several business applications and tools. 

For instance, paying for a Page/funnel builder, paying to maintain premium membership sites, webinar hosting software, analytic tools, an autoresponder (the system has an in-built autoresponder), and the rest. 

With the one time payment for CloudFunnels, all the associated recurring costs can be significantly reduced if not completely eliminated.

Robust Training On How To Use The Software And How To Setup Funnels

Fourthly, inside the member’s area, you get a very robust training on how to use the various features of the software. Of a truth, there are several features and so are the videos.

Furthermore, in the training area of the software you learn how to setup funnels correctly and other setups that will help you grow your business using this software.

GDPR Compliance

In addition, the software ensures that you comply fully with GDPR requirements.

Make Money Right Off CloudFunnels

For instance, If you buy during the launch period, you immediately get the commercial license rights that will allow you to build funnels for your clients and make a profit out of it.

Similarly, you can easily create funnels and sell them for profit.

Create Unlimited Funnels, Unlimited Visitors and Others

In fact, there is a whole lot of other advantages this software has over page/funnel builders. For instance, you can create unlimited funnels and have unlimited visitors to your sites.

In addition, you can link CloudFunnels to 15 sites whereas other page/funnel builders will only allow far less than this number.

Furthermore, you can drive free traffic using on-page SEO and AMP, which Google loves so much.

In addition, you will get 200 email swipes for the product creators.

Money-back Guarantee

Finally, you get a 30 days money-back guarantee when you buy CloudFunnels. Therefore, this to a safety net for you. Such that, you can ask for a refund if it does not meet your need.

The Sales Funnel

CloudFunnels Front End $37. (Early Bird Price)

  •  Monthly CloudFunnels Elite $27
  • Yearly CloudFunnels Elite $37 (One Time Price)

OTO 1 CloudFunnels Pro Upgrade – $97/DS $1 (Trial)

In the OTO 1, you will get the following Pro features activated:

  • Support for up to 10 sites
  • In built support for payment networks
  • Zapier integration
  • 5 new templates
  • 2 years free upgrade
  • Multi-page Funnels

OTO 2 CloudFunnels Agency – $127

Here, you are enabled to sell CloudFunnels accounts and keep 100% of the profit

OTO 3 CloudFunnels Template Club – $20 per month

In this OTO3, you get 4 new templates every month for multiple niches.

OTO 4 CloudFunnels Stockbin – $37

Here, you get a huge collection of media assets to enrich to your content on your promotion pages and social media platform.

Note, these are over 100,000 stock images, videos, icons, vectors and audio contents.

CloudFunnels Sales Funnel

The Bonuses You Will Get For Buying CloudFunnels Through This Page

  1. Done For You Installation Of Cloud Funnel
  2. 100 Killer Headline Ideas
  3. Over 800 Royalty Free Graphics
  4. SEO Skills Mastery
  5. Over 200 customisable Logos
  6. 2,500 High Converting E-mail Swipes
  7. Snow Ball Traffic
  8. The Secret Weapon
  9. Urgency Suite Pro
  10.  Social Media Boom
  11. How To Market On Social Media and Gain Followers
  12. Traffic Machine
  13. The Lost Code
  14. 25 Proven Traffic Methods
  15. List Building Expert
  16. Turbo GIF Animator
  17.  $200 Cash Hack
  18. $2K CPA Traffic Jacker
  19. $250 Cash Magnet
  20. The Commission Glitch
  21. Six Figure Influx
  22. Million Dollar Toolbox
  23. Overnight Commissions
  24. Commission Toolbox
  25. Pure Profit Payday
  26. $100 CPA Daily
  27. Commission Profit Hack
  28. Instant Traffic Jacker
  29. The Commission Magnet 
  30. The Commission Blueprint 
  31. Lifetime Recurring Commission Affiliate Program

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