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Product Name: Campaign Converter   

Description: A detailed step-by-step training video that shows you how proven-to-work method of making money online, and also how to 10X your earnings using bonuses. Also, you get free resources that will make the process a lot easier.

In addition, it provides you with 50 Done For You bonuses that you can start using immediately. Furthermore, it walks you through how to drive traffic to the offers you promote.

Also, we highlighted the several benefits to enjoy when you buy Campaign Converter. 

Additionally, you will get congruent bonuses from the vendor and also bonuses from us when through this page.

Furthermore, the sales funnel comprises of the front End and OTO1 to OTO5

Lunch Date: 21-March-2021 (10:00 AM EST) To 24-March-2021 (11:59 PM EST)

Creator: Dawud Islam and James Kennedy

Front End Price:  $12.95 (Early Bird Price). 

Bonuses: Yes, 5 Congruent bonuses from the vendor. In addition, you will get additional bonuses from us  

Any Guarantees?: 30 Days

Recommended: Highly Recommended

User Guide and Training In Member's Area
Easy To Use
Product Adaptability To Change
Overall Rating 90.0%


  • Aside the initial investment, almost zero cost
  • Completely newbie friendly
  • Very affordable
  • Build passive streams of income
  • Grow your email list
  • Evergreen
  • Worldwide application
  • Free tools and resources
  • 50 Done For You Bonuses
  • Free Squeeze page


  • Need for OTO1 ro learn advanced strategy. However given the price of the FE, I think it is justified.


Campaign Converter is ideal to get started with if you want to make money online or if you are already into  internet marketing but not making enough money online. Because it provides you with the contemporary, proven-to-convert strategies to make money online using step-by-step easy to implement training videos.

In addition, you will get free resources that will enable you to make by far more benefit from the course including 50 Done For You bonuses that will ensure you 10X your earnings. Also, the product creator recommends some paid tools to scale things up.

In my opinion, this product comes with all positive and almost no negative. For instance, it is an evergreen product and opens the door to a whole lot of opportunities in the internet marketing space.  

Furthermore, it comes with a 30 days money back guarantee. 

Therefore, I highly recommend Campaign Converter.


What Is Campaign Converter All About?

Campaign Converter is a detailed step-by-step video training course that walks you through contemporary, proven to succeed methods of making money online and how to 10X your income.

In addition to the detailed step-by-step training video, Dawud Islam and his business partner will give you resources such as premium quality Done For You bonuses, landing page builder that will ensure you succeed.

Furthermore, you will learn how to overcome the singular most important problem in online business. Yes, and that is how to generate traffic. Dawud in this Campaign Converter training course covers that also.

So, if you need to learn the secrets super affiliates are deploying nowadays to make income online, then you will need to get this course.


About The Creators Of Campaign Converter

ampaign Converter Creators

Dawud Islam is a highly experienced affiliate marketer and product creator.

Currently, he’s a top 5% affiliate and top 10% product creator on Warriorplus platform.

Therefore, he knows exactly what he’s talking about, putting this product together.

So some of his products include Tigers Traffic, Wombat Wealth, Animal Kingdom Anarchy, Lions Listing, and so on.




Why You Should Get Campaign Converter

Completely Newbie Friendly

Firstly, Campaign Converter reveals some secrets deployed by super affiliates that are completely newbie friendly. With this training course, you can quickly grow your earnings online

Free Resources 

Secondly, Dawud and his business partner James Kennedy provides you free resources that will enable you get your campaigns to convert better. In addition, he recommends some paid options you can work with.


Evergreen Method

Thirdly, the methods covered in this course are evergreen. Furthermore, there are contemporary mix to it. Basically, Dawud and his business partner reveals some of the secrets super affiliates use daily to bank big.

Works In Any Niche

Fourthly, this training finds application in any niche. Simply learn the fundamentals, use the resources provided and apply it to any niche you so wish.

Drive Free Traffic

Also, Dawud covers a lot of free traffic strategy and this is super important for your business to succeed. Besides, he has quite a lot of no BS digital products. 


Take this advantage to get most of them all for a low one-time price here. Also, you can multiply your free traffic into a viral one,  all on complete autopilot


 Build Email List

As the saying goes, the money is in the list. And exactly this you will get from Campaign Converter. Because Dawud shows you how to build your email list.

But it is by far better to build a highly engaged email list as this is sure to generate you more income for a long time to come. 

50 Done For You Bonuses

Again, one of the secrets of the super affiliates is in offering congruent bonuses. Though I’m not a super affiliate yet, but you can see I offer bonuses to make Campaign Converter more appealing to you.

So, you will get 50 high quality Done For You bonuses that you can use to increase your sales. Furthermore, you can use them as bonuses.

VIP Membership

Also, Dawud offers you a special VIP membership in his Facebook group where he offers weekly training. So, you can take this as an opportunity to learn new methods and hacks that work.

Experienced Product Creators

Dawud Islam is an experienced product creator with years of internet and affiliate marketing experience. Also, he a seasoned product creator and provides video trainings that truly work.

Besides, Dawud is known to be very accessible and super ready to assist. I speak from personal experience.

Congruent Bonuses

Furthermore, you will get 5 congruent bonuses when you buy Campaign Converter.

Also, you will be getting congruent bonuses from me when you buy through my affiliate link.

30 Days Money-back guarantee When You Buy Campaign Converter

Again, there is a 30 days money-back guarantee when you buy this training course. Therefore, you have absolutely nothing to worry about. Because if the product does not meet your expectation, you can ask for a refund.

But I’m of the opinion that this product will most likely exceed your expectation

Campaign Converter Stuff
Campaign Converter Review

How To Make Campaign Converter Work For You

Watch The Training Videos   

Firstly, watch the training videos over and over again until you have a good understand of what you are expected to do. But if you are completely new to affiliate marketing and do not understand somethings, do not worry.

Just watch the videos again. Also, you will need to go through the bonuses as you are sure to get a lot of resources from there that will enhance your performance.

Take Massive Actions    

Secondly, now watch the videos again and begin to take step-by-step actions with each video you watch. Do not be afraid to make mistakes. Because mistakes are a path to success.

Note that one way to drive traffic to your offers is through LinkedIn. Simply utilize it to grow your email list

Similarly, you may want to take advantage of Instagram to build your list and sell your products. Also, automating your social media marketing strategies with affordable SaaS tools can be of immense benefits

Build Your Funnels and Build Your Email List    

Fourthly, you will want to use your free funnel builder to quickly build your landing pages to build your email list and begin to promote offers.

Then, if you want something more than the free funnel builder, you could opt for Breeze Funnels and then try  Aweber, an autoresponder that integrates with Breeze Funnels. They offer a free service up to your first 500 subscribers.

Then, you will need to engage your email list with helpful emails and information that will make them like and trust you down the funnel.

Promote With Bonuses    

Of course, and as you will learn in this course, promote your offers with bonuses. At some point, you may need additional bonuses and you can create your own bonuses. Also PLRs could be helpful.

Additionally, you get DFY LeadFunnels, a software that provides you quality products to promote and even more DFY bonuses.

Scale Things Up    

Finally, once you start getting some results, you may want to invest in some software, paid ads and more automation. Because these will enable you create passive streams of income.

For instance, investing in influencer marketing will see you get more laser targeted traffic, lead conversion and sales. Also, you could create your own products and this will generate you better revenue. 


The Sales Funnel

Front End Campaign Converter $12.95 (Early Bird Price)    

In the front end, you will learn how to create campaigns like the super affiliates and how to 10X your income. Further, you will get 50 Done For You bonuses and how to use them to earn even more.

OTO1 Campaign Converter Bonus Rights $37/$17     

The OTO1 you will get 100 additional Done For You bonuses to enable you to even scale up your business. Also, you will get advanced training and technics to increase sales

OTO2 Campaign Converter Executive Club $37/$17    

OTO2 will ensure you get notified at least a week before the launch of a new product by Dawud. Also, you will get review copy and guaranteed approval to promote the product.

Furthermore, you will make 100% commission when you make a sale on the front end  product. 

OTO3 Campaign Converter Reseller Rights $37/S17    

In the OTO3, you be able to sell Campaign converter as your own and make 100% commission across the sales funnel.

OTO4 Campaign Converter DFY Weekly Review $97/$47    

When you buy the Campaign Converter OTO4, Dawud and his team will provide you 3 reviews every week of products that are launching, review and demo videos, as well as bonus pages.

However, you will need Commission Gorilla to be able to enjoy this service.

OTO5 Commission Converter Total Traffic Fix $197/$97    

With OTO5, you will be able to promote your landing pages on Dawud’s 25 membership sites in the make money online niche. Furthermore, you will be able to place your banners on the 25 sites permanently.

In addition, you will get VIP upgrade at all the 25 sites to get traffic avalanche.


The Bonuses You Will Get For Buying Campaign Converter Through This Page

  1. The Lost Code
  2. 2,500 Email Swipes
  3. Urgency Suite Pro
  4. iGram Machine
  5. Grow Your Email List In 30 Days
  6. Commission Profit Hack
  7. Snowball Traffic
  8. Traffic Sites Rolodex
  9. How To Write Captivating Emails That Get Opened
  10. Rapid Income Fast Funnel
  11. Free Traffic Frenzy
  12. Zero To $100 A Day
  13. Instant Traffic For Pennies
  14. Overnight Commissions
  15. Pure Profit Pay days
  16. ClickBank Super Affiliate Strategy
  17. Facbook photo Contest
  18. ClickBank Mastery Course
  19. Secret Commission Machine
  20. LinkedIn Autopost Machine
  21. WP Web Transformer
  22. ClickBank Super Affiliate BootCamp


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