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Breeze Funnels
Breeze Funnels


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Product Name: Breeze Funnels   

Description: A cloud-based funnel builder that allows you to search high traffic pins from Pinterest for inspiration to build you Pinterest content. Additionally, you can use same impression to build the landing pages of your funnels to increase opt-ins and conversion.

In addition, you can 50 ads free using this software.

Also, there are several benefits to enjoy when you buy Breeze Funnels. For instance, once you get it for a low one-time price during the product launch, there will be no recurring costs. Imagine having Clickfunnels at a low one-time payment.

Similarly, you will get congruent bonuses from us when you buy this software through this page.

Furthermore, the sales funnel comprises of the front End and OTO1 to OTO6

Lunch Date: 18-March-2021 (10:00 AM EST) To 24-March-2021 (11:59 PM EST)

Creator: Venkata Ramana

Front End Price:  $16.98 (Early Bird Price). You can actually get a discount if you attempt to exit the page

Bonuses: Yes, 4 Congruent bonuses from the vendor. In addition, you will get additional bonuses from me  

Any Guarantees?: 180 Days

Recommended: Highly Recommended

User Guide and Training In Member's Area
Easy To Use
Product Adaptability To Change
Overall Rating 89.38%


  • Very affordable
  • No recurring costs (if you buy during the product launch)
  • Domain name or hosting service not necessary
  • Build passive streams of income
  • Grow your email list
  • Pinterest search software integrated
  • Autoresponder integration
  • Free lead magnets
  • Evergreen
  • Viable Clickfunnels alternative
  • Create ads and get keywords completely free
  • 180 days money-back guarantee
  • Available worldwide


  • Need for upsells to create more funnels or campaigns
  • Too many upsales


Breeze Funnels is a very viable Clickfunnels alternative and comes at a low one-time price of $16.98 (early bird price) for the front end. Besides, it does not a recurring cost element. It is, therefore, a complete no brainer. So, you save cost as you grow your business.

Furthermore, it integrates with Pinterest to pull out pins with high traffic for you to use them as inspiration to create your own pins as well as design your landing pages. Essentially, it brings a whole lot of amazing features that will enable you grow your business.

For instance, you will be getting premium products you can use as lead magnets to build your email list and this for me is priceless. 

However, the fact that you can only create 10 landing pages when you buy the front end, for me, is very limiting. So, if you need to create additional funnels, you will need to go for the upsells. Unlike in other digital products where the OTO1 provides you access to unlimited campaigns, Breeze Funnels still limits you to specific number of campaigns.

This not withstanding, it is still a very good product that will solve your funnel building problems, build you an email list and help in your journey to create passive income.

Furthermore, you will get 4 premium bonuses from the vendor and I have also added even more congruent bonuses that will enable you get even more value from this software. Also, there is a 30 days money-back guarantee that makes investing in it completely risk free.

Therefore, I highly recommend that you buy Breeze Funnels should getting a cutting edge funnel builder resonate with you. 


What Is Breeze Funnels All About?

Breeze is a cloud-based funnel building software that will enable you to build highly responsive funnels around your business. For it comes with done for you templates, themes and designs that you can easily customize.

This is so as to increase your sales, grow your email list, increase customer retention and above all, build your business while growing your streams of passive income.

In addition, and very importantly, it allows you to search popular and viral content from Pinterest based on keywords and to use such content as an inspiration to create your own pins as well as build your own landing pages.

Furthermore, Breeze Funnels integrates with popular autoresponders such as Aweber, GetResponse, iContact, Active Campaign and Go To Webinar to enable you to build your email list on complete autopilot.

In essence, it is a ClickFunnels alternative but with benefits that makes it completely newbie friendly in terms of its affordability.

Additionally, the product creators have put together done for you lead magnets that will enable you to build your email list.



About The Creator Of Breeze Funnels

Breeze Funnels Creator

Venkata Ramana is the creator of Breeze Funnels. A seasoned product creator and internet marketer.

He comes with several years of experience in the internet marketing and SaaS application creation space.

Some of his most recent products are Rush, Wizzard and Fusedd.

Therefore, he has a good understanding of what products provide much needed value.




Why You Should Get Breeze Funnels

Super Affordable

Firstly, Breeze Funnels is super affordable. With a low $17 (early bird price) one-time payment, that is the only investment you need to get this software. 

Also, there are no recurring costs even as a viable ClickFunnels alternative.

No Need For Domain Name Or Web Hosting

Secondly, you also save cost because you will not need a domain name or web hosting service to make Breeze Funnels work for you. 


But then, for your long term success in online business, you will need a domain name. Also, you may want to opt for a web hosting service that is affordable and without recurring cost (at the time of this review) 

If you have a domain name, you can integrate the software with your domain. To do this, however, you will need to opt for Breeze Funnel OTO1.


Completely Newbie Friendly

Thirdly, it is completely newbie friendly. Because there is a near zero learning curve with this software. 

As the entire process of building your funnels are very simplified and it only takes a couple of minutes to build your funnels. Furthermore, you have stunning templates you can select from to quicken the proces,

Search For Viral Content On Pinterest

Fourthly, this software comes with an additional feature that will enable you to search for viral and popular pins on Pinterest using key words. Then, you can use such pins as inspiration to create your own pins and landing pages.

To do this, you simply do a search within the software and you are allowed 50 searches a month on the front end.

Image Editor

Furthermore, Breeze Funnels comes with an image editor that enables you to edit images by adding text and others


SEO, Tracking and Analytics

Also, this comes with provision to optimize your keywords and meta descriptions to enable your landing pages rank for specific keywords. 


Additionally, you can place your Google and Bing pixels on your landing pages to enable you to target leads to your site with cheaper retargeting ads from Google and Bing.


Similarly, you have in-built analytics on your dashboard that will enable you to understand where your traffic is coming from, how long your audience are staying on your landing pages and so on.


Build Email List

This funnel builder integrates seamlessly with Aweber, GetResponse, IContact, MailChimp and Active Campaign and can be used to grow your email list as well as build your business passively.

Works In Any Niche

Another reason why you should get Breeze Funnels is that it works for just any niche. 

Even if you are completely new to the niche and you need to build a list and make sales, with the Pinterest search feature, you are more than half way there. 

Help With Ads Templates and Keywords Research

Furthermore, if you need help with producing template, content and keywords for your paid ads, Breeze Funnels will help you with 50 ads (for the Front End and even more for the OTOs) that completely free.

Robust Training and Tutorials

Also, within the member’s area of this software, you will find robust training on how to get started with paid ads with Bing. Furthermore, there is a training on how to autoresponders.

Then, there are detailed step-by-step training and demo videos on how to use the software.

Integrate With Your Website

Now depending on which of the Breeze Funnels OTOs you go for, you are able to integrate this software with your WordPress website. Then, you can have your funnels integrated with your website.

Experienced Product Creators

Venkata Ramana is a highly experienced product creator and this definitely reflects in the products he creates. Then, you can be sure of 24/7 support should you run into any problem using this software.

Congruent Bonuses

Furthermore, you will get 4 congruent Breeze Funnel bonuses from for buying this software. For instance, you get Big Ticket Affiliate,  $158 discount on OTO1, giveaways to enable you make better sales, and finally, Black Ops Profit Tricks.

Additionally, you will be getting congruent bonuses from me when you buy through my affiliate link.

180 Days Money-back guarantee

Again, when you buy Breeze Funnels, there is a 180 days money-back guarantee. Therefore, you have absolutely nothing to worry about. Because if the product does not meet your expectation, you can ask for a refund.

But I’m of the opinion that this product will most likely exceed your expectation

Breeze Funnels Features
Breeze Funnels Features

How To Make Breeze Funnels Work For You

Watch The Tutorial and Training Videos Inside Breeze Funnels   

Firstly, and importantly, you will need to watch the training videos to know how to correctly setup and properly use the Breeze Funnels.

Then, you will want to learn how to drive paid traffic to your landing pages. This so as to take advantage of the free 50 ads sets that you get when you buy this software.

Take Massive Actions    

Secondly, you will need to create social media accounts that will reflect your brand because you will need your audience to know, like and trust you. 

For instance, you can take advantage of LinkedIn to grow your list and sell products that resonate with your audience.

Also, you may want to leverage Instagram to build your list and sell your products. However, you may decide to automate your social media marketing strategies with affordable SaaS tools.

Create Or Source Rich Content    

Thirdly, you may need to create or source for quality content around the products you intend to promote. This is especially because if you are going the route of free traffic. As they say, content is king! 

One source of rich content is PLR. So, the overall idea is for you to provide value across social media platforms. If you have a blog, fine also. This is to enable you to benefit from SEO traffic.

Also, you can use an Instagram software called Classic Traffic Pro (watch our review video below) to curate content from Instagram amongst other stuff you can do with it.

Build Your Funnels and Build Your Email List    

Fourthly, you will need to build your funnels using Breeze Funnels and integrate your autoresponder. If you are on a tight budget, you can try Aweber. They offer a free service up to your first 500 subscribers.

Then, you will need to engage your email list with helpful emails and information that will make them like and trust you down the funnel.

Promote Your Offers With Bonuses    

Additionally, when you promote your offers, you want to offer quality congruent bonuses. Because these are know to accelerate sales. PLRs again are a good source of getting quality bonuses.

Scale Things Up    

Finally, when you start making sales, you will need to invest in software, training and other resources such as better and more premium leads magnets and bonuses. 

These are to increase lead conversion and sales. 

Furthermore, you will need to invest in paid ads to drive laser targeted traffic to your landing pages. One such effective method is Influencer marketing.



Watch Review Video

Of Classic Traffic Pro

The Sales Funnel

Breeze Funnels Features
Breeze Funnels Features OTO1
Breeze Funnels OTO2 and 3

Front End Breeze Funnels $17 (Early Bird Price)    

In the front end, you will get the core Breeze Funnels software with the following features: landing pages in 10 different categories, create 10 funnels, free 150 searches in any niche for high traffic pins on Pinterest per month.

Furthermore, you get an image editor and also download the images created for upload to Pinterest. Also, you download 50 ads using specific keywords. In addition, you can syndicate to 5 social media platform.

OTO1 Breeze Funnels Unlimited $39     

The OTO1 present you additional features. For instance, you can create 100 funnels, landing pages in 15 categories, 450 free searches per month, upload your own images, create and download unlimited campaigns.

Also, you can syndicate to 7 social media platforms, clone funnels, publish to your WP websites and so on.

OTO2 Breeze Funnels Automation $39/$29    

OTO2 allows you to automate some of the processes. For instance, create automated pages and funnels, you are automatically given titles, tags and description to select from. 

Additionally, you can create 300 campaigns across 20 landing pages categories and so on.

OTO3 Breeze Funnels Done For You $197/S97    

In the OTO3, you will get 10 reseller products with materials for promoting the products including videos. Additionally, you will get 90% commission for every sale made.

OTO4 Breeze Funnels Agency $39/$29    

OTO4 allows you to sell Breeze Funnels as you own and keep 100% profit.

OTO5 Breeze Funnels 1k Week V5 $97/$77    

OTO5 provides you an system that will enable you to profit from affiliate marketing through providing video instructions and 10 done for you products.

OTO6 Breeze Funnels Bundle $127    

When you buy the OTO6, you get 3-in-1 bundle of the software and this includes their OTOs.


The Bonuses You Will Get For Buying Breeze Funnels Through This Page

  1. Spyyc
  2. Sociquick
  3. 25 YouTube Outro Clips (PLR)
  4. Infographics For Social Media
  5. How To Grow Your Email List In 30 Days
  6. 2,500 Email Swipes
  7. Snowball Traffic
  8. Reactor
  9. 800 Royalty Free Graphics
  10. 40 Premium PLR Products
  11. Pinterest Traffic Avalanche
  12. 700K Monthly Traffic Case Study
  13. Ultimate Passive Income
  14. Traffic Source Rolodex
  15. Internet Marketing Metrics
  16. High Ticket Affiliate Offers To Promote
  17. Modern Email Marketing and Segmentation
  18. Instant Traffic For Pennies
  19. 51 Social Media Marketing Methods
  20. Email Marketing Cheat Sheet
  21. Facebook Power House


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