Anti-Anxiety Formula PLR Review: Live A Stress-Free and Productive Life

Anti-Anxiety Formula PLR
Anti-Anxiety Formula PLR

Anti-Anxiety Formula PLR- Introduction

Hello and welcome to my Anti-Anxiety Formula PLR review. However, before I go ahead with the review, I will want to define what anxiety is.

Simply put, anxiety is that feeling of fear and apprehension that we feel about what is come. It is a normal emotion that causes increase in mental alertness, fear, apprehension and physical signs such as increased heart rate.

In other words, anxiety is our body’s natural response to stress and stressful situations. In fact, it is a natural part of life and we cannot get rid of all anxiety. 

However, when it becomes extreme and the duration of the anxious feeling becomes prolonged compared and out of proportion to what gave rise to the anxiety, then it may be a disorder that will require medical intervention.  

Although some are able to leverage anxious moments to achieve great feats, for many more others, however, it is an obstacle that paralyzes them from taking any action thus prevents them from living their full potentials.

Therefore, it is this type of anxiety that Anti-Anxiety Formula PLR seeks to address. So, you are free from all inhibitions preventing you from success much like limiting beliefs

Anti-Anxiety Formula PLR Score Card At A Glance

Anti-Anxiety Formula PLR


Product Name: Anti-Anxiety Formula PLR

Description: A brand new PLR in the Health and Fitness Niche. In addition, it explains what anxiety is, identifies the triggers and also how to manage it in such a way that it does not affect one’s productivity as it is known to do.

Furthermore, you get professionally done sales promotion materials that will assist you to sell the product as a whole or in parts as you desire. This is because of the PLR right that comes with it.

Also, it comes with an FE and 4 OTOs with corresponding downsells. OTO4 which is the membership signup, however, has a recurring element. 

Lunch Date: 21-October-2019 (9:00 AM EST)

CreatorYu Shaun and Cally Lee  

Front End Price: $7.00 (Dime-sale: Price will go up with sales).

Bonuses: There are vendor bonuses when you buy the FE. Also, you get Mega bonuses when you buy upsell of OTO1. However, the bonuses are only available for those who buy with the launch period.

In any case, I have congruent bonuses for you that will help you sell the PLR and make a good profit from it. 

Any Guarantees?: No, money-back guarantees were not stated. However, this is synonymous with sale of PLR products.

Recommended: Very Highly Recommended

User Guide
Easy To Use
How Can Product Adapt To Change
Overall Rating 88.25%


  • Firstly, the course is very relevant to present everyday experience
  • Secondly, it is written in easy to understand language without the use of terminology that may make the subject difficult to understand
  • Thirdly, it is very high in demand, hence, buyers have a high likelihood of earn revenue from sell of the product
  • Fourthly, the product comes with premium quality promotional materials. As such, no additional cost will be incurred for promotion materials


  • You will need to buy OTO1 to be able to get more audio and video materials assuming you are interested in selling audio and video materials.


Anti-Anxiety Formula PLR is an exciting, easy to understand product which seeks to eradicate anxiety and its adverse effects on people. Adverse effects such as panic attacks, failing at the workplace and in relationships.

It also helps its reader to identify anxiety triggers and then, to take actionable steps to overcome fears and other past unpleasant situations which may have given rise limiting beliefs. It is indeed, a hand-holding experience.

Furthermore, it comes with a Front End (FE) which you must get to access other parts of the sales funnel. In other words, you must first buy the FE before any other part of the sales funnel.  


About The Creator

Yu Shaun and Cally Lee lead a team that produced Anti-Anxiety Formula PLR. They are very reputable in the PLR niche and have been very busy with several successful launches that have been well received.

In addition, some of their recent launches include Power Of Positive thinking PLRUnshakeable Confidence PLR, Success Principles PLR and a lot of others. 

In fact, they have the requisite experience given their several successful launches.
Anti-Anxiety Formula PLR
Yu Shaun and Cally Lee

What Is Anti-Anxiety Formula PLR All About?

Anti-Anxiety Formula PLR is a compendium that takes its readers through what exactly anxiety is and how it adversely affects their lives. Also, it reveals the possible triggers and the common physical symptoms associated with anxiety.

Furthermore, Anti-Anxiety Formula PLR covers proven and powerful strategies of how to overcome the anxiety which is preventing you from achieving your full potentials. Similarly, it advises against avoiding your fears as it only worsens the situation.   

In addition, it exhaustively discusses a step-by-step guide on how to overcome fear and panic attacks and how to change the thought process. 

This way, you do way with distorted thoughts that paralyze you from taking necessary actions to actualize your full potential.

Not only does it come with tons of information on overcoming limitation arising from anxiety, it also comes with a Private Label Right (PLR). Meaning, in addition, you become the legal owner of the product. 

Therefore, you can have your names written on the product as the owner. Furthermore, you can sell it in whole or in parts as your own and keep as 100% profit whatever sales you make.

Some Areas Covered In Anti-Anxiety Formula PLR

Some of the areas covered include the following:
  • What exactly is anxiety and how it negatively affects you?
  • Proven clinical therapy technique to address what triggers anxieties
  • 5 simple and easy steps to break through any obstacles in life
  • How to get rid of your biggest fears and become unstoppable
  • A simple and effective journaling technique to overcome anxiety
  • How to rewrite your life script and turn it into reality
  • Common bodily symptoms and signs of anxiety you need to know
  • How to identify belief systems that stop you from taking action
  • Why avoiding your fears will only make it worse and how to deal with it
  • How to erase past pain from your memory and let go forever
  • 9 practical steps to act on your fears and becoming the best version of yourself
  • How to block your mind from negative obsessions that cause deep anxious feelings
  • ‘Distorted’ thoughts that can paralyze you

Features and Benefits Of Anti-Anxiety Formula PLR

Personal Development

The ebook is a handbook on how to overcome the anxiety which affects several facets of human endeavour, therefore, limiting one from operating at ones potential. For instance, relationships and output at work suffer because of anxiety.  

In other words, this offers a comprehensive guide on how to deal with anxiety, stay positive always and achieve tremendous success by so doing. As a result, you experience better relationship at home and at the work place. 

Also, it comes with the added benefit that you learn how to support those undergoing anxious moments even when you are not an expert in the field. Thus, increasing your value as a person and save lives.


Investment in A Multiple Billion Dollar Industry

Also, you get an opportunity to invest in a Health and Wellness Industry that is worth over $60B. With the little amount required to buy the Front End, you are well on your way to earn from an ever green industry which is ever expanding.

In addition, you can reap bountifully from the investment because you can sell the product in whole or in parts for any amount you desire and at the same time keep the entire sales proceeds as 100% profit.

As a consequence, one of my bonuses will be an ebook that shows you how to convert an ebook into several ebooks.

Comes With Premium Quality Sales Material

PLR, you have the legal right to brand the product and have your name written on it as the author. Hence, you can sell and keep as 100% profit any sales you make from it.
Furthermore, Yu and Cally have gone ahead to provide premium quality sales videos, sale and thank you page, letter, professional landing pages, e-mail swipes and other graphic materials that will assist make good sales and profit. All at no extra cost.

Evergreen Topic

The Anti-Anxiety Formula is as evergreen a topic as it is vast. Therefore, this PLR product offers an endless possibility to how it can be put to use. For instance, a blogger in the Health and Wellness niche could break it down into several topics and curate it for his blog.
Similarly, it may be reworked for use on an e-learning platform. This is very promising because of the number of persons seeking knowledge in this area. Besides, owning and managing an e-learning platform is a lot easier now.
For instance, anxiety courses on Udemy are going for at least $11.39. Mind you, you do not have the right to own them as yours and they do not come with any premium quality sales materials for you to go with.
Also, the product in whole or parts can serve as a lead magnet to increase optin to your mailing list and conversion for those involved in affiliate marketing and webinars.

Who Will Find Anti-Anxiety Formula PLR Useful?

Everyone, from time to time, has some level of anxiety to deal with because it is a natural human reaction. Therefore, everyone will find this product useful. Because it provides actionable guide on how to deal with this emotion and all the negative impact associated with it.

In addition, anyone who has an e-learning website and wants to increase the quality and quantity of courses on their platform will find this PLR useful. 

Similarly, anyone who sells educational physical products can rework this product and sell them in the form of e-books, CDs and DVDs. Additionally, it can be converted into various languages and therefore increase market reach.

Also, affiliate marketers promoting products in the Health and Wellness niche can use it in whole or parts as lead magnets and bonuses to increase optin and sales respectively.

Product Evaluation and Pricing Of Anti-Anxiety Formula PLR

The product comes with a Front End and 6 OTOs

Front End (FE)

The FE comes with an early bird price of $7.00 and then goes up on dime sale. Also, check here for further information.
Furthermore, the following are what you will get when you pick up the FE:
  • Premium quality ebook
  • Complete check list
  • Comprehensive mind map
  • High converting sales page and Thank You page
  • Hypnotizing video sales letter
  • Exclusive lead magnet
  • Professional landing page
  • Follow-up e-mail swipes
  • Stunning graphics pack
  • License certificates
  • First Fast Action Bonus: PLR Powerhouse
  • Second Fast Action Bonus: Sales Funnel hacks
  • Third Fast Action Bonus: Unannounced bonuses

Even with the FE, you get the entire training course materials and relevant premium sales materials to enable you make sales and profit from this product


This comes at:

  • Anti-Anxiety Pro upgrade plus Mega Bonuses at $47.00
  • A downsell but without the Mega bonuses at $27.00 

The contents of OTO1 are as follows:

  • High quality videos upgrade
  • High converting upsell page
  • Professional video sales letter
  • Professional slides to all video
  • Complete video transcripts
  • MP3 Audio Files
  • Exclusive PLR to Pro upgrade
  • Mega Bonuses (However, only available to those who buy the Upsell at $47.00)

In fact this is most suitable for those who will want to sell the audio and video materials because they will have little or no reworking to do before producing audios and videos to sell.


This is the Done For You (DFY) section of the sales funnel. It comes in:

  • DFY Premium is going for $147.00
  • DFY Lite is the downsell variant and it is going for $77.00 


Similarly, OTO2 termed Health and Fitness PLR Bundle is selling for $97.00


Finally, OTO4. It is a recurring expense aspect of the funnel. Basically, it deals with PLR membership and has two variants:

  • PLR Gold Membership $197.00
  • PLR Silver Membership $27.00 

Additional Bonuses From The Product Creators

In addition, the creators provide the following SECRET bonuses for fast action takers:

Depression 101 valued at                   $157.00

Childhood Mental State valued at $187.00

Eat Your Way To Clam valued at     $167.00

Stress Combat valued at                   $187.00

Natural Depression Cure valued at  $157.00

Anti-Anxiety Formula PLR: Conclusion and Recommendation

Anti-Anxiety Formula PLR is indeed a timely release because it adds to the existing discussions and literature of an age long problem called anxiety. Also cases of persons requiring support for anxiety cases is on the increase. 

While anxiety is a normal emotion exhibited by humans, it has been known to hinder progress and development. Especially in our fast paced world with so many pressures and uncertainties.

Firstly, the course is in very easy to understand language without the terminologies and jargon associated Health and Fitness industry. Also, it comes with easy to follow guidelines on to deal with stress and anxiety triggers.

Simply put, with this handbook at your disposal, you can become an authority in Health and Fitness niche. Thus, you can become a resource person in the field and also help people dealing with mild anxiety.

Secondly, the industry is a massive $60B. So, the PLR status affords you as a buyer the opportunity to own and make some good earnings selling the products. This is so because of the number of those seeking help in managing anxiety.

Thirdly, even if you buy just the FE, you are sure to get valuable promotion materials to enable you sell the product without needing to spend on creating promotion items. 

However, with OTO1, you get more materials you can easily convert to audio and video content for sell without doing much work thus increasing your profit.

Furthermore, this course can be hosted as is to your e-learning platform or reworked to meet your standard and then hosted on your for revenue generation.

On a final note, I highly recommend that you buy Anti-Anxiety Formula PLR.


My Bonuses To Go With Anti-Anxiety Formula PLR

When you buy this product through my affiliate link, you will get the following congruent bonuses:

1 Daily Habit Hacks

Daily Habit Hacks

2 Affiliate Ad Pro

Affiliate Ad Pro: Boost Your Affiliates sales by providing them all the sales materials they need

3 Bridging The Gap

Bridging The Gap

4 Create Your Own Unique Online Brand

Create Your Own Unique Online Brand

5 Email Marketing Success

Email Marketing Success

6 How To Weed Out Garbage When Marketing Your Product

How To Weed Out Garbage when Marketing Your Product

7 Selling Benefits Is Still The Name Of The Game

Selling Benefits Is The Name Of The Game

8 How To Convert 3 Books Into 7

Limiting Beliefs
How To Turn 3 Books Into 7Books

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