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6FigZ Score Card At A Glance



Product Name: 6FigZ

Description: A brand new 3-in-1 online business package that includes a software that helps you to get Youtube Traffic, create you a sales page and allows you to earn by selling the software itself. The software automates some aspect of your Youtube activity that can potentially drive traffic to your offers.

In essence, you will need to create or own Youtube Channel(s) to use this business model work. Also, you can drive the Traffic from YouTube to any offers. Further you get an Agency Licence that allows you to use the software to render service to your clients and earn income from it. 

Finally, the sales funnel is made up of a Front End and OTOs 1 to 7

Lunch Date: 15-August-2020 (9:00 AM EDT) To 18-August-2020

Creator: Mosh Bari

Front End Price:  $17 for FE without an Agency Licence and $27 for FE with Agency Licence 

Bonuses: There are 7 congruent bonuses from the vendor when you buy the FE. 

In addition, you will get congruent bonuses from me. Should you go for the OTO1, you will get 5 additional premium bonuses.

Any Guarantees?: Yes, 90 days money back guarantee.

Recommended: Very Highly Recommended (However, you will need to create videos. Read Further to find out more and ways around it)

User Guide and Training In Member's Area
Easy To Use
How Can Product Adapt To Change
Overall Rating 82.88%


  • Cloud-based software so can be accessed from any device
  • No need for domain name or web hosting
  • Some aspect is automated so saves you time
  • Good training and user instruction in the member’s area
  • A lot of training and case studies from the product creator on traffic generation
  • Experienced product creator
  • 90 days money-back guarantee


  • You will need to install YouTube API keys to the software to link your YouTube Channel to the software and can be confusing. However, there is a good step by step instruction on how to achieve this.
  • Need to create/own YouTube Channel
  • Should know how to edit videos. at worst to make it work because you will need to create videos
  • The need for OTO1 because the Front End limits you to a number of campaigns you can create


6FigZ is a business package that gives you a software that helps you to drive free traffic from YouTube, creates a sales page for you and then allows you to sell the product. Additionally, you can earn from rendering services to your client. Furthermore, you can also earn by driving this YouTube traffic to your other offers.

However, for you to be able to make this product work for you, you will need to create YouTube videos. Either you create your own videos or you use other people’s videos that have given you permission (copyright) to do so. And such videos exist on YouTube.

Therefore, you need video creation and editing skills to make this product work for you. So, you need video editing software. Not to worry, there are free versions. Again, sometimes YouTube limits the use of your API Keys. Hence, you will need to limit the use of the software.

Also, will need an a domain name and web hosting to get a lot more out of this software. To build your e-mail list however you will need to build your opt-in page as the software does not provide that for you. You also need to rank your videos so that you can get SEO traffic

In my opinion, it is a good product but you will actually need to do some good work to see results. But it sure does some of the weight lifting for you. Such as giving you more presence on YouTube through the auto comment and reply features and will get noticed and then potentially more following. However, you will need to have good videos on your channel.

As I pointed out in the body of this 6FigZ review further down, The Kingdom Empire and this YouTube Channel will be of immense benefit to anyone willing to make this product work for them.

Finally, I recommend it for those you are really ready to create videos, even if it means using other people’s videos with the appropriate copyright permission.


What Is 6FigZ All About?

6FigZ is a brand new product created by Mosh Bari, a highly successful internet marketer. In essence, it is a 3 in 1 package that seeks to solve the basic problem of making money online.

Create A Premium Product For You

Firstly, he provides you a premium SaaS product that solves the fundamental problem of virtually all online marketer. Importantly, the product is cloud-based. So, there is no need to install any applications or complicated processes to get it to work.

However, you are still better off creating your own products. It is true it can be a lot more challenging creating your own products but the long term benefits far outweighs the short term pain.

This premium video training course will show you how to create your own digital product if you are interested in learning how. 

Provide Responsive Landing Pages and Graphics

Secondly, he provides you with a optimized and highly responsive sales page that will enable you to promote this premium product of value. 

By so doing, creating sales pages, which can be a problem for some is eliminated. In addition, you have the option to grow your e-mail list. This here is very critical to the success of your online business.

One thing all the highly successful affiliates have in common is that they have highly responsive buyers list. This takes time to build but Listgrow can be of significant help in this regard.

Automated Traffic Generating Software

Finally, he provides you a means of generating traffic. Specifically, he provides you a software that will enable you to drive traffic from Youtube automatically. As you know, Youtube is the second largest search engine after Google.

Youtube statistics only show how important it is for traffic generation. Worthy of note however is that you need to understand how to get a share of this traffic. 

For instance, The Kingdom Builder walks you through how you can make money using Youtube. Similarly, this Channel shows you for free how to make money online using Youtube.

Finally, depending on the variant of the Front End you go for, 6FigZ will afford the opportunity to create streams of income by rendering services to clients and making additional income from it



Why You Should Get 6FigZ

Completely Newbie Friendly and Easy To Implement

Firstly, 6FigZ is completely newbie-friendly as it hands newbies strategies that super affiliates use to make decent income online. Also, it takes away the complicated steps such as building sales pages.

Furthermore, you do not need a domain name or web hosting services to make it work. However, having a domain name is very important in online business.

In addition, you do not need an email list to start seeing results. In fact, you can conveniently build your email list with this method. However, you will need an autoresponder.

Works For Any Niche

Secondly, this business model works in virtually any niche. Once you generate traffic from Youtube, you can basically send those traffic to any offers you are promoting. Thus, you can generate streams of income.

Furthermore, you can easily customize the sales pages to meet your needs.

Good Value For Money

Thirdly, 6FigZ is good value for money. Because you get 3 critical aspects of internet marketing fulfilled. Additionally, you get a software that can help you drive traffic from Youtube to your offers. 

Furthermore, you get commercial licence that allows you to render services to your client and earn additional income.

Create Streams Of Passive Income

Again, this 3 in 1 business model will enable you to quickly grow your streams of passive income across several niches. This you can achieve by leveraging the traffic from Youtube and growing your e-mail list.

Experienced Product Creator

In addition, Mosh Bari is an extremely successful digital product creator and affiliate marketer. He has a lot of top selling products on Warriorplus platform that have continued to provide value.

Similarly, he earns 7 figures per annum as revenue from his online businesses. However, the bulk of this comes from sale of his own products. You therefore see why I’d earlier recommended that you create your own products.    

For instance, ReZolved, KashZpresso, OMG Profitz, Traze All, NewsProfixPro and a lot more are some of his products. Therefore, he has a very good understanding and what works.

Bonuses For Buying 6FigZ

Furthermore, when you buy 6FigZ you will get 7 premium bonuses from the vendor including drag and drop funnel builder, Cloud-based Traffic generation software and others.

Note however that these bonuses are only available for fast action takers who buy during the product launch. Therefore, the vendor can take down the bonuses anytime after the product launch.

Also, I shall be offering you premium bonuses when you pick up this product through my page. 

90 Days Money-Back Guarantee

Finally, when you get 6FigZ, it will be backed by a 90 days money-back guarantee. Therefore, investing in this product is completely at no risk to you.

Because if the product does not give you the desired result within 90 days, you not only get your money refunded, the product creator in addition promises to give you $500 foe wasting your time.

How To Make 6FigZ Work For You

Setup The Software

Firstly, you will need to setup your 6FigZ software and link your YouTube Channels after going through the training. You will find a detailed guide on how to do this in the Training area

Secondly, you will need to setup your automation system. Again, a detailed guide on how to do this is available in the Training area. 

The automation tool will cause your channels to subscribe to Channels of interest to you, like, comment and respond to comment on complete autopilot based on your settings.

Setup Your 6FigZ Software
6FigZ Automation
Setup 6FigZ Automation

Search For Video You Can Use

Thirdly, you search for videos, channels or playlists based on keywords and so on. Then, you can download those of interest that do not copyrights laws. Then, you can create your own content.

For instance, you can download content for their entertainment and educational value that people generally love.

Customize and Upload

Fourthly, you can then customize using video editing software and upload to YouTube. Also, the software will provide tags you can use. Again, you will to optimize your video for SEO to get free traffic.

6FigZ Video Search
6FigZ Video Search
Upload videos
6FigZ Video Upload To YouTube

The Sales Funnel


Front End: 6FigZ With Agency Rights $27/Without Agency Rights $17 (Early Bird Price)   

In the FE, you will get the 6FigZ software that comes with the Youtube Traffic builder and sales page builder systems. However, you will be limited to certain number of campaigns.

OTO1: 6FigZ Unlimited $37/$27 

Here in the OTO1, you will be able to create unlimited campaigns.

OTO2: 6FigZ 10X Conversion Booster $97/$77

In the OTO2, other tools and features that will ensure better conversions and possible sales will be enabled.

OTO3: Unlimited Traffic $57/$37


OTO4: 6FigZ All In 1 Marketplace $97/$77


OTO5: 6FigZ Reseller Rights $77/$67


OTO6: 6FigZ GoldMiner’s Club $37

OTO7: 6FigZ WhiteLabel $599/$399


The Bonuses You Will Get For Buying 6FigZ Through This Page:

  1. TrazeAll
  2. OMG Profitz
  3. Case Study: 2.9M Traffic From Other People’s Content
  4. How To Create A Youtube Channel
  5. 100 Products with Reseller Rights
  6. How To Create 6 Figure Membership Site
  7. Digital Product Business Blueprint
  8. Making Videos Without showing Your Face
  9. Agency Business WP Theme
  10. Social Media Marketing
  11. Auto Reach Profit Plugin
  12. Traffic Rolodex
  13. E-Mail Marketing Cheat Sheet
  14. How To Grow Your List In 30 Days
  15. Buyers Traffic Secret
  16. Ultimate Passive Income
  17. List Building
  18. Youtube Celebrity
  19. Facebook Fanpage Tips
  20.  iGram Machine

Furthermore, if you Buy OTO1 in addition, You will get the following Premium  Bonuses:

  1. EZ Salaries
  2. DFY Profitz
  3. Lazee Profitz
  4. RapidProfixPro
  5. SniperProfixPro


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