2019 Huge PLR Sale Review: Leverage A 6 figure Online Marketer’s Works

2019 Huge PLR Sales
2019 Huge PLR Sales

2019 Huge PLR Blowout Sale- Introduction

Hello and Welcome to my 2019 Huge PLR Sale review!

Paul Nicholls provides interested persons with a rare opportunity to become legal owners of some of his information products. This he has done by making them available for purchase as a PLR.

Our review, therefore, seeks to evaluate the constituent products making up this PLR sale and to ascertain if indeed it is worth getting.

2019 Huge PLR Blowout Sale Score Card At A Glance

2019 Huge PLR Sales


Product Name: 2019 Huge PLR Blowout Sale

Description: A PLR product comprising about 37 full courses with over 250 videos. In addition, there are several sales letters, sales videos and graphic materials.

To better enumerate, the courses cover areas such as:

  • List building and email marketing
  • Passive income
  • Product creation 
  • Traffic generation and video creation
  • Adsense
  • Affiliate marketing and sales funnel building
  • Creating successful Solo ad campaign 

As a matter of fact, buyers get the right to do whatever they like with the courses. Such as, rebrand them, sell them in whole or in parts and keep 100% profit of all sales. Furthermore, they can be given away as gifts.

However, buyers cannot sell this product to subsequent buyers with PLR rights.

Furthermore, it has the FE and 3 OTOs

Lunch Date: 03-Oct-2019 

CreatorPaul Nicholls  

Front End Price: $27.00 (Dime-sale: Price will go up with sales).

Bonuses: None from the vendor. 

Any Guarantees?: Yes, 60 days money back guarantee.

Recommended: Very Highly Recommended

User Guide
Easy To Use
How Can Product Adapt To Change
Overall Rating 77.43%


  • Firstly, 37 full courses, videos, sales videos and graphic materials that have proven to convert in the past.
  • Secondly, buyers can rebrand the products and have their names on them as if they were created by the,
  • Thirdly, Sell the products and make 100% profit
  • Finally, leverage the works of a super affiliate to gain significant mileage in the online business for a token


  • However, some of the procedures taught have become obsolete
  • Similarly, buyers will have to thoroughly go through products to identify those that have become obsolete before putting them to use and this could be time consuming
  • Furthermore, the videos cannot be completely rebranded to reflect the buyers
  • Finally, the product only comes with full PLR rights


In summary, the Product contains a total of 37 full courses, training videos, sales pages and videos. The training materials cover several areas in the make money online niche.

About The Creator

Paul Nicholls is a seasoned internet marketer and digital product creator. In addition, his online presence spans over 10 years. Indeed, he has recorded successes in the production and promotion of info contents online. 

Worthy of note is, a lot of his products target newbies who are still struggling with making money online. For instance, Supersonic is one of his products that provides subscribers with exact methods and sales letters he used to generate sales.

Other of his products include The Compoundly Method, WP Super Affiliate, TrafficX to mention but a few. Equally important is that he has remained very consistent in both product creation, launches and online sales. 

He is regarded as one of the super affiliate marketers and has made over USD600,000 on WarriorPlus alone.

Paul Nicholls

What Is 2019 Huge PLR Sale About?

The product is a collection of 37 information products created by Paul Nicholls at various times. Essentially, it’s made of a collection of mostly videos and some PDF training materials on different aspects of making money online.

To elaborate further, Paul has put up for sale with full PLR rights a total of:

  • 37 complete products and course
  • Over 250 training videos
  • Several sales letters, sales videos and graphic materials related to the products

Consequently, when you buy this product, you have the right to resell it at 100% profit and re-brand it if you so desire. In addition, you can take break it down into several parts and sell them in bits to maximize profit. 

In other words, you can have your names written on the product as the author. 


Areas Covered By 2019 Huge PLR Sale

Some of the various aspects covered in the training materials and sales campaigns are summarized as follows:

  • List building and e-mail marketing
  • How to set up passive income machines
  • Sales funnel building that is sure to convert
  • Affiliate marketing and scaling up commissions
  • Product creation
  • How to set up a profitable solo ads system campaigns
  • Making money through Adsense
  • Video creation 
  • Amazon affiliate 
  • Traffic generation
Listed below are details of all the various topics you will find in the 2019 Huge Blowout PLR sale
2019 Huge PLR Sales
2019 Huge PLR Blowout Sale

Product Evaluation and Pricing of 2019 Huge PLR Sale

It with a Front End and 3 OTOs as follows:

Front End (FE)

The FE comes at an early bird price of $27.00 with a dime sale increase. Meaning, the price will go up with every purchase made. You however need to purchase the FE before you can buy any of the OTOs 

.OTO 1

Similarly, OTO1 comes at $67.00 with a down-sale. If you are interested, you may want to take advantage of the down-sale opportunity.


However, this is currently going for $297.00. It has no option of down-sale.


Likewise, OTO3 is presently set at $37.00 with no down-sale option

In my opinion, the price for the FE is good given that WSO Cash Code, one of the courses in this product is going for $9.97 

Who Will Find 2019 Huge PLR Sale Useful and Why?

eCommerce Marketers:

Firstly, the videos that are still relevant can be burnt into CDs or DVDs as a single product and sold as physical products in one’s shop or  on eCommerce websites such as EbayAmazonEtsy.

Similarly, it can be divided into multiple relevant products for profit maximization. 

Furthermore, the product, as a single pack or in several different packs can be sold as downloadable digital products on Amazon.

For this reason, I added one of my bonuses that will show you how to turn one book into 7 to help you achieve this.

The implication, you can set up multiple sources of passive income.


Affiliate/Online Marketers

Affiliate Marketers can actually offer this product or some relevant complimenting aspects of it as bonuses to increase sales of new and or existing products. 

Also, it can be given to prospects in exchange for them to opt-into your e-mail list. It also serves as a good deal to give it away in exchange for prospects to take required action in CPA offers. 

If targeted at the right audience, it will convert so well.

Language Translators

Additionally, using language translating software, the content of 2019 Huge PLR Blowout Sale can be translated into several languages, burnt into CDs/DVDs to be sold as physical products or as downloadable digital products. 
Certainly, having this product in multiple languages will enhance market reach and demand for the product. 



Bloggers in the make money online and traffic generation niches, for instance, can identify useful and relevant sections of the product and use them as fresh content on their blogs.

Also, the materials could serve as a bank for fresh blog post ideas. Not forgetting that the relevant items can easily be monetized.  

Life Coach/E-course/Webinar/Seminar Promoter/Product Creators:

In like manner, the courses could be given out to students for a fee. Furthermore, they could be given away to potential customers to increase sales/leads conversations.

As a matter of fact, owning and managing an e-learning website has become very easy.

Similarly, product creators will definitely have some knowledge to gain from this product. 

The beauty of this all is that you earn over and over again from just this single investment.

Personal Use:

Finally, you will get tons of valuable information from the various courses.

My Final Thoughts On The Product 2019 Huge PLR Sale

Firstly, getting this product by Paul Nicholls is a bold step that will bring immense benefit. Because Paul has applied the same techniques in those training materials and sales letters and recorded wonderful performance.

However, there is a need to properly scrutinize the contents. Firstly, to ensure that the information contained have not become obsolete. Secondly, to guarantee that any of the procedures there do not run contrary to current default algorithms.

Thirdly, some of the courses may not have been thoroughly covered. As a result, leaving out relevant other details that ordinarily would have made the courses more robust. This, however, can be addressed with the vast information online.

I am of the opinion though that the upsales are quite expensive. Firstly, some of these products may no longer be as relevant as they were produced. 

Secondly, the author is only giving full PLR rights. By implication, buyers cannot sell the products and the PLR rights to subsequent buyers. This could make up for the purchase cost and then increase its overall marketability.

For instance, Limiting Belief PLR author sold their products with different rights to enhance their product sales. 

Overall though, the product is rich and a front end price of $27.00 seems fair, in my opinion. 

Finally, it comes with a 60 days money-back guarantee which is uncommon with PLR sales. The implication is, if the product does not fit it, it can be returned within 60 days with a complete refund



2019 Huge PLR Blowout Sale is hereby recommended for purchase. Click on the button to buy your copy of this product and the amazing prices attached

My Bonuses To Go With 2019 Huge PLR Sale

If you buy 2019 Huge PLR Sale through my review page, you will get the following bonuses from me:

Bonus #1  How to Turn 3 Books Into 7 Books and Double Your Profit

Limiting Beliefs
2019 Huge PLR Sale Bonus: How To Turn 3 Books Into 7 Books

Bonus #2: The Fuego Multiplier

Limiting Beliefs
2019 Huge PLR Sale Bonus: The Fuego Multiplier

Bonus #3: Zero Work Hour

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Bonus #4: Zero to $100 in 24 Hours

2019 Huge PLR Sale
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Bonus #5: Incognito

DFY Hero Bonus
2019 Huge PLR Sale Bonus- Incognito

Bonus #6: Million Dollar YouTube Niches

2019 Huge PLR Sale Bonus- Million Dollar YouTube Niches

Bonus #7: Buyer Ninja List

2019 Huge PLR Sale- Buyers List Ninja

Bonus #8: The Lost Code

2019 Huge PLR Sale Bonus- The Lost Code

Bonus #9: Top Trending Amazon Affiliate Programs

2019 Huge PLR Sale Bonus- Top Trending Amazon Affiliate Program

Bonus # 10: Zero Hour

2019 Huge PLR Sale
2019 Huge PLR Sale Bonus- Zero Hour
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