1K Daily System Review: How To Make Massive Commissions?

To Earn Massive Commissions, It is A Lot Easier And Faster When You Promote High Ticket Offer And This Is Exactly What 1K Daily System Brings To You. The Strategies To Promote And Sell High Ticket Offers

1K Daily System
1K Daily System

1K Daily System Score Card At A Glance


Product Name: 1K Daily System 

Description: 1K Daily System is a cloud-based software that works on the strategy of giving a free training course (a webinar) and a giveaway to get subscribers to signup to your e-mail list and then, for a high ticket offer. Also, it comes preloaded with high ticket DFY campaigns.

Therefore, you only need to get input your affiliate links in the required to start promoting. In addition, you can create your own campaigns from scratch. Once your campaigns are launched, you can then promote the to social media sites to get free traffic.

But the front end limits you to create only a limited number of campaigns. To create unlimited campaigns, therefore, you will need to pick up the OTO1.

Then, there are benefits to enjoy when you pick up 1K Daily Commission.

In addition. the sales funnel comes with a Front End and OTO1 to OTO7

Lunch Date: 02-October-2020 (9:00 AM EST) To 09-October-2020 (11:59 PM EST)

Creator: Glynn Kosky

Front End Price:  $17 (Early Bird Price) on an hourly dimesale. The price is expected to be at $20 at the end of the launch

Bonuses: Yes, 4 congruent bonuses. In addition, you get bonuses from me. 

Any Guarantees?: Yes, 30 Days money-back guarantee

Recommended: Highly Recommended

User Guide and Training In Member's Area
Easy To Use
Product Adaptability To Change
Overall Rating 89.38%


  • Saves time and money
  • Good value for money
  • Works in several niche
  • Build e-mail list
  • Integrates with autoresponder service
  • Experienced product creator
  • 30 days money-back guarantee
  • Promote top selling ClickBank affiliate products
  • Completely newbie friendly
  • Good training
  • Congruent bonuses
  • Available worldwide
  • No website or web hosting services.
  • Free products that can be used as lead magnet


  • Social Media traffic does not convert for those without loyal fans. It takes time to build a loyal following
  • Some of the DFY campaigns are from ClickBank, therefore, subscribers in locations prohibited by ClickBank cannot promote these offers
  • Problem of getting approval to promote some of these high ticket offer when you do not have good sales record.
  • Plenty upsells   


1K Daily System is a cloud-based software that enables you to promote high ticket offers through providing a free training (a webinar) that is a prelude to the main course your subscribers hope will solve their problems. Then it collects their e-mail address and then provide them bonuses. Also, you do not need a website or hosting services.

This strategy works. However, promoting high tickets on social media platforms where you do not have a loyal following in need of the offers you are promoting will most likely not give you the desired results.

Again, getting approval to promote some of the premade DFY campaigns not on ClickBank may be difficult if you do not have any sales history. Although Glynn Kosky the product creator gave assurance that all who buy 1K Daily System will get approval to promote the DFY campaigns.

Furthermore, the front end limits you to promote only a number of campaigns. To be able to promote unlimited campaigns, therefore, you will need to buy the 1K Daily system OTO1.

In my opinion, the strategy this software is based on works in various niches but you may not see quick results promoting via free traffic if you do not have the right audience you can easily reach. Because you need a targeted audience to good results faster.

Finally, I highly recommend 1K Daily System because it is easy to setup and get started with especially if you are a newbie and then, you get free products as bonus that you can use as lead magnets to bring in your dream subscribers. Also, there is a 30 days money-back guarantee. 

Again, you must be patient and do the work upfront to begin to see results.


What Is 1K Daily System All About?

1K Daily System is a cloud-based software that enables you to easily and quickly replicate the actions of super affiliates in such a way that gives you better chances of selling high ticket offers.

Actions such as a giveaway (lead magnet) and free training of immense value, more like a prelude to the main course.

Why high ticket offers? Because the easiest way to earn huge commissions daily as a complete newbie or mid-level affiliate marketer is to promote high ticket offers.

Therefore, 1K Daily System provides you with some tools, resources and then premade templates of high ticket offers completely DFY to promote. 

All you then need to do is setup a campaign, put in your affiliate links  and then drive traffic to the offers. Of course, the templates are completely customizable. 

Furthermore, the software provides you access to drive free traffic through several social media platforms.

In addition, you can create new high ticket offers from scratch.

For instance, once you drive traffic to the offers, your audience are taken to an opt-in page where you collect their e-mail address. Yes, the software integrates with autoresponders.

Then, they are automatically taken to a webinar page for them to either signup for the high ticket course or not. Once they stay to the end of the webinar, they get a free gift from you. 

Thereafter, you can begin to send them e-mails.



What You Find In The Member’s Area Of 1K Daily System?

1K Daily System

In the member’s area you will find the dashboard, tutorial section where you will find detailed training videos on how to setup and use the software.

Furthermore, you will find the DFY Campaigns, where to create your campaigns from scratch and so on.

Also within the training area, you will get additional video that walks you through how to get free traffic.  





Why You Should Get 1K Daily System

Completely Newbie Friendly and Easy To Use

Firstly, 1K Daily System is completely newbie friendly and very easy to use. For instance, you you can get started with the DFY campaigns which can be easily setup.

Furthermore, you do not need an email list to get started. Although, the free traffic method using social media platforms is unlikely to yield immediate  results if you do not have a strong social media presence.  

No need For Website Or Hosting Services

Secondly, you do not need a website or hosting service to get started with this software. It is especially suitable if you are just getting started and on a tight budget.

However, having your own domain name is important for branding and long term success. Although 1K Daily System takes the burden associated with getting started and sorting out on the complicated setup required.

Saves Time And Cost

Thirdly, you save a lot of time and cost. For instance, the time and cost it will take you to put a system like this together is completely eliminated especially.

Low One Time Payment

Furthermore, during the product launch (02-October to 05-October-2020), 1K Daily System will be sold for a low one-time price of $17. Although the price will be going up on a dimesale hourly.

Additional Training On How To Drive Free Traffic

Also, the product creator (Glynn Kosky) and his team walks you through other methods of driving free traffic to your opt-in page.  

Often times, you will need to drive quality traffic to see quick results and pay traffic done right offer far better result. 

Similarly, you can spy on the followers of Instagram Influencers on your niche of interest and perhaps get some quality traffic.

Build An E-mail List

Another benefit of 1K Daily System is that it helps you to build your e-mail list. This is a key strategy to growing your online income and when done right, can quickly make the process become pretty much passive.

However, you will need to offer lead magnets of value to make your potential leads watch the webinar, for instance, to get the prize. Overall, the prize should be good enough to entice your dream subscribers.

100 Bonuses Within The Member’s Area

Furthermore, you are provided with bonuses within the member’s area that you can give to get leads. You can also source for more premium bonuses as these would significantly increase your success.

Works In Various Niches

Furthermore, the 1K Daily System strategy works in virtually all the niches. Especially in some of the evergreen niches like health, finance and investment.

Therefore, it is important to find such high ticket offers in various niches to promote

Experienced Product Creators

Glynn Kosky and his team are highly skilled in product creation. He has several products to his credit.

Furthermore, he is very response and renders support when required. I have had personal encounter with him and I have had good experience.

Bonuses For Buying 1K Daily System

In addition, when you buy 1K Daily System, you will get the following fast action bonuses:

  • Multiple Free Traffic Softwares
  • 100+ Extra bonuses
  • Guaranteed Approval To High Converting Affiliate Offers
  • Multiple Exclusive Live Wbinars

30 Days Money-Back Guarantee

Finally, when you buy 1K Daily System, there will be a 60 days money-back guarantee. The implication is that there is absolutely no risk investing in this product. 

Because if it does not meet your expectation,  you can simply ask for refund within 30 days of purchase. However, it is most unlikely this product will not meet your expectation.

How To Make 1K Daily System Work For You

Follow The Instructions   

Firstly, once you buy 1K Daily System, you will need to go through the training area to correctly set it up. Also, you will want to go through the other training on traffic generation and e-mail list building.

In addition, you may want to go through my bonuses also.

Identify High Ticket Offers   

Secondly, you will need to identify high ticket affiliate offers in various niches that you will want to promote. High ticket CPA offers 

Most of the high ticket offers present you with excellent ad materials, and free webinar and other marketing tools.

Find Where Your Dream/Target Audience Are

Then, you identify where your target audience are for the various niches you are interested in . If you want to use free traffic, then you may want to be visible where they are and assist solve problems.

You may also want to leverage LinkedIn and Pinterest for free passive traffic depending on your chosen niche.

Identify Influencers In The various Niches

For much faster results, you may want to involve top social media influencers in the niche you are interested in promoting. This is most likely to produce quicker results.  

Because, traffic from social media platforms do not convert that well especially if you do not have an audience base. Besides, you will need time and the right strategy to begin to see some results.

Depending on your niche, Instagram traffic from an influencer can really speed thing up but can be quite expensive. 

Start Building Your E-mail/Buyer List

Integrate your autoresponder to 1K Daily System and begin to build your e-mail list. Then, you will want to activate an e-mail sequence congruent with the offers you are promoting to record good success.

Then you continue to drive traffic to your offer using various strategies. Simply rinse and repeat as you get results.

The Sales Funnel

Front End: 1K Daily System $17 (Early Bird Price)- Price on a dimesale hourly   

In the FE, you will get the 1K Daily System software that allows you to strategically promote high ticket offer. Furthermore, you get DFY campaigns that all you need to do is input your affiliate links and promote.

Also, you can create you own campaigns from scratch. However, you are limited a number of campaigns.

OTO1: 1K Daily System Unlimited $67/$27 

In the OTO1, you will be able to create unlimited campaigns. Furthermore, you also get bonuses that will show exactly how to use this software the right way.

OTO2: 1K Daily System Done For You $97/$67 

Here in the OTO2, you will have handpicked high ticket offers selected for you, with all the technical issues completely taken care of for you. All you will need to do is put in your affiliate links to the respective offers.

OTO3: 1K Daily System Unlimited Traffic $147/$47 

Here in the OTO3, you will be able to tap into Glynn’s huge traffic sources that have earned him and his team huge income. Simply siphon traffic from the sales pages of their previous lanuches.

OTO4: 1K Daily System 30K in 30 Days Verison $147/$47

In the OTO4, you will get into their system that will allow you generate $30,000 in 30 days. It is a completely Done For You money making system where you clone their entire business model.

OTO5: 1K Daily System Super Affiliate Version $97/$37

Here in OTO5, you get to sign up to their Newbie Affiliate program that enables you to easily create bonus pages, use the product creator’s resources to instantly build your sales and e-mail list building.

OTO6: 1K Daily System License Rights $147/$67

For the OTO6, you have access to sell 1K Daily System and keep 75% profit across the sales funnel. In addition, you will get e-mail sequence. However, you will be limited to sell only 50 copies.

OTO7: 1K Daily System Auto Profit Booster $147/$67

In the OTO7, you will get features such as adding exit popup, Facebook pixel, Facebook Chat widget, social proof, and other tools that will increase your conversion and sales.


The Bonuses You Will Get For Buying 1K Daily SystemThrough This Page:

  1. List Of High Ticket Affiliate Offers 
  2. Instagram Marketing Secrets
  3. ClickBank Super Affiliate BootCamp
  4. Best ClickBank Affiliate Product Finder Software
  5. Viral Giveaway Mastermind (Instagram Marketing)
  6. ClickBank Passive Income Success- Super Affiliate Strategy
  7. Affiliate Marketing Success
  8. Instagram Marketing Made Simple and Profitable
  9. Affiliate Marketing eCourse
  10. iGram Machine
  11. Social Auto Poster
  12. 2,500 E-mail Swipes
  13. How To Write Captivating Emails That Gets Opened
  14. 24 Advanced Email Persuasion Conversion Triggers
  15. Email Marketing Success
  16. Crush It With Emails
  17. Targeting Instagram Video Course
  18. Commission Profit Hack
  19. 6 Figure Influx
  20. $500 CPA Everyday
  21. Autoresponder Marketing
  22. Ultimate Passive Income


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